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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Israel-Asia Center Press Release: Students from Indonesia, Mongolia, Hong Kong among next-generation leaders set to further relations with Israel

Students from Indonesia, Mongolia, Hong Kong among next-generation leaders
set to further relations with Israel

Increasing number of Asian students choosing to study in Start-Up Nation

Nov 14, 2012, Jerusalem - Students from Mongolia, Indonesia and Hong Kong
are among a group of next generation leaders in Israel-Asia relations
participating in the 2012-13 Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship, which kicked
off this month in Jerusalem.

The 8-month program, which is run by the Israel-Asia Center, also comprises
students from India, mainland China, South Korea and Singapore - all of them
passionate about promoting relations between Israel and their home

The Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship caters for Asian students studying at
universities in Israel - many of them mid-career - who have demonstrated
strong potential to be leaders in their fields in the future, and provides
them with the high-level contacts, skills and support network necessary to
build long-term partnerships with Israel in their professional fields.

During the program, fellows meet Israeli government and business leaders,
attend field trips on Israeli innovation and technology, develop skills in
leadership, creative and innovative thinking, Israeli business culture and
project development, are assigned top professional mentors, and develop
individual projects to promote Israel-Asia relations.

Some of this year's projects being developed by fellows are in the fields of
business and investment, arts and culture, education, media and technology.

Some of this year's fellows this year's fellows include:

Hun Jang Cho, a South Korean master's student in conflict resolution and
mediation at Tel Aviv University, lived in Turkey for 13 years and served as
an intelligence officer in the Korean Navy. Most recently, he handled
corporate PR portfolios at the 2012 Expo in Yeosu, Korea, and was a
delegation liaison officer for the Republic of Turkey in the 2012 Seoul
Nuclear Security Summit.

Ingrid Ye, from China, has a background in investment and banking and has
served as a director of Chinese energy companies. Inspired to pursue an MBA
in Israel after reading the book Start-Up Nation, she is exploring
Israel-China private equity opportunities.

Eppie Lau, who is on an exchange program in international relations at the
Hebrew University, is the first student from Hong Kong to study in Israel
for a year, and is developing ways to connect Israel and Hong Kong through
arts and cultural events.

Danrui Cheng from China, an undergraduate student in political science at
Tel Aviv University, grew up in both Israel and China is developing an
innovative initiative to promote Israel-China relations in the field of
higher education.

Aryo, from Indonesia, has a professional background in law and finance, and
is developing business exchange opportunities between Israel and Indonesia.
Diplomatic relations do not currently exist between the two countries.

Narantuya Gursed, from Mongolia, is studying for her master's in Islamic &
Middle Eastern Studies at the Hebrew University. She interned at the
Mongolian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and was a foreign relations officer
for technology, environmental and student exchange organizations in

As the Israeli government begins to offer more scholarships for students
from Asian countries and Israel's reputation as the Start-Up Nation spreads
across Asia, an increasing number of Asian students are choosing to come and
study in Israel and learn from Israel's experience developing an
entrepreneurial and innovation-oriented economy. While students are still
coming to study traditional subjects like Jewish studies and Middle Eastern
studies, an increasing number are opting for MBAs, environmental science and
tech-related subjects.

Last year's Israel-Asia Leaders Fellows were successful in developing
high-level professional networks and partnerships in Israel. Howe Wang, a
visiting Fox International Fellow to Tel Aviv University began developing a
platform to promote Israel-China cooperation in cleantech investment, in
cooperation with Israeli venture capital funds and government offices, and
published an op-ed in The Jerusalem Post on his vision for the future of
Israel-China cleantech cooperation. South Korean fellow, Jae Eun Lee, has
been making a series of documentary shorts on 50 years of Israel-Korea
relations. She also served as official Israel blogger of the Korean Ministry
of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT), for which she was named MOFAT's best
blogger of the year.

More Information:

The Israel-Asia Center (www.israelasiacenter.org) is a Jerusalem-based
non-profit organization dedicated to building a shared future between Israel
and Asia. We develop and invest in the next generation of leaders in
Israel-Asia relations, and are growing dynamic networks to maximize their
continued engagement and build new paradigms of cooperation.

Photos available on request.

Media Contacts:
Rebecca Zeffert
Founder and Executive Director
Israel-Asia Center
+972 52 344 9597

Peggy H. Guan (China)
Media and Public Relations Coordinator
Israel-Asia Center
+86 135 8560 4086

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