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Sunday, January 27, 2013
Excerpts: UAE charges 94 re coup plot. US Appeals Court: conspiracy not a war crime. Netanyahu wants broad coalition, January 27, 2013

Excerpts: UAE charges 94 re coup plot. US Appeals Court: conspiracy not a
war crime. Netanyahu wants broad coalition, January 27, 2013

+++SOURCE: Saudi Gazette 27 Jan.’13:”UAE charges 94 in alleged coup plot”,
Associated Press

SUBJECT:UAE charges 94 re coup plot

QUOTE:”United Arab Emirates . . . widening crackdown on Islamist groups with
suspected links to the Muslim Brotherhood

FULL TEXT:DUBAI — The United Arab Emirates says 94 people face charges for
allegedly trying to overthrow the state as part of widening crackdowns on
Islamist groups with suspected links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Sunday’s statement by the official news agency WAM did not name the Emirati
suspects, but authorities have been waging systematic arrests against
perceived dissidents for months.

The crackdowns have brought complaints from rights groups and raised
tensions with Egypt, which is led by Muslim Brotherhood member President
Mohammed Morsi.

The statement quotes UAE Attorney General Salem Saeed Kubaish as alleging
that the suspects built a secret network to plot the coup and raised money
through real estate and other deals. It also claims the suspects had links
to the Muslim Brotherhood and others for expertise and financial support. —

+++SOURCE:Saudi Gazette 27 Jan.’13:”US Appeals court overturns Qaeda
propagandist’s conviction”,Agence France Presse
SUBJECT: U.S. Appeals Court : conspiracy not a war crime
QUOTE: “conspiracy not a war crime”

FULL TEXT:WASHINGTON — A US appeals court overturned the war crimes
conviction Friday[25 Jan.] of an Al-Qaeda propagandist, a ruling that could
lead authorities to drop conspiracy charges against the five 9/11 plotters.

The US Court of Appeals in Washington threw out the conviction of Ali Hamza
Al-Bahlul on the basis that the charges he faced were not recognized as war
crimes under international law when the events took place.

The Yemeni prisoner has been held at the US facility at Guantanamo Bay,
where he was facing life in prison after being convicted in 2008 on charges
of conspiracy, providing material support for terrorism and soliciting

In October, the same court threw out the Guantanamo conviction of Osama Bin
Laden’s driver Salim Hamdan on similar grounds.

It said a law that listed material support for terrorism as a war crime –
approved in 2006 in response to Hamdan’s case -- could not apply to him

Bahlul was alleged to have created propaganda videos for Al-Qaeda in which
attacks against the United States were glorified.

Following the Hamdan ruling and in anticipation of the decision in Bahlul’s
case, the chief prosecutor at Guantanamo, Brigadier General Mark Martins,
had asked the Pentagon authority overseeing the trial to drop the conspiracy
charge against the men accused of plotting the September 11 attacks.

But the request was rejected by the Convening Authority that has oversight
of the US military prison based in Cuba.

President Barack Obama’s administration can appeal the latest ruling to the
US Supreme Court or try Bahlul once more before a military commissions
tribunal at Guantanamo.

James Connell, a defense lawyer for 9/11 defendant Ali Abd Al-Aziz Ali, said
the decision was “important” because the court “held that conspiracy was not
a war crime that can be tried by a military commission.” “The detainees in
Guantanamo convicted for conspiracy can have their conviction vacated,” he

Another former Guantanamo detainee, Australian David Hicks, is asking for
his conviction to be revised after the Hamdan ruling, even though he has
already returned to Australia.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11, and his four
alleged co-plotters stand accused of eight charges, including conspiracy, in
connection with the deadly airliner attacks in the United States in 2001. —

+++SOURCE: Naharnet (Lebanon) 27 Jan.’13:”Netanyahu Wants Broad Coalition to
Handle ‘Security Threats”, Agence France Presse
SUBJECT: Netanyahu wants broad coalition
QUOTE:” ‘I will strive to form a government as broad and stable as possible’

FULL TEXT:Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday[27 Jan.] said he would
seek a broad and stable coalition to deal with Iran's nuclear ambitions and
the possible transfer of Syrian weapons.

"The entire region is raging and we must be prepared, strong, and determined
in the face of any possible development," he told his cabinet ahead of its
weekly meeting.

"That is why I will strive to form a government as broad and stable as
possible, to deal with all the significant security threats facing Israel."

Netanyahu is expected to be formally tasked by President Shimon Peres in the
coming days with forming a coalition, after legislative elections last week
in which his joint list won most seats in the parliament.

In his remarks, Netanyahu referred to International Holocaust Day, which is
marked on Sunday(3 Feb.], and accused Iran's leaders of "denying the
existence of the Holocaust, while preparing what they think will be the next
Holocaust -- destroying the Jewish state."

"They are not stopping their incessant and systematic race to obtain nuclear
weapons to reach that end," he said. "We do not take those threats lightly,
and will prevent them, this is our first priority as a government and

Netanyahu has frequently warned about the danger of Iran's nuclear program
of uranium enrichment, which Israel and much of the West believes hides a
weapons drive.

He has refused to rule out the option of unilateral military action if all
other ways to halt the program fail.

Israel is itself widely believed to be the Middle East's only nation with an
atomic weapons capability.

The premier on Sunday stressed the need to "look around, at what is
happening in Iran and its proxies, what is happening in other arenas with
lethal weapons in Syria, which is falling apart."

According to reports in Israeli media, Netanyahu last Wednesday convened an
emergency discussion with the security establishment and his inner cabinet
on the situation in Syria and the risk of it losing control over its arsenal
of weapons of mass destruction.
Sue Lerner - Associate, IMRA

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