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Sunday, November 3, 2013
[Audio]Wendy Sherman in interview on Channel 10 - appears to confirm

[Audio]Wendy Sherman in interview on Channel 10 - appears to confirm Iranian
claims that U.S. compromising stand
U.S. team leader for talks with Iran : "There is no agreement , Israel will
know when it is "
Tamar Ish-Shalom Channel 10 Israel News Updated 20:32 03/11/2013
[IMRA translation]

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[IMRA: Channel 10 Raviv Drucker concludes: U.S. stand is to drop some
sanctions now with Iran retaining some nuclear enrichment capabilities -
despite the Israeli position.]

In her first interview with the Israeli media since her appointment, Wendy
Sherman unveiled in an exclusive interview with News 10 the U.S. blueprint
for talks with Iran. "First of all proceedings will freeze and then stop the
nuclear program ," she said . Sherman refused to say whether the U.S.
eavesdrops on Netanyahu, but said that her country appreciates Israeli
spying capabilities . "I do not know why it was leaked that the IDF attacked
Syria," she added

The head of the U.S. team for negotiations with Iran, Under Secretary of
State of the United States, Wendy Sherman , is on her way to the Geneva
talks with Iran about nuclear program. In an exclusive interview with News
10 she reveals the U.S. blueprint to end Iran's nuclear program. At the
beginning of the interview Sherman was asked if she trusted the new Iranian
president, Hassan Rohani, and his intentions and she replied that the United
States is not entering the talks on the basis of trust, because there is a
lack of trust on both sides.

"To the people of Israel, I want to say that the talks of the six world
powers is the first step to stop the clock and prevent the nuclear program
from going forward. Thus we will have the time to discuss a broad agreement
that treats all the issues that concern us. Therefore my mission from
President Obama and Secretary Kerry is to achieve a good agreement because
the situation of "no deal" is better than a "bad deal," replied Sherman,
revealing the U.S. outline of the talks - first a freeze on proceedings and
then a complete halt to Tehran's nuclear program .

She talks about monitoring Iranian facilities, capabilities and deposits and
their monitoring and verification . "It's complicated and will take time and
we want to make sure that the program will not continue to move forward ,"
she added. "Any agreement we reach, Israel will know about, understand and
consult with us, because Israel's security is a rock for us - there is no
security relationship that is closer than those between us," she said .

She dampened the Israeli criticism towards the American negotiations with
Tehran. "We did not yet agree on anything. We did not offer any relief from
sanctions, we have not lifted any sanctions, nothing has happened yet. We
will be transparent about our behavior for the future, all will be able to
judge ," Sherman promised.

"Netanyahu believes that the solution is peace "

Sherman was asked if Kerry intended to criticize Israel this week when he
spoke of "scare tactics that Washington would not give in to." "There was
great confusion around these comments. These remarks are not related to
Israel. We have an audience at home that is looking for a fight and not
Prime Minister Netanyahu - no way. We fully understand that the first
responsibility of Prime Minister Netanyahu is Israel's security," stated the
Under Secretary of State.

"We obviously believe, and I know that the Prime Minister also believes,
that the best answer is a solution based on peace, on the basis of
negotiations. Israel recognizes as any country, if not better than any
country, the price of war, the price of military action, "she said when
asked about that Netanyahu said that if necessary, Israel will stand alone
against Iran.

What about the red line? "We are very concerned about all the programs of
Iran, all the facilities , Fordo, Natanz, Arak, all of them. We are
concerned about all levels of enrichment, we are concerned about stores,
ability , research and development ," she said. Sherman refused to discuss
the Iranian proposals that in her opinion, for the first time, are is
serious and meaningful talks . "We tried very carefully to keep the
information on the talks and interestingly, Iran also did - and it indicates
the seriousness of the talks," said the Under Secretary of State.

She said that U.S. will seek a break in the sanctions for a short period,
while trying to promote preliminary understandings. If Tehran is not
serious, Washington will act immediately before Congress to add more
sanctions. "I do not believe that this is a prize since the sanctions are
still in place. The enforcement of sanctions is in effect. All this
framework works.

"The leak of an Israeli attack in Syria - unfortunate"

Sherman was also asked about the senior White House official who confirmed
to CNN that Israel did indeed attack in Syria in recent days, a leak that
Israel was very angry and disappointed in. "I have no idea why it was
leaked. We also have leaks have on American policy in the American media as
well and we do not want them. I do not know where it came from, and any kind
of such leak is unfortunate and does not help ," replied the Under
Secretary of State.

She was asked if the United States eavesdrops also on the phones of the
political leaders in Israel, as it did in Germany. "Your audience
understands that Israel has excellence spying and intelligence
capabilities - in the sense of intelligence, and we are all grateful for
them, because we all rely on the excellent intelligence Israel offers the
world - all we have to discuss these things together because we all have to
face these challenges together. How in the world of the Internet,
communications, enormous capacities, we make sure that there are not
excesses, that we respect each other," replied Sherman, who refused to
confirm or deny if her country eavesdrops on Israelis.

Regarding the peace process with the Palestinians Sherman said that what
Americans want most is that Israel will live in security and peace, and that
the Palestinians can also do so. The view of the United States regarding the
settlements is familiar to your viewers. I think in this case, that's when
things encounter difficulties and they do, since this is a difficult one to
resolve. Better to say less than more, better that I rely on the great
skills of the Secretary Kerry in his talks with all parties when he visits
your area to try to advance on this complex issue, " she concluded.

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