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Wednesday, November 20, 2002
[VERY IMPORTANT] PCPO Poll of Palestinians November 11-16,2002 - Typo corrected

[VERY IMPORTANT] PCPO Poll of Palestinians November 11-16,2002

Poll no. 106 Date: 20/11/2002

[IMRA: If you only have time to read one poll of Palestinians this is the
- support for Arafat plunged to 38.3%:37.8%
- only 18.7% say militias should hand over their weapons for confiscation if
ordered to
- only 28.7% say violence would be alleviated if Israel takes serious and
sincere measures to lift the siege and security belt on the Palestinian

A poll carried out by the Palestinian Center for Public Opinion (PCPO) and
prepared by President Dr. Nabil Kukali.

61.2% Would to varying degrees support Iraq if the United
States struck it.
48.9% See no difference between a labor-led or Likud-led
Israeli government
38.1% Believe that the 1996 general elections law must be
41.7% Believe to varying degrees that the Al-Aqsa Intifada was
in favor of the Palestinian interests.
60.8% Evaluate the general economical conditions in the
Palestinian territories as bad.
50.5% Worried to varying degrees for their means of
56.8% Pessimistic about the future
62.4% Believe that the PA is incapable of creating job
Opportunities for the Palestinians workers in Israel.

Majd Kokaly-Information Department:

A poll recently conducted by the PCPO and prepared by Dr.Nabil Kukali
included a random sample of 1041 adults, 18 years and older, from the West
Bank including East Jerusalem. The Poll reveals that 60.8% of Palestinians
evaluate the general economical condition in the Palestinian Territories as
bad, while 24.7% evaluate it fair, 9.2% good, and 5.3% express no opinion.

President of the PCPO, Dr. Nabil Kukali, stated that the poll took place
November 11-16,2002 and the average age of the respondents was 32.05 years,
and the margin of error was +/-3.04 percent points.
Director of Public Relations at the PCPO, Dr. Walid Shomaly, said that the
percentage of female respondents was 51.0%, while that of the male ones was
49.0%. Dr. Shomaly also stated that the respondent's location of residence
was as follows: 54.4% city, 34.3% village, and 11.3% refugee camp. He
pointed out to the average size of respondents' families that was 7.01
persons, and the average number of schooling years was 11.9 years.
Dr. Shomaly said that results of the poll were as follows:

1. Do you evaluate the general economical situation in the Palestinian
territories as:
1. Good 9.2%
2. Fair 24.7%
3. Bad 60.8%
4. Do not Know 5.3%

2. To what degree are you concerned for your means of subsistence?
1. Highly concerned 20.7%
2. Concerned 29.8%
3. Not that concerned 19.8%
4. Absolutely unconcerned 19.1%
5. Do not know 10.6%

3. Given the current political and economical conditions, are you
optimistic or pessimistic about the future?
1. Optimistic 29.2%
2. Pessimistic 56.8%
3. No opinion 14.0%

4. Do you believe that the Intifada is still going on and heading towards
achieving its goals?
1. Yes 38.6%
2. No 36.2%
3. No Opinion 25.2%

5. Do you or not believe that it is necessary to amend the general elections
law that was issued in 1996?
1. Yes 38.1%
2. No 32.8%
3. No Opinion 29.1%

6. If you compare the prices of commodities with your personal financial
conditions, do you or not believe that it is an appropriate time to purchase
1. Appropriate 8.3%
2. Somewhat Appropriate 38.8%
3. Somewhat Inappropriate 30.5%
4. Absolutely Inappropriate 16.6%
5. No Opinion 5.8%

7. Twenty five months back, to the time when the current Al-Aqsa Intifada
broke out, do you believe that it served or harmed the Palestinian
1. Considerably served 13.3%
2. Somewhat served 28.4%
3. Somewhat harmed 15.8%
4. Considerably harmed 25.1%
5. No opinion 17.4%

8. Do you believe that the PA is capable or incapable of creating job
opportunities to the Palestinian workers in Israel?
1. Capable 22.8%
2. Incapable 62.4%
3. Do not know 14.8%

9. Do you or not believe that if the Israeli government's taking serious and
sincere measures to lift the siege and security belt on the Palestinian
territories will alleviate violence?
1. Yes 28.7%
2. To some extent 35.8%
3. No 25.8%
4. Do not know 9.7%

10. Are you in favor or against an open market with the Israel one as it was
the case before the arrival of the PA?
1. In favor 34.6%
2. Against 51.2%
3. Not sure 14.2%

11. If Al-Aqsa Intifada continued in a way that further aggravated your
financial conditions, would you still support it or demand that it stop?
1. Would still support 37.6%
2. Would demand that it stop 25.3%
3. Do not know 37.1%

12. How much longer time can you tolerate the economical consequences of the
1. One month 8.5%
2. Two months 8.5%
3. Three months 11.6%
4. Four months 6.8%
5. More than four months 64.2%
6. Do not know 0.4%

13. If the Palestinian Authority orders "Fatah Tanzim" and other
organizations indirectly linked to the PA's security services to hand over
their weapons for confiscation or destruction. What do you believe that
"Fatah Tanzim" and other organization should do?
1. Hand over their weapons for confiscation and Destruction 18.7%
2. Hide their weapons 48.6%
3. Do nothing 32.7%

14. Will a labor led Israeli government be better or worse than a Likud-led
government as to the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis?
1. Better 16.8%
2. Worse 24.6%
3. No Difference 48.9%
4. Do not know 9.7%

15. If municipality or village council elections being held today , which
political party would you vote for?
1. People's Party 2.1%
2. Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) 9.9%
3. Fatah 30.3%
4. Hamas 18.0%
5. Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) 3.1%
6. Islamic Jihad 6.4%
7. Fida 2.4%
8. Independents 8.8%
9. None of the above 12.0%
10. Other 7.0%

16. To what degree do you agree with the notion that some people say
"Palestinians ought to support Iraq as they did in 1991, if the United
States of American strikes it again"?
1. Strongly agree 36.8%
2. Somewhat agree 24.4%
3. Somewhat disagree 9.2%
4. Strongly disagree 14.3%
5. No opinion 15.3%

17. When asked:' to what degree do you support president Arafat"?
1. Strongly support 20.2%
2. Somewhat Support 18.1%
3. Somewhat oppose 21.7%
4. Strongly oppose 16.1%
5. No Opinion 23.9%

18. How likely is it that peace will prevail with Israel in the near future?
1. Very likely 8.4%
2. Likely 20.5%
3. Unlikely 19.5%
4. Absolutely unlikely 33.5%
5. Refuse to answer / do not know 18.1%

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