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Tuesday, April 27, 2004
[Full text of confession]Al Qaeda Plans Terrorist Attack in Chemical Weapons against Jordan

:[Full text of confession]Al Qaeda Plans Terrorist Attack in Chemical
Weapons against Jordan

Amman/ April 26/ (Petra-Official Jordan News Agency)-- Al-Qaeda terrorist
group was planning to launch its first terrorist attack with chemical
weapons against Jordan, a leader and members of Al Qaeda terrorist gang
confessed Saturday.

The confessions were made by Azmi Al Jayousi and other members of the gang
and aired tonight by Jordan television.

The terrorist attack was masterminded by terrorist Ahmed Fadheel Al
Khalayleh, nicknamed Abu Mus'ab Al Zarqawi, a top leader of Al Qaeda,
Jayousi said. Zarqawi identified the targets and named the recruited members
of the gang and provided them with the necessary equipment and the money
needed together with faked passports, Jayousi said in his confessions.

The Prime Ministry compound, the Intelligence Department Headquarters and
the U.S. embassy in Amman , were the targets of the attack, Jayousi said.
The gang manufactured 20 tons of chemical explosives that were enough to
kill 20,000 people and injured 160,000, he said.

In planning to carry out the attack, the gang manufactured the explosives
and packed them in containers with other equipment and put them in trucks in
various parts of the Kingdom, Jayousi said. He added he was directly
instructed by Zarqawi to carry out the attack while they were in Iraq after
coming from Afghanistan.

There are chemicals that terrorists from al Qaeda were trying to make
explosives from. Their aim was to hit targets in Amman, but security forces
foiled their operations. The targeted tens of thousands of people.

Their target sites included: the Prime ministry,General Intelligence
Department and the American Embassy.

Terrorist Ahmad Fadheel al Khalayleh, nicknamed Abu Mus'ab al Zarqawi, a
prominent Qaeda leader, masterminded these operations. He stated the aims,
and recruited the elements. He decided that the first target shall be the
General Intelligence Department. These are the trucks that terrorist were
driving to the General Intelligence Department, loaded with around 20 tones
of chemical explosives.

These are members of the terrorist group that were going to execute the
operation, which would have been the largest in the history of the kingdom
in terms of its volume and number of victims. It would have killed 80
thousand of Jordanian citizens.

Security forces arrested the leader of these terrorists, Azmi al Jayousi, as
well as Ahmad Samir, Hussein Sharif Hussein, Anas Sheikh Amin, Mohammad
Salameh Sha'aban and Husni Sharif Hussein in a series of raids, the last of
which was on Tuesday 20th of April 2004. The rest of the group members,
Muwaffaq Adwan , Hassan Simsmiyyeh, Salah Marjehm and Ibrahim Abu al Kheir,
were killed during the raid after they refused to surrender and started
shooting the security men.

Al Jayyousi started to plan for the operation in Iraq, where he had moved to
from his Leader Abu Musa'ab al Zarqawi. Al Jayyousi had pledged allegiance,
and absolute obedience to Al Zarqawi since he met him in Al Qaeda camps in

Following is text of confessions made by Jayousi and other members of the
group combined with paragraphs by Jordan television commentator

Azmi Jayyousi: In Herat I started to train as one of Abu Muse'b's fellows. I
took explosives' course, poison high level, then I pledged allegiance to Abu
Mus'eb al Zarqawi, to obey him without any question and to be on his side.
After this Afghanistan fell. I met Abu Mus'eb al Zarqawi again in Iraq...."

TV Commentator: Al Zarqawi facilitated the infiltration into Jordan of the
terrorist group consisting of: Azmi Jayyousi, and Muwaffaq Adwan. He
provided the funding necessary for the operation, through his most prominent
aide, a Syrian named, Suleiman Khaled Darwish, nicknamed Abu Al ghadiyyeh,
resident in Syria. The latter had in the past infiltrated into Jordan other
terrorist elements through the Syrian border, to execute operations.

Jayyousi: "Upon my return from Afghanistan to Iraq, I met with Abu Mus'eb al
Zarqawi. He had with him Muwaffaq Adwan, Jordanian national, whom I used to
know before from Afghanistan. Abu Muse'eb assigned me to go to Jordan, with
Muwaffaq Adwan. Our mission was to instigate military work on the Jordanian
arena. He arranged for my infiltration into Jordan. When I arrived in
Jordan, I met with one of the elements who is one of Abu Mus'eb men. The
person was a Syrian national, called Haithem Omar Ibrahim. The latter had
arranged safe homes".

TV Commentator: In Jordan, Azmi al Jayyousi started preparing for the
execution of operation.

Al Jayyousi: "After this, Muwaffaq and I started to collect the necessary
information on the targets. Then we collected the chemicals to be used for
manufacturing the explosives. I started to search for these materials in all
institutions that sell chemicals. We managed to buy large quantities from
all these companies. We collected around 20 tones of chemicals, sufficient
to carry out all operations on the Jordanian arena. I started to manufacture
and prepare them".

TV Commentator: During this period, Jayyousi was in contact with Abu Mus'eb
al Zarqawi I, through messengers, most of whom came through Syria, arranged
for by Suleiman Khaled Darwish, Abu al Ghadiyyeh. They carried the necessary

Al Jayyousi: I sent to Abu Mus'eb to provide me with the required funds and
documents. He started sending me money through messengers, payments of ten
and fifteen thousand, until I had a total of about $ 170 thousand, I bought
a large quantity of the material with this money. He used to provide me
through these messenger, with fraud passports, identity cards, cars
registrations, and all that is necessary.

TV Commentator: Al Jayyousi continued to prepare for the requirements of the
terrorism operations, when ha was joined by the other terrorist group
members, whether through the Syrian borders or through direct recruitment.

Anas Sheikh Hussein: I am Anas Sheikh Amin, Syrian national. I am 18, born
in Aleppo. When I finished my primary education, I traveled with my father
to Afghanistan. I went to Khalden Camp and undertook military courses. Then
I returned to Saudi, after which I traveled to Turkey where I had a
residence permit". Yahya assigned me to go to Amman to be alongside Abu
Mohammad, in a military operation. I met with him in the Hashemiyyeh Square.
From there he took me to a safe house and kept me there for a week.

Ahmad Samir: I left Jordan to Syria, in order to leave again to Iraq. I met
a guy called Ayman, who is an aide to Abu Mus'eb al Zarqawi. I was unable to
leave to Iraq. Therefore he trained me on pistols, and klanshinkoves, and I
took a security course. Ayman then ordered me to return to Jordan. I met in
the Hashimiyyeh Square with Abu Mohammad, whom I knew later, to be Azmi al
Jayyousi. We went to the explosives factory, which is situated on al Ramtha
bridge, close to the Ramtha bridge. We worked on the explosives. I remained
in this factory for almost two months. I did not leave it for fear for
....Even my family were close to me, around fifteen minutes away. But I
didn't leave this factory to protect the operation.

Ami al Jayyousi: "As for the element that used to work for me, I had here
Haitham, Syrian, who was responsible to arrange for safe home. I also had
Muwaffaq, then I recruited Abu Sharif. After this they sent me from Syria,
through Abu Ghadiyyeh one of Abu Mus'eb element, he started to send other
brothers to me. First they sent me one called Hassan Samak, Jordanian. Then
he sent me Omar, Jordanian also. Then he sent me a Syrian called Walid, then
another Syrian called Ibrahim. I used to know them by their nicknames for
security purposes. Then he sent me Yousef, then a Syrian whose name or
family name Samura.

TV Commentator: With the help of Hussein Sharif, recruited by terrorist Azmi
Jayyousi, they bought the trucks and necessary cars to execute the

Al Jayyousi: After this, I needed cars. I went to Hussein Sharif whom I used
to know a long ago and have not seen him for some time, nor did he see me. I
went to him, I greeted him and we chatted. I explained to him where I had
been after I left him. Then I went to him two or three times, and proposed
work to him, until I felt assured that he was with me, hundred percent, and
is in agreement overall the work.

Hussein Sharif: I met Azmi al Jayyousi about 1995. Then we lost contact for
a period of four years. I was then taken by surprise when he came to visit
me at home. I tried to invite him in but he refused, saying he was in hurry.
A week later he came and started talking to me about Afghanistan, and about
his trip, how he traveled from Jordan to Afghanistan. Then for about two
weeks he would come and talk about the subject, nothing else. Then he just
didn't come for about four months, or three and a half months or four. When
he returned he started coming to see me once a week in the garage. He told
me he was going to start a business in Jordan. The aim Azmi told me was to
execute and operation to a strike on Jordan and the Hashemite, a war against
the crusaders and infidels. Azmi told me that this will be the first
chemical suicide attack that al Qaeda will execute. He told me that you will
help me buying cars.

Azmi al Jayyousi: "I designated him to buy the cars. We started searching
for cars. First we bought a small Opel, which was for me personally to move
around among business men, since I was buying a lot of material, and should
have a car. this car was suitable, and I began to use it to carry some
material. The car had a role in the final execution(of the operation). After
this I went with Sharif and he bought me another blue LK car, which I
registered in Ahmad Samir's name. It was for the purpose of transporting the
material I was buying from merchants, or to transport it from one place to
the other, because it was a van. After this we bought another large LB, for
the purpose of breaking in or for raids, and stuffing. After this I went
with Abu Sharif to the free zone and bought a white LB with false papers. We
put on it a forged number plate, to be stuffed with explosives. After this
we bought an American Caprice for breaking in only. Finally we bought a
large yellow Man, that would sweep all barriers in front of it, and will
penetrate the target.

T.V. commentator According to technical experts, the 20 tones of chemical
explosives, made by al Jayyousi and aides, which were loaded in cars and
supposed to break into the General Intelligence Department, aiming to make
traditional and chemical explosions, that would directly effect a circle of
2km in diameters. The chemical explosion would lead to the emission of
poisonous chemical gas which cause physical deformities and direct injuries
to the lungs and eyesight. Outside this circle, the human loss would amount
to around 80 thousand people dead and 160 thousand injured. The cars set to
execute the terrorist operation, were equipped in blacksmith workshops, with
the help of Muwaffaq Adwan and HUSSEIN Sharif. In a blacksmith at Bushra
town, near Irbid, Hussein Sharif's brother manufactured containers for
storing the explosives before distributing them on the trucks. This would
guarantee an optimization of the explosion effect, within particular
specifications specified by al Jayyousi.

Salem Jaradat, Blacksmith Husni Sharif's neighbor: "This guy has been our
neighbor for the past ten years or more. in other words I came and grew up
here with him working in this trade. He is a skillful blacksmith. He used to
make doors, and windows. He was a guy who minded his own business. Then he
started lately to work with Lp's and spent a period of two weeks working on
them, After that, he started working on containers. Here we asked him about
them, what is this why this, he said these are for large projects, and need
a lot of fuel. We said to him why are iron sheets to thick, 5 mm or more, he
said this is what the customer, the project owner wants.

T.V. Commentator: In another blacksmith workshop in Kufor Jayez in Irbid,
the Group worked on building iron bridges, and collision bars, that would
strengthen the front of the truck, and will protect it from the effect of
crashing into the expected barriers.

Hussein Sharif: "Azmi and I rented a blacksmith workshop in Kufor Jayez. It
is a blacksmith workshop that Azmi and I rented. He equipped it with
ironmongery tools and all the things needed. I used to go there after my
working hours in the Garage. I used to go and work on the collisions that
will be installed on the Man vehicle, which would hit the gate of the
General Intelligence Department.

TV. Commentator: In an isolated house in the village of Sal, terrorist
elements manufactured the chemical explosives.

Azmi al Jayyousi: I started to manufacture in it. I prepared the first
quantity and it was a good batch. Then it was an agricultural season, and
there were many farms around us. Also small tents were scattered here and
there, for those selling melon, and cucumber. Soon, the Sal farm became
inappropriate for work. So I left and went and rented shops near al Ramtha
Bridge. It needed a bit of maintenance and some work, to enable me do my
work. I raised the fence, and the door. We built a special room for the
manufacture of explosives inside the shops. We prepared the place, to fit
the work, and I started to manufacture. I finished all the quantity in these

TV. Commentator: Al Jayyousi made these shops into a chemical manufacturing
factory, using all the chemical material he was able to collect.

In this room , Al Jayyousi mixed and prepared his chemicals. This fan was
used to force out the smell while working at night. At daytime, this window
used to conceal what was inside the room.

Azmi Al Jayyousi: "After this in the shops at Al Ramtha Bridge. I prepared
the full quantity, for the exception of simple final stages. I was scared
that the matter is getting exposed so I knocked the door off, and brought
the main Man vehicle in and hid it there. I also loaded all the material in
the other four cars, the LB, LK and the Opel. Then I sent two cars to stores
I rented in Huwwarra and two other to stores rented at al Nuaymeh Bridge.

TV Commentator: Al Jayyousi took all the necessary security precautions to
scheme for the execution of his plans . He used to move from one house to
the other, and to rent houses under false names.

Azmi Al Jayyousi: Method of contact was through phones and pre paid cards.
If I suspected anything in the telephone, like the sound was unclear, or if
I suspected the line was serveilled, even if it were secure, I would not use
it the (card) for more than ten days. I would throw it and bring a new one.
The second method consisted of messengers who delivered letters sent from
here to Syria and letters would be delivered from Syria. Some messengers
would bring letters and money, and would bring forged cards, forged
passports, and anything I asked for.

Tareq Khatib, Al Jazeera Clib Coach (Azmi al Jayyousi neighbour): I used to
feel that he was avoiding me, withdrawn and isolated.

Taylor/ Jayyousi's neighbour: He doesn't go to anybody or come from

Farid Shakhatreh, neighbour of Muwaffaq Adwan: He doesn't like to mix with

TV Commentator: Beside this mosque, in this highly populated neighbourhood
in Al Barha area in Irbid, Al Jayyousi stored explosives before transporting
to the explosives manufacturing factory. The traces of these containers are
still apparent on the floor of the store in this inhabited building where
tens of citizens live. Hitting the Intelligence Department was going
according to schedule, as told by Jayyousi.

Azmi Al Jayyousi: The cars were loaded. I was considering to rent shops in
Bayader Wadi al Seer where I could transport the cars to. There it would be
closer to the Intelligence Department. In six or seven minutes I would be
there. The cars would take off from Bayader Wadi Seer. Each car would have
two or three men. In front of them the Caprice would lead. We also intended
to get a BMW car. For the withdrawal of those who may remain alive there was
the Caprice where there will also be RPJ for those who will be hitting the
barriers and killing the guards. After this the large Man will break into
the place, which is equipped with collisions that would sweep any barrier in
front of it. and go above it. The plan for the vehicle was that even if a
wall was in front of it, it would demolish it and will carry on going
without stopping, until it reaches the central part of the department, which
I visioned to be the administration center, where it will explode. Upon its
explosion, the remaining guars who are not dead will suffer either from
shock or internal hemorrhage, thus becoming impotent to fight back. The
remaining cars will then enter one by one, slowly, where they can park
wherever they want, since there will be no one to fight back.

I visioned the result after executing the work, and according to my
experience as an explosive expert, the whole of the Intelligence Department
will be totally destroyed, and nothing of it will remain, nor anything
around it. Destruction will even reach far away areas.

TV Commentator: The operation was fully foiled. The terrorist group members
were all arrested. Explosives implanted in trucks and other explosives were
all seized.

Al Zarqawi, Al Jayyousi and Adwan tried to use religion as a shield

Hussein Sharif: I agreed to participate in this operation, because I think
it serves Islam.

Sheikh Ali Al Jalabi, an Islamic preacher: Killing and destroying in the
name of Islam, is a revolting thing for the peaceful souls, as well as who
accepted Islam, and believed in Islam, and accepted Islam as its religion
and call. Allah Al mighty words in the Holy Koran are " Who is better in
speech than one who calls God, works righteousness, and says, 'I am of those
who bow in Islam' ?"

And did good work not pervert acts like these people.

Azmi Al Jayyousi: My thinking and drives were that this will make me closer
to Allah al Mighty, if I die I am a martyr, and whosoever I kill will go to

Professor Dr. Mohammad Abu Yahya, Dean, Faculty of Islamic Law, University
of Jordan: Allah Al Mighty's words in the Holy Koran say that "...that if
any one slew a person- be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land,
it would be as if he slew the whole people ...."

Whoever acts under any pretext that the Islamic religion is categorically
innocent of, whoever kills a Moslem, is like killing the whole nation,
whoever scares a Moslem, is like scaring the whole nation, men, women or
children and whoever kills a believer intentionally as in the other Koranic

" If a man kills a believer intentionally his recompense is Hell, to abide
therein forever: and the wrath and curse of God are upon him, and a dreadful
penalty is prepared for him."


Injadat/ Petra

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