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Monday, February 20, 2006
JMCC Poll of Palestinians: 56.2% support suicide bombing operations against Israeli civilians

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Poll no. 57 February, 2006
Poll results on Palestinian Attitudes towards the results of the
PLC elections held on January 25, 2006

A random sample of 1,200 people over the age of 18 was interviewed
throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip between 8th and 12th of February

The margin of error is 3 percent, with a confidence level of 95.

Q1. In General, What is the extent of your optimism towards the Palestinian
Future? Would you say you are optimistic, somewhat optimistic, or
Optimistic 41.2 Somewhat Optimistic 38.6
Pessimistic 19.6 No answer 0.6

Q2. To what extent would you say the elections process was free and fair?
Fair 77.6 Somewhat fair 16.4
Wasn't fair 4.1 No answer 1.9

Q3. Did the elections results meet your expectations?
Met my expectations 20.3 Somewhat met my expectations 29.3
Did not meet my expectations 49.0 No answer 1.4

Q4. Did you expect Hamas overwhelming majority's in the PLC's elections?
Total Yes 24.6 No 73.9 No answer 1.5
Gaza:Yes 34.5 No 63.9 No answer 1.6

Q5. Given the elections results, to what extent you say that the elected
represent your point of view?
Represent my point of view 29.1
Represent my point of view to a certain extent 38.9
Do not represent my point of view 29.6 No answer 2.4

Q6. Are you optimistic about the performance of the elected council in the
Very Optimistic 30.9 Somewhat Optimistic 47.0
Pessimistic 21.0 No answer 1.1

Q7. Do you think that the elected council members will comply with their
elections programs and platforms?
Will comply 32.2 Will comply to a certain extent 45.7
Will not comply 20.3 No answer 1.8

Q 8. In general, how do you evaluate the performance of the previous PLC?
Very good 2.0 Good 24.6
Bad 39.1 Very bad 32.7 No answer 1.6 1

Q 9. What do you expect with regards to the performance of the next PLC?
Very good 25.8 Good 51.5
Bad 14.3 Very bad 2.3
No answer 6.1

Q 10. What is the government structure you hope to see after the PLC
National Coalition 58.1 Hamas Government 24.1 Technocrat Government 13.8
No answer 4.0 3

Q11. The PLO and the PA signed an agreement with Israel, (Oslo Agreement) do
you think that the new government headed by Hamas should go on with this
Hamas has to go on with this agreement 51.7
Hamas doesn't have to go with this agreement 42.0
No answer 6.3

Q12. The PA is committed to the option of political negotiations with
Israel. Do
you believe that the new government headed by Hamas has to continue with the
political negotiations, stop the political negotiations and should adopt
To continue with the political negotiations 66.3
Stop the political negotiations 29.6
No answer 4.1

Q13. Do you see a contradiction between Hamas responsibility over the
Palestinian government and its role in resisting Israel?
I see a contradiction 44.6
I don't see a contradiction 52.3
No answer 3.1

Q14. How concerned are you from Hamas enforcing social restrictions on the
Very worried 8.3 Somewhat worried 21.3
Somewhat not worried 29.3 Not worried at all 40.4
No answer 0.7

Q15. Some believe that the negotiations are the best path to achieve our
goals, whereas others believe that the armed struggle is the best way to do
Which option is the closest to your opinion?
Through Negotiations 38.8
Through armed struggle 17.9
Through negotiations and armed struggle 40.3
Don't know 2.3 No answer 0.7

Q 16. Under the current conditions, some believe that the peace process is
and there is no chance of resuming the negotiations, while others see that
peace process is passing through difficult times with unclear future, and a
group believes that the peace process is still alive and there is a
possibility of
resuming negotiations.
19.4 The peace process is dead and there is no chance of resuming the
52.1 The peace process is passing through difficult times with an unclear
25.1 The peace process is still alive and there is a possibility of resuming
00.8 Others 2.6 Don't know \ no answer

Q17. Some believe that a two-state formula is the favored solution for the
Palestinian conflict, while others believe that historic Palestine cannot be
divided and thus the favored solution is a bi-national state on all of
where Palestinians and Israelis enjoy equal representation and rights. Which
these solutions do you prefer?
Two-state solution: an Israeli and a Palestinian 57.9
Bi-national state on all of historic Palestine 22.3
One Palestinian state * 10.5
Islamic state * 2.7
No solution 3.9
Don't know 1.6
No answer 1.1
*These answers were not included as part of the options read to the

Q18. How do you feel towards suicide bombing operations against Israeli
civilians? Do you support them, or oppose them?
Strongly support 22.4 Somewhat support 33.8
Somewhat oppose 24.3 Strongly oppose 16.4
No answer 3.1

Q19. Do you support the resumption of the military operations against
targets as a suitable response within the current political conditions, or
do you
oppose them and find them harmful to Palestinians national interests?
43.8 Suitable response within the current political conditions
51.5 I oppose them and find them harmful to Palestinian national interests
00.3 Others
02.8 Don't know
01.6 No answer

Q20. Hamas has executed violent operations against Israeli targets inside
and in the West Bank and Gaza strip against civilians and against military
troops, now and after Hamas victory in the PLC elections, do you believe
Hamas should continue with such operations or that it should halt them?
39.1 Hamas has to continue with its operations
51.7 Hamas has to stop its operations
0 9.2 No answer

Q21. Which Palestinian political or religious faction do you trust most? *
Hamas 38.7 3 Fateh 30.6 PFLP 3.9 islamic Jihad 2.4
DFLP 1.0 PPP 0.6 Fida 0.4 Al Aqsa Brigades 0.2
Other Islamic Factions 1.6 Others 1.8
I don't trust any Faction 15.
No answer 3.7
* This question was an open ended one
Q24. If you voted for Hamas , why so?*
18.8 Religious Factors
43.0 Hope to end the Corruption
10.7 Hope to live in better living conditions
10.7 For their political agenda 12.5 11.0
07.5 To stop Fateh's control over the government
02.1 Others
06.1 No answer
*This question was asked who said that they voted for Hamas

Q25. Regardless of whom you voted for, why do you think most People voted
13.3 Religious Factors
44.0 Hope to end the Corruption
18.9 Hope to live in a better living conditions
06.1 For their political agenda
13.5 To stop Fateh's control over the government
02.7 Others
01.5 No answer

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