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Thursday, January 22, 2009
Translation from Corriere della sera (Italy) report - Hamas faked casualty figures and hospital occupancy rate in Gaza

It could be like in Jenin in 2002. Initially we spoke of 1,500 deaths. Then
came out they were only 54, including at least 45 guerrillas who died

Doubts about the number of victims could be 600 and not 1300
"So the boys of Hamas we have used as targets'
Gaza residents accuse the Islamic militants: "We prevented from leaving
their houses and shooting from there"
Lorenzo Cremonesi, Corriere della sera (Italy) - 22 January 2009
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GAZA - 'Go, go out of here!

Do you want the Israelis kill us all?

You want to see die under the bombs our children?

Take away your weapons and missiles, "shouted many among the inhabitants of
the Gaza Strip to Hamas militants and their allies of Islamic Jihad.

The bravest were organized and had barred the doors to their yards, nailed
to the boards of buildings, locked up as we go along the stairs to the roof

But for most of the guerrillas did not listen to anyone.

"Traitors. Collaborators of Israel. Fatah Spies. Cowards.The soldiers of
the holy war will punish.And in any case all will die, like us. Attacking
the Jewish Zionists, we are all destined for paradise, you are not happy to
die together? ".

And so furious shouting, breaking down doors and windows, hid in the highest
floors, in gardens, used ambulances, we baracaded near hospitals, schools,
buildings Assembly.

In extreme cases fired against those who tried to block them the way to save
their families, or beat wildly.

And there is another fact that is emerging more and more evident by visiting
clinics, hospitals and families of the victims of Israeli fire. In truth,
the number appears much lower for almost 1300 deaths, in addition to about
5,000 injured, reported by the men of Hamas and repeated by the official UN
and local Red Cross. "The deaths could not be more than 500 or 600. Mainly
boys between 17 and 23 years recruited from the ranks of Hamas that has
literally sent to the massacre, "says a doctor Shifah the hospital that will
not necessarily be said, is to risk his life.

One thing, however, also confirmed by local journalists: "We have already
reported to the heads of Hamas. Why insist on inflating the numbers of
victims? Strano, inter alia, that non-governmental organizations, including
Westerners, the reporting without verification. In the end, the truth may
come to light.

It could be like in Jenin in 2002. Initially we spoke of 1,500 deaths. Then
came out they were only 54, including at least 45 guerrillas who died

As we have arrived at these figures?

"Take the case of the massacre of the family of Al Samoun neighborhood of
Zeitun. When the bombs hit their houses have reported that 31 had died. And
so there have been an officer of the Ministry of Health controlled by Hamas.
But then, when the bodies were actually recovered, the sum total is doubled
to 62 and so went to the calculation of total numbers, "says Masoda Al
Samoun of 24 years. He adds an interesting detail: "To confuse the water we
had put the Israeli special teams. Their men were disguised as guerrillas
of Hamas, with a green bandana tied in front with the inscription usual:
there is no other God besides Allah and Muhammad is his Prophet. In order to
create chaos. We happen to shout them to leave, feared reprisals. Later we
understood that they were Israelis. And 'Just visit any hospital to
understand that the accounts do not add up. Many beds are free . The same
goes for "Nasser" in Khan Yunis. Only 5 of 150 beds at the private Al-Amal
are occupied. In Gaza city was evacuated the Wafa, built with donations
"Islamic charities" of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries, and
bombed by Israel and the end of December. The institute is known to be a
stronghold of Hamas, were hospitalized here its fighters wounded in the
civil war with Fatah in 2007. The others were at hand, Al Quds, which is
bombarded the second half weeks of January.

He says this fact Magah to Rachmah, 25 years, inhabitant of a few dozen
meters from the four major buildings in the complex health now seriously
damaged. "The men of Hamas took refuge mainly in the building that houses
the administrative offices of Al Quds. They used ambulances and forced
ambulanzieri and nurses to remove their uniforms with symbols of paramedics,
so could be confused and better to escape Israeli snipers.

This has reduced a lot of the number of beds available in health
institutions in Gaza. As well, the Shifah, the largest hospital in the
city, remains a far cry from the record sold out. "Hamas had hidden there
the cells and the emergency room for interrogation of prisoners of Fatah and
the secular face of the left who were evacuated from the prison was bombed
in Sarajevo, saying the militant Democratic Front for the Liberation of

It 'was a war in this war between Fatah and Hamas. The local humanitarian
organizations, mostly controlled tell of dozens of executions, cases of
torture, kidnappings in the last three weeks' perpetrated by Hamas.. One of
the most notorious cases is to Shakhura Achmad, 47 years old, resident of
Khan Yunis, and brother Khaled, right-hand man of Mohammad Dahlan (former
head of the security services of Yasser Arafat, now in exile) who was
abducted on the orders of the Head the local secret police of Hamas, Abu
Abdallah Al Kidra, and tortured, he would have torn his left eye, and then
was killed January 15.

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