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Monday, July 26, 2010
Israeli distrust of the Palestinian security services proper

Israeli distrust of the Palestinian security services
Yoni Ben - Menachem - Israel Radio 26.07.10 - 11:31
[Translation by IMRA]

Israeli security forces show great suspicion toward the Palestinian security
apparatus in the West Bank despite the fact that they battle Hamas and were
trained by the U.S. General Dayton. Israel assesses that a scenario of
another armed intifada in the West Bank is possible and that the Palestinian
security apparatus might act against the settlers and IDF soldiers

On May 17 this year Central Commander Avi Mizrahi said at a regimental
exercise conducted at the national training center at Tze'elim that the IDF
must be prepared also to have an escalation in fighting against Palestinian
security personnel trained in Jordan by U.S. General Dayton .

He added, stressing: "This is a force trained, better equipped with an
American mentor and the meaning is that at the beginning of combat, the
price we pay will be higher. Such power can close down an built up area with
four snipers, it's deadly. It is no longer the gunmen of Jenin.It is an
infantry force standing in front of us and we must take that into
consideration. They have the ability to attack and we do not expect them to
raise their hands. "

The central commander's comments were published but not very prominently in
the Israeli press.

These are important things that reflect the suspicious attitude of the
Israeli defense establishment to the Palestinian security apparatus in the
West, despite all the words of praise for how the Palestinians "calmed" the
area and their determined batle against Hamas.

Israel is still licking its wounds and therefore does not believe the

So, too, it causes long delays of 50 armored vehicles entering the West Bank
from Jordan's designated for the security mechanisms of Mahmoud Abbas. They
were provided to the Palestinian Authority by Russia but Israel will not
allow their entry into the West Bank.

That's why those who know the area and read today the U.S. comptroller's
report criticizing the government of Israel that it "harms training of
Palestinian security forces in the West Bank", were not surprised at all.

The Israeli government may indeed hurt the military training of
Palestinians, but she is convinced that it maintains the security of Israeli

Acording to the sharp American report, published by Ha'aretz, Israel is
preventing the establishment of terror warfare units, delays the transfer of
equipment to the West Bank Palestinian security forces including small arms,
ammunition and walkie-talkies.

The report also stated that the IDF checkpoints in the West "interfere with
free movement of American military advisers in the West Bank

From all the above the following picture emerges:

The Israeli defense establishment is convinced that the great danger lies in
the strenghtening of the Palestinian security services.

Such strengthening, accompanied by arming with weapons, allows the
Palestinians to establish the nucleus of the future Palestinian army. Israel
it is known is prepared to have set up alongside a demilitarized Palestinian
state without an army that threatens the security, only with strong internal
security forces to preserve the Palestinian government.

But also until a Palestinian state be established, the assessment of the
Israeli defense establishment is that if the Palestinian security
apparatuses are too strong it would be a serious danger to Israel's

The IDF still remembers how quickly turned the guns provided the Palestinian
police at IDF soldiers in the events of the Hasmonean Tunnel in 1996 and the
role of armed Palestinian police officers during the second Intifada in 2000

They just become, in seconds, from the "police" to "armed terrorists".

You can not forget how when the second intifada began joint patrols were
stopped by the IDF after the Palestinian police attacked IDF soldiers who
were in joint patrol with them.

And of course we remember well, the activities of "general intelligence
apparatus in the West Bank led by Taufiq Tirawi and the Preventive
Intelligence apparatus in Gaza led by Muhammad Dahlan and Rashid Abu Shabak
planned and carried out attacks against settlers and IDF soldiers in the
West Bank and Gaza Strip immediately after the failure of Camp David Summit

There are many examples of terrorist activity of Palestinian security forces
against Israel, another famous episode is the arrest of Colonel Muhammad
Damra called "Abu Awad" by Israeli security forces.

He served as commander of the Presidential Guard (Force 17) in the West
Bank, which is the special power to protect the Palestinian Authority
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and was at the top of the IDF's wanted list and was
responsible for terrorist attacks, including the Fatah organization's al -
Aqsa' Martyrs Brigades against Israel.

Thus, despite the intense activity of the Palestinian security services
against Hamas and Islamic Jihad in the West Bank today and their security
cooperation with the Shin Bet and the IDF, Israel is ready to strengthen
them only in a controlled manner.

The reason is obvious ...

It's all a matter of interests.

Palestinian security manages an all-out war against radical Islamic
organizations in the West Bank for one simple reason:

To prevent them from toppling the regime of Mahmoud Abbas, as they did in
the Gaza Strip.

They take care of the chair of Mahmoud Abbas and not Israel's security.

This activity contributes to the relative calm and security of Israeli
citizens in the West Bank but it is a side effect.

What will happen when thei interests change?

For example, what if Fatah and Hamas organizations were going to reconcile
and in light of the impasse in the political negotiations with Israel will
decide to open another armed intifada against Israel?

The answer is clear, the Palestinian security apparatus will not hesitate
for a moment ....

All the experience acquired by military training by U.S. General Dayton and
all arms and ammunition in their possession, which received the approval of
the IDF, will be diverted immediately to war against Israel.

We've been in this before.

New scenarios considered in the IDF are worse than what happened during the
second Intifada. Palestinian security forces were trained by members of the
general Dayton from the individual to battalion level.

The Palestinian troops have been trained to battle in urban areas and in
conquering strongholds..

They have the ability to conquer one of the small settlements or IDF

Therefore the considerations of our security system are correct as are the
words of Central Command Avi Mizrahi

Confidence in the Palestinian security services should be limited and they
should be under the constant Israeli review.

"Those burned by boiling water, is also careful with warm water."

This caution is proper and over time unfortunately we will find we were
right. We're just at the beginning of the new film.

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