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Wednesday, January 26, 2011
3rd Parliamentary Report - Mattot Arim MKs Achievements in Advancing Causes Valued by Israels Right-wing Electorate June 2010 – December 2010

3rd Parliamentary Report - Mattot Arim MKs' Achievements in Advancing Causes
Valued by Israel's Right-wing Electorate June 2010 – December 2010
Translation from Hebrew: Dr. Audrey Samuels

A. Achievements Per MK/Minister
Table 1: Achievements Per MK/Minister
Yuli Edelstein 4
Michael Eitan 1
Zeev Elkin 22
Ofir Akunis 3
Gilad Erdan 3
Dr. Benny Begin 5
Gila Gamliel 4
Dani Danon 16
Tzipi Hotovely 6
Moshe Yaalon 9
Moshe Kahlon 4
Chaim Katz 3
Israel Katz 4
Limor Livnat 5
Yariv Levin 12
Dan Meridor 0
Dr. Lea Ness 4
Gideon Saar 4
Zion Pinyan 6
Yossi Peled 2
Ayoob Kara 2
Miri Regev 5
Ruby Rivlin 2
Carmel Shama 1
Dr. Yuval Steinmetz 7
Silvan Shalom 3

Israel Beitenu
Isaac Aharonovitch 5
Danny Ayalon 1
Robert Ilatov 1
Orly Levy-Abekasis 0
Dr. Uzi Landau 4
Sofa Landvar 1
Moshe Mutz Matalon 0
Anastasia Michaeli 0
Alex Miller 0
Stas Misezhnikov 3
Hamad Amar 0
Fania Kirschenbaum 2
David Rotem 4
Lea Shemtov 1

David Azoulay 1
Ariel Etias 3
Yitzchak Vaknin 0
Nissim Zeev 2
Eli Yishai 5
Amnon Cohen 0
Yitzchak Cohen 0
Abraham Michaeli 1
Yaakov Margi 2
Meshulam Nahari 1
Rabbi Chaim Amsallem 0

Yahadut HaTora
Moshe Gafni 2
Yaakov Litzman 0
Menachem Eliezer Moses 1
Uri Maklev 1
Meir Porush 0

Ichud Leumi
Professor Aryeh Eldad 12
Uri Ariel 17
Dr. Michael Ben-Ari 14
Yaakov (Ketzele) Katz 9

Bayit Yehudi
Uri Orbach 2
Zevulun Orlev 6
Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz 9

B. Breakdown of Achievements– by Topic

1. Coping with the Diplomatic Arena:

Blocked USA Attempt to Extend Freeze beyond 26 September 2011
Yuli Edelstein. Yitzchak Aharonovitz. Mickey Eitan. Gilad Erdan. Ariel
Etias. Professor Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Benny Begin. Gila Gamliel. Zeev Elkin.
Ofir Akunis. Danny Danon. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Tzipi Hotovely.
Boogi Yaalon. Eli Yishai. Yaakov Margi. Moshe Kahlon. Chaim Katz. Israel
Katz. Limor Livnat. Yariv Levin. Dr. Uzi Landau. Meshulam Nahari. Dr. Lea
Ness. Sofa Landver. Stas Misezhnikov. Gideon Saar. Yossi Peled. Ayoob Kara.
Miri Regev. Ruby Rivlin. Dr. Yuval Steinmetz. Carmel Shama. Silvan Shalom.
Ketzele. Uri Ariel. David Rotem.

Withstood heavy pressure during USA's 2nd attempt to renew freeze
Silvan Shalom. Bogy Yaalon. Dr. Benny Begin. Dr. Uzi Landau. Yuli Edelstein.
Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Ayoob Kara. Gila Gamliel. Dr. Lea Ness. Zeev Elkin. Yariv
Levin. Danny Danon. Tzipi Hotovely. Chaim Katz. Zion Pinian. Miri Regev.
Ruby Rivlin. Uri Ariel. Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz. Yitzchak Aharonovitz.
Ketzele. Uri Orbach. Zevulun Orlev. David Rotem. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari.

Withstood pressure from the media to release terrorists
Dr. Yuval Steinmetz. Stas Misezhnikov. Nissim Zeev. Dr. Benny Begin. Bogy
Yaalon. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Ketzele.

Built "political iron wall" (united front re State Budget + threat to leave
Zeev Elkin. Danny Danon. Tzipi Hotovely. Yariv Levin. Uri Orbach.

Set up “hasbara” website in English and Russian
Yuli Edelstein.

Refraining from apology to Turkey for flotilla rioters' deaths
Avigdor Lieberman. Danny Danon.

2. Legislation Related to the National Agenda:

Law: European Union funding of Left must be reported - passed 1st reading
Zeev Elkin

Law: referendum to block Jerusalem, Golan, Chaluza Dunes concessions
Yariv Levin (initiator). Zeev Elkin. Otniel Schneller.

Law: student benefits in periphery, including Judea and Samaria
Gila Gamliel (initiator). Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz.

Law forbidding boycott against Israel passed pre-hearing
Zeev Elkin. Dalia Itzik.

“Azmi Bashara” law passed 1st reading
Israel Hason. Yariv Levin. Zeev Elkin.

Blocked law forbidding protests in front of officials’ homes
Yariv Levin.

3. Coping with Palestinian Authority:

Territorial concession in Judea & Samaria for new Palestinian city blocked
Yuli Edelstein. Moshe Kahlon. Bogy Yaalon. Limor Livnat. Israel Katz.
Gilad Erdan. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Ketzele. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel.
Zeev Elkin. Danny Danon. Yariv Levin. Miri Regev. Ketzele.

Injunction against Palestinian Authority assemblies within Israel proper
Itzchak Aharonovitz.

Prevention of Palestinian Authority attempts to officiate in Jerusalem
Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel. Danny Danon.

Reduced Palestinian Authority budget as sanction for not treating sewage
Dr. Uzi Landau

Knesset decision against unilateral Palestinian state
Zeev Elkin. Zevulun Orlev. Menachem Eliezer Moses. Avraham Michaeli. Robert

Presented Israeli position against unilateral Palestinian state to USA
Avigdor Leiberman. Danny Ayalon.

4. Coping with Supreme Court's pro-Arab orientation:

Minimized pro-Palestinian Supreme Court influence in selecting
district judges
Gilad Arden. David Rotem. Uri Ariel.

Rejection of Peace Now's court petition against building in Gush Etzion Bogy
Yaalon. Dr. Benny Begin. Zeev Elkin. Tzahi Hanegbi. Ketzele. Professor
Daniel Hershkowitz.

Saved large yeshiva in Yitzhar from Ehud Barak's destruction order
Zeev Elkin. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel. Bogy Yaalon.
Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz.

Prevented destruction of Al Matan Synagogue:
Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz. Nissim
Zeev. Eli Yishai. Bogy Yaalon.

5. Assisting Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria:

Aid to Jewish communities in the Jordan Valley
Dr. Yuval Steinmetz. Bogy Yaalon. Limor Livant. Israel Katz. Moshe Kahlon.
Yossi Peled. Gila Gamliel. Dr. Lea Ness. Yariv Levin. Ofir Akunis.

Aid and security for Jewish communities in Gush Etzion
Moshe Gafni. Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Zion Pinian. Dr. Yuval Steinmetz.

Aid to settlement in Kedumim
Uri Ariel. Zion Pinian. Zeev Elkin. Zevulun Orlev. Tzipi Hotovely. Miri
Regev. Haim Katz. Danny Danon.

Aid to Jewish communities in Hebron area
Sylvan Shalom. Limor Livnat. Israel Katz. Yaakov Margi. Eli Yishai. Uriel
Atias. Yuval Steinmetz. Gideon Saar. Zeev Elkin. Uri Ariel.

Aid to Jewish communities in Binyamin and Shomron
Moshe Kahlon. Ofir Akunis. Uri Ariel. Bogy Yaalon. Dr. Benny Begin. Zeev
Elkin. Zion Pinian. David Rotem. Danny Danon.

Construction of learning institutions in Gush Etzion, Judea and Samaria
Zevulun Orlev. Gideon Saar. Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Danny Danon.

Maintenance of bullet-protected buses in Judea and Samaria
Moshe Gafni (initiator). Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Yariv Levin. Dr. Michael

Compensation to those affected by the construction freeze (broken
contracts, rentals etc.)
Danny Danon. Uri Ariel. Eli Yishai. Zeev Elkin. Zion Pinian. Dr. Yuval

Stopped removal of settlers from Chomesh on Shabat
Zeev Elkin. Uri Ariel. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Tzipi
Hotovely. Otniel Schneller. Eli. Yishai. Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz.

Increased police treatment of Judea-Samaria roads prone to car accidents
Uri Maklev. David Azoulai. Ketzele. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.

Miscellaneous pro- Judea-Samaria projects
Faina Kirschenbaum. Zion Pinian. Zeev Elkin. Ketzele.

Human rights for individuals in Judea-Samaria
Dr. Michael Ben-Ari.

6. Coping with radical left/Israeli Arab sector:

Blocked attempt to boycott cultural facility in Ariel
Zevulun Orlev. Danny Danon. Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz. Ketzele. Limor Livnat.
Dr. Lea Ness. Yariv Levin. Miri Regev. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Avigdor
Lieberman. Stas Misezhnikov. Dr. Uzi Landau. Yitzchak Aharonovitz. Zeev
Elkin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.

Removal of radical pro-Palestinian textbooks from educational system
Gideon Saar

Stripping MK privileges from MK Zouavi (participated in Gaza flotilla)
Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Yariv Levin.

Knesset Ethics C'tee Reprimand of MK Ahmed Tibi re Trip to Libya
Danny Danon. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.

7. Upholding rights in Jerusalem, Galilee and Negev:

Jewish presence in/around Temple Mount – improvement of conditions
Danny Danon. Uri Arel. Zeev Elkin. Tzipi Hotovely. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.

Increased security in Shiloach (near Kotel) due to Palestinian violence
Yitzchak Aharonovitz. Prof. Daniel Hershkowitz. Danny Danon. Dr. M. Ben-Ari.

Prevented budget-cut re inspection of illegal building by Bedouin in Negev
Yariv Levin

Preserving Jewish majority in Nazeret Ilit:

a: New community institutions
Uri Ariel. Faina Kirshenbaum. Lea Shem-Tov. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari.

b: Approval of 3000 new housing units
Uri Ariel. Ariel Atias. Dr. Yuval Steinmetz.

C. Achievements of each Political Party

Table 2: Achievements– Summary By Party

Party Achievements per Knesset Member
Ichud Leumi 13.2
HaBayit Hayehudi 5.7
Likud 5.3
Israel Beitenu 1.7
Shas 1.4
Yahadut HaTorah 0.8

D. Summary and Conclusions

There is much room for optimism. The long list of achievements proves that
Israel's National Camp has great political power. It could enjoy even more
power. If all of the Knesset members in the National Camp were as active as,
for example, Zeev Elkin or Uri Ariel, the number of achievements for the
National Camp would increase by a factor of approximately 6! If we, the
Israeli public, express appreciation for, vote for, and work to support
outstanding legislators, we can make this happen.

The most significant achievement reported here is withstanding American
pressure; this was commonly thought to be an impossibility.

2 major goals have yet to be achieved by the right-wing ministers and
Knesset Members.

First: preventing establishment of a Palestinian State in the heart of

Second: De facto construction in Judea and Samaria.

What has been achieved to date is only cancellation of the order forbidding
such construction, whereas building tenders have yet to be issued, building
permits have yet to be approved and outposts have yet to be authorized

We do hope that in our next report, historical progress regarding these 2
goals will have been made. This will greatly depend on the public's
willingness to express appreciation for, and vote for, outstanding


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