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Sunday, April 27, 2014
Excerpts: PLO Central Council takes hardline: no land swap, freeze in Jerusalem, return of refugees, etc.

"2 . Adhering to end the occupation in a comprehensive manner...refused to
exchange land ."

Ramallah 27/04/2014 (WAFA)
[Google translation]

...Central Council of the Palestine Liberation Organization...holds Israel
fully responsible for sabotaging U.S. and international efforts aimed at
reaching a political settlement to the conflict.

Based on this, the Council decides:

1 . That any resumption of negotiations and the political process requires
the commitment of Israel is clear terms of reference of the 1967 borders and
the United Nations resolutions , and halt destruction of the settlement ,
including in East Jerusalem , and the implementation of commitments and
previous agreements , and making a priority the completion of the agreement
on the borders of June 1967 , including Jerusalem, in accordance with the
resolutions of the United Nations , a necessary precursor to any further
research on issues other negotiations , including the issue of security ,
and that the way to a peace treaty , including all of the issues .

The Council stresses the central to reject any framework agreement is a
substitute for the authorities adopted internationally , with adherence to
the terms of reference of United Nations resolutions relevant , and its
contents on the 1967 borders , including Jerusalem , and on the rights of
refugees in accordance with Resolution 194 and on the illegality of the
settlements included Jerusalem and all Israeli actions carried out by the on
the ground .

2 . Adhering to end the occupation in a comprehensive manner all the
territory of the State of Palestine and the illegality of the settlements,
and refused to exchange land .

. Insist on the release of detainees and the fourth installment totaling
thirty prisoners and prisoners of veterans returning to their homes , and
continued to work for the release of the rest of the prisoners .

4 . Orientation to the General Assembly of the United Nations Security
Council for the rejection and condemnation of the settlements and the
Judaization of Jerusalem all the procedures and the attacks on churches and
mosques , especially Al-Aqsa Mosque and the issuance of a resolution calling
on Member States to impose sanctions and boycott companies and institutions
supporting him .

5 . Said the Palestinian Central Council , which clings to the full rights
of the Palestinian state and a private right to independence and sovereignty
and representation in all international institutions and its accession to
all treaties and conventions , it realizes that the reality of this country
currently is the reality of the state under occupation and that refuse
acceptance constantly this reality.

The occupation authority of the State of Israel , which continues to shun
each previous agreements have to bear the responsibility and consequences of
political , legal and practical all , arranged by the four Geneva
Conventions and their Additional Protocols , and it is the consequences of
all forms of prejudice and violations of these agreements and international
law and international humanitarian law, and therefore , the Board Central
High Contracting calls upon States to the four Geneva Conventions to take
the necessary measures to compel Israel ( the occupying power ) to assume
all its responsibilities in accordance with these agreements and additional
protocols .

6 . Council affirms its absolute rejection of the central government 's
demand for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state .

7 . Activate the signing of Palestine on the Geneva documents , and confirm
the right of the State of Palestine in the completion of the accession
agreements , treaties and international organizations, according to the plan
that has been adopted in this regard .

8 . Working with concerned international parties in the political process to
be reconstructed on the basis of relevant United Nations resolutions
relevant , and coordinate the efforts of these parties through the Security
Council or by holding an international peace conference , including leading
to the implementation of UN resolutions , and to stop the continued
manipulation of Israel to the international community and all peace efforts

Second, national reconciliation and end the division

The Council underlines the central full support for the agreement
accomplished by a delegation of the PLO with Hamas, on April 23, and on the
need to expedite the implementation to ensure the formation of a government
of national consensus , headed by President Abu Mazen as soon as access to
the holding of elections and the activation of the Palestine Liberation
Organization and to address all followed division cons at the community
level , legal and democratic .

The Council also affirms rejection of the threats and the frantic campaign
waged by the government of Israel against the Palestinian reconciliation
agreement , which reflects the extent of Israel's reliance on the continued
split in the Palestinian liberation project hit and abort the Palestinian
state .

On the other hand , greets Council powers , all of which welcomed the
agreement , particularly Russia and China , the European Union and the
United Nations and the BRICS countries and the majority of countries in the
world , also surprised by the position of the United States in this regard
and calls on it to stop the adoption of double standards and reconsider its
position .

Also revives the particular position of the Arab League and Arab countries,
which has always sought to heal the rift and end the division and inviting
them to activate the safety net of financial and political support for the
application of the reconciliation agreement and the face of the sanctions
imposed by Israel on our people .

The head of the Council sincere thanks and appreciation to the Arab Republic
of Egypt , which sponsored the national dialogue and the completion of the
reconciliation agreement , and stagnate the importance of continuing the
Egyptian role in the care and application of this Agreement .

The Council also expressed its appreciation for the efforts of Saudi Arabia,
which has supported since the Mecca agreement, the national reconciliation
process , and appreciation as well as to the efforts of the State of Qatar
in the completion of the Doha Declaration .

Long live the State of Palestine
Long live Palestine Liberation Organization
Glory to the martyrs
And freedom for prisoners
M . P / d . Y
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