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Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Background Information Regarding a Joint IDF and ISA Operation to Expose a Wide Range Hamas Terror Cell in Nablus

Background Information Regarding a Joint IDF and ISA Operation to Expose a
Wide Range Hamas Terror Cell in Nablus
IDF News Desk July 01, 2015

In a joint effort IDF, ISA and Israeli police uncovered, over past months, a
Hamas terror cell in Nablus and surrounding villages. Leaders of the Hamas
cell established a headquarters in Nablus and made intensive efforts to
reestablish Hamas terror activities in the Judea and Samaria region.

During the investigation, members of the terror cell conveyed detailed
information regarding yet another terror cell of Hamas, which was plotting a
terror attack that was fortunately thwarted during the course of the

During the operation, 40 operatives were detained. Among the operatives
arrested were Hamas officials who have been incarcerated in the past for
their involvement in terror activities.

Names of several Hamas senior operatives detained:
A'anem Taufik Salech Salma (1966), a senior terror operative in Nablus,
served as the head of the Hamas headquarters, operated in the past to
reestablish Hamas terror activities in the Nablus area.
Samih Saliman Muhammad Eilawi (1963), a senior terror operative in Nablus,
in charge of the cell's finances.
Ahmmad Taufik Yussef Sualche (1973), resident of Atsira Shmalia, served as
Hamas contact to representatives abroad, and coordinator between Hamas'
headquarters in Nablus and nearby villages.
Sa'aeed Abraheem Sa'aeed Duicat (1967), resident of Nablus, served as the
representative of Hamas in Malaysia and head of research.
Zaher Sudki Muhammad Mussa (1967), resident of Zawata, served as the head of
Hamas activities in the area of Zawata.
Haldon Abbed el Rahman Yussef Asida (1975), resident of Tel, served as the
head of Hamas activities in the area of Tel.
Amjad Muhammed Yussef Dirya (1967), resident of Akrabe, served as the head
of Hamas activities in the area of Akrabe.
Muhammad Kassem Muhammad Juda (1969), resident of Kabalan, served as the
head of Hamas activities in the area of Kabalan.
Jahead Daud Saliman Abu Raheem (1969), resident of Jama'in, served as the
head of Hamas activities in the area of Salafit.
Ahmmad Rashad Deef Alla Soalme (1971), resident of the Fara refugee camp,
served as the head of Hamas activities in the area of Tubas.

Establishment of Hamas headquarters in Nablus

During the investigation, it was revealed that Hamas operated to reestablish
terror activities by building a headquarters in Nablus. Hamas then continued
to branch out, creating a wide range terror cells, appointing regional Hamas
representatives and dividing responsibilities to promote Hamas actions in
different fields. Fields included: education, finance, law enforcement,
communications, intelligence research, charity, money transferring for
prisoners and their families and preparation for terror activities.
The terror operatives attempted to conceal their activities by using code
names, aliases​, couriers, USB drives and holding secret meetings.

Contact to Hamas leadership abroad

Leading and guiding the terror cell in Nablus was Hussam A'atef Ali Badran
(1966), a former resident of Nablus who is currently living in Qatar. Badran
is the spokesman of the Hamas terror organization and also serves as
organizational manager. Badran sent orders to Hamas operatives via email.
Badran was involved in recruiting operatives for different positions and
transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the headquarters in Nablus.

Money transferring methods

Most of the terror cells money was transferred by purchasing gold in Jordan
and smuggling it into the Judea and Samaria region, with the assistance of
Anan Sabba Ali F​atuch (1971), resident of Nablus and gold trader. Ali is
the business associate of Samich Ilawi, together both owned the shop used
for Hamas money laundering. During the investigation, Fatuch admitted to
visiting a married couple in Jordan, residents of Nablus who spent a long
period of time in Jordan for medical purposes. In reality, the couple was
used by the Nablus headquarters in order to launder finances. The couple
transferred large amounts of money to Fatuch which they received from Hamas
operatives in Jordan. Fatuch converted the money to gold and jewelry which
he then smuggled to his and Ilawi's money laundering shop in Judea and
Samaria. Upon their return to Nablus, Fatuch and Ilawi started selling the
smuggled merchandise and transferring the profits for the benefit of the
Hamas terror cell.

Exposing an additional Hamas terror cell

The investigation led to the exposure of an additional terror cell operating
from the Farah refugee camp. Members of the terror cell admitted to
purchasing binoculars and military night vision equipment intended for a
future terror attack.

Members of the cell arrested:

Anas Muhammad Ali Abbas (1989), admitted to operating to establish a terror
cell as well as assisting the head of Hamas activities in the area of Tubas,
Ahmmad Rashad Deef Alla Soalme, with internet and technology.

Taufik Moataz Rashad Soalme (1996), admitted to have been recruited by Anas
Abbas for Hamas terrorist activities.
In addition, both admitted to being in contact by operatives of the Jibreel
front in Syria, as well as a Hamas operative in the Gaza Strip for terror

Indictments against all of the operatives involved in the Hamas terror
network will be submitted to the Judea and Samaria Military court in the
next few days.

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