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Monday, December 24, 2001
Pollard Asks Minister Naveh to Go Public With the Truth

Pollard Asks Minister Naveh to Go Public With the Truth
Justice4JP Release - December 25, 2001

To: Minister Dani Naveh

Date: December 24, 2001 No. of Pages (incl. this one) 3
By Facsimile

From: Jonathan Pollard 09185-016
FCI Butner POB 1000
Butner North Carolina
USA 27509-1000

Toronto Phone: 416-781-3571 FAX: 416-781-3166
email: pollard@jonathanpollard.org

Dear Dani,

Please go public with the truth.

In a recent phone call to my attorney Larry Dub, you admitted what the
Israeli media and the people of Israel would be shocked to learn. Contrary
to popular belief, you admitted:
a) that you are not in charge of the Pollard file;
b) that Mr. Sharon steadfastly refuses to authorize you to deal with my
c) that you do not have, and never did have, any authority to assist me;
d) you are not even authorized to visit me, let alone to do anything to
help me.

You made this confession to my attorney in an apparent bid to excuse your
lack of initiative on my behalf. You seemed surprised that he was not

My attorney asked you why you still represent yourself to the media and to
the public as the minister in charge of the Pollard case, when in fact it
not true. You replied matter-of-factly that you do it because the Prime
Minister asked you to. You indicated that you saw no harm in this and that
you even fancied that you were helping me by practicing this deception!

Dani, it is inconceivable to me that you are unaware of how much damage your
cooperation in this fraud has done to me. A few examples:

There is unimpeachable evidence that it was your office that leaked the
to the media that the Government offered me a million dollars, "blood
The leak - which did me much harm - was considered credible only because the
media had been falsely led to believe that you are the minister in charge of
my file. You did nothing to set the record straight.

When the Government upped its offer of blood money to $2 million dollars,
every reporter who called the Prime Minister's office and/or the Ministry
Defense to confirm the story was officially informed that "Minister Naveh is
in charge of the Pollard file," and instructed to direct all inquiries to
you. Again, you never once disabused anyone of this lie. Instead, you and
your staff continued the charade that you were in charge of the case - when
nothing could be farther from the truth.

Think about it Dani. Every statement you have ever made to the media about
or about my case since Mr. Sharon took office is, in fact, nothing more than
your own personal opinion, without official sanction or backing. But you
never let reporters know that.

Every single person who wrote to you as the minister in charge of the
case never knew that they were writing to a minister who had no authority
whatsoever and that their letters were destined for a dead-letter file.

Every person who made appointments with you in order to try to help me - and
I am aware of a number of such persons - had no idea that you were nothing
more than a government facade to misdirect their energy and distract their

My own attorney was repeatedly told by other cabinet ministers that he
direct himself only to you. No other minister would listen. No other
would help. They all said, "Dani Naveh is taking care of Pollard." And you
let the ministers believe this lie.

Now we can also finally understand why you refused to help my attorney and
Rechavaam Ze'evi z"l to enlist cabinet members in petitioning the Prime
Minister to send a high-level delegation to the US to negotiate my release.
You, who pose as the minister in charge of my case, you refused to sign
own name to this petition! And of course, you also refused to ask anyone
else to sign.

Since the time you were appointed to the cabinet, your false posture with
regard to my case has done more to diffuse public concern for me, and to
undermine any possible initiative on my behalf than an army of detractors
could do.

It appears, Dani, that fate of an Israeli agent in peril was always of less
concern to you than ingratiating yourself with an unethical head of
government. Mr. Sharon has made it no secret that rather than expend any
effort on my behalf, he intends to let me to die in prison. In collaborating
with him, in maintaining this lie, you have become his willing executioner.

Concerning the alarming ease with which Israeli politicians lie and
dissemble, Israeli playwright Motti Lerner wrote (Maariv, Nov. 5, 1997) :

"[Israeli] politicians set the norms that permeate all areas of public life.
It becomes possible to lie. It is possible to lie and to show so little
respect for the public, that things never happened and never were. It's
possible to lie in court about failed intelligence operations (see: "Bus
300"). It is possible to lie in police investigations (see: the Baron
affair). It is possible to lie to parents about failed military operations
(see: the helicopter tragedy; see: the navy commando disaster). And it is
possible to lie to the public at large about every failed policy in the
economic management of the State, about Aliyah, about Education and so on
so on. Lying has become a political means, used at the drop of a hat,
the slightest twinge of conscience... Anyone who claims that the Israeli
media is too critical, simply isn't aware of the depths of the
that politicians disseminate to the Israeli public. Only rarely does the
media succeed in burrowing through the thick layers of lies to reveal a
semblance of truth about their deeds." *

Dani, it is this kind of moral turpitude that does damage not only to the
individual citizen, but also it is precisely what makes Israel a target of
ridicule, scorn and derision in the world. The time has come to stop the
lies. If we are to survive as a nation, if we are to flourish as a people,
then our future can no longer be built on falsehood and political

It is as much for the sake of the State of Israel as it is for one of its
agents in peril that I ask you to act with honor and go public about this.
Tell the truth. Stop the fraud. Let the Israeli people know that there is in
fact no cabinet minister in charge of the Pollard case. That it has all been
a deceit practiced by the Prime Minister to make it appear as if the
government is actually doing something to help me.

Tell the truth, Dani. Do what is right and good in the eyes of G-d and man,
and all of Israel will be the better for it.

Yours truly,
Jonathan Pollard

cc Mr. Larry Dub Esq.
Mr. Yoram Ben-Ze'ev

*Excerpted from "Pollard Was An Israeli Agent" by Motti Lerner, MAARIV, Nov.
5, 1997. Full text on the web at

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