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Saturday, November 12, 2005
King Abdullah II Interviewed By Jordan News Agency

King Interviewed By Jordan News Agency

Amman, Nov. 12 (Petra - Jordan News Agency )-- His Majesty King Abdullah II
said that fighting terrorism must take into consideration those who justify
the evil terrorist crimes and those who instigate it in any way. In an
interview by Director General of Jordan News Agency (PETRA) Faisal Al
Shboul, His Majesty deemed those who justify and instigate terror actions as
part of the crime, adding "We will not accept from any body or party to
justify terrorism or defend ideas or thoughts that support violence and harm
innocent citizens."

In response to a question, the King said "Thanks God! The procedures that
have been taken after the blasts were excellent. I would thank here again
all the security apparatuses, the civil defense, the hospitals' cadres and
doctors in the public and private sectors who helped evacuating the injured
people." "I am fully aware of the Jordanians' courage. It was beyond all
expectations. The Jordanians are not frightened, and terrorism does not
affect their morale. The whole world saw them on streets expressing anger
and challenging terrorism and terrorists," King Abdullah underlined. "Such
terror actions will not prevent us from continuing the march of development,
openness and progress, and our slogan will be Law, openness and security all
together," He affirmed, adding "the terror action that happened will not
push us to be a police state. We don't want that. But there will be a
balance between freedom and security in a way that comforts our people and
our guests."

"The Black Wednesday Crime has formed a great turning point in dealing with
those who sympathize or support terrorism. The Jordanians said a strong 'NO'
for terrorism and announced their honorable stand after the heinous attacks
on three hotels in Amman and targeted innocent people. Jordanians were
united in expressing their anger and directed a blow to terrorism and
terrorists." His Majesty said.

King Abdullah reiterated that the war is between the majority of Muslims,
who believe in the true Islam, and a group that gone astray and wants to
distort the image of Islam and Muslims and to destroy our civilization. ''We
saw the results of what terrorists have done in Amman.. where the torn limbs
of children and women citizens and secure guests.. Does any Jordanian, Arab
or Muslim accept, after today, to have people who support those terrorists
and their actions'' said King Abdullah, who also added that Jordan, its
people, security, stability and achievements are targeted in this terrorist
attack. What is also targeted is Islam, which they are trying to distort its
tolerant image and seek to assassinate its soul and principles with the
assassination of every children and women and with the assassination of
every innocent and secure person and that all the deeds of those violate the
core of Islam and its teachings. In response to a question on what we have
to do to respond to the terrorist actions, the King pointed that our
response will be embodied in further work, giving, achievements, more unity
between our one nation, and rejecting all those who support extremism.

His Majesty explained that terrorism is a phenomena that goes beyond
boarders.. so its resistance is an international responsibility.. Terror did
not only rock Jordan, and the torn limbs that we saw in Amman is also seen
daily in Iraq as well as in Egypt, Saudi, Morocco and other parts of the

''We will give zero tolerance to terrorists and we will bring them to
justice'' King Abdullah reiterated, adding ''We will not also tolerate with
anyone who promotes the deviated apostasy thoughts and we will enhance our
national strategy in fighting terrorism, which we hope that every citizen
would have a vital role in it with a view to abort terrorists plots and evil

His Majesty stressed that we will not allow those who accuse others of
apostasy to have a place amongst us. ''expression means available in Jordan
should be exploited to urge for love, tolerance, justice as well as
deepening the noble Arab Islamic values. On the other hand, His Majesty
noted that the Amman Message, which calls for tolerance and moderation, will
be our torch to clarify the image of Islam for the world. ''Terrorists will
not prevent us from carrying our message and defending Islam'' King Abdullah
said. The Monarch said that Jordan is for all its children, ''We support
every effort to promote the concepts of justice, quality and respecting the
counterpart opinion under the umbrella of the Jordanian institution'' King

Replying to a question on the role of the unstable regional situation in
creating terrorism, His Majesty said that these current situation, in terms
of blood and violence that bleed here and there and the frustration many
people feel, might be used by terrorists and sick people to justify their
terrorist acts.. '' What is the relation of this with killing innocents''
the King wondered. King Abdullah also wondered who would benefit from
killing prominent film producer Mustafa Aqqad, who served Islam and
introduced some Islam's concepts to the world through his films as well as
from killing innocents and children celebrating the wedding of their
relative or killing guests passing through Jordan or working in it.

Answering a question on the future ways of dealing with the presence of many
non-Jordanians in Jordan, especially that information indicates that those
who carried out the criminal acts are non-Jordanians, King Abdullah said
that terror will not change our strategy and historical duty towards Iraq
and Palestine.. and that terrorists will not impose their agenda on us
regarding the nature of our relations with our brothers. ''We want, as soon
as possible, to see the establishment of the independent Palestinian state..
and we want to see a strong, united and secure Iraq.. and I want to reassure
our Iraqi brothers who live amongst us.. you are among your family.. we will
not let Zarqawi or any other terrorist to divide us.. Jordan will remain the
safe place for you.. Terrorists don't want us to come closer.. we say to
them.. we -and Iraqis- are brothers and one family and that you will not
divide us'' King reiterated. The King explained ''Our brothers in Palestine
and Iraq were the most outraged for what happened and some of them martyred
in this criminal action as well Jordanians.. Iraqis and Palestinians stand
with us in fighting terrorism''. ''The Arab world and our friends in the
world are strongly supporting us today.. Jordan is not alone in fighting
terror'' King Abdullah said.

The Monarch reiterated his confidence in the security apparatus that work
around the clock with high professionalism. ''Terrorists, especially members
of Al Qaeda, are fully aware of the ability of our security apparatus in
thwarting their plots.. they have tried them more than once.. and if they
succeeded this time in deception and shedding the blood of innocents that
was because they chose the easiest targets'' King said. Regarding the latest
investigations in the terrorist attacks outcomes, the

King said that the security apparatus are working around the clock,
gathering evidence and analyzing data on this crime, noting that the bodies
and torn limbs of suicide bombers were identified with a view to determine
their identities. ''Terrorists have changed their plans this time.. Zarqawi
was using Jordanians in the operations that were revealed by security
apparatus on the contrary of this time.. where the information of our
security apparatus indicates that those who carried out this operation were
non-Jordanians'' King explained. //Petra//.................

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