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Saturday, May 30, 2009
CDS Poll of Palestinians: 39.4 of Gazans would emigrate if could, overwhelming majority never personally exposed to negative IDF practices, 60.5% including armed resistance in strategy most likely to achieve liberation

Center for Development Studies April Poll of Palestinians

Date of Field Work: 1-9/4/2009
Date of Publication: 27/5/2009
Sample size: 6398 Palestinians (West Bank and Gaza Strip)
Margin of error: + 1.5
Ramallah office: Tel.: (972) 2-2959250 Gaza Office: Tel.&Fax: (972)
Fax: (972) 2-2958117
PO Box: 1878 Ramallah, Palestine.
E-mail: cds@birzeit.edu

Section One : The living conditions in the Palestinian Territories

1. How do you describe the current economic situation of your family?
Very good 5.2 Good 25.3 Intermediate 41.5 Bad 19.2 Very Bad 8.7

2. In the current period, do you feel that you and your family are safe?
Yes 38.3 Somewhat safe 30.3 No 31.0
I don't have an opinion / I don't know 0.5

3. Are you generally optimistic or pessimistic about the future?
I am optimistic 42.0 Somewhat optimistic 26.0
I am pessimistic 31.3 No opinion .7

4. Is the family provider currently employed?
Yes, regularly 48.7 Yes, occasionally 28.4
There is no provider for my family 2.7 The family provider is unemployed

5. If you had the opportunity to migrate and live abroad, would you
Total yes 32.6 No 67.4
West Bank yes 28.8 No 71.2
Gaza Strip yes 39.4 No 60.6

6. Have you been personally exposed to any of the following practices by the
Beating yes 20.9 No 79.1
Arrest yes 13.7 No 86.3
Injury yes 8.5 No 91.5
Verbal abuse, and insulting yes 30.7 No 96.3
Sexual Harassment yes 4.5 No 95.5

Section Two : The general perceptions on the current situation in the
Palestinian Territories
Are you currently a member of any of the Palestinian political factions?
Yes 20.0 No 77.9 No opinion 2.1

Which political faction do you normally support?
DFLP 1.0 People's party 1.2 Fateh 26.5
PFLP 2.4 Islamic Jihad 2.6 Democratic Union Feda .0
Hamas 12.2 Al Mubadara 1.5
Another leftist party (please specify: ) .1
Another Islamic party (please specify: ) .8
Another national party (please specify: ) .4
I am independent closer to Islamic parties 5.2
I am independent closer to leftist parties 1.0
I am independent closer to Fateh 3.9
I am not with any of those parties 41.2

If legislative elections take place soon, are you going to participate?
Yes 62.6 No 27.7 I have not decided yet 9.6

In the case electoral lists are formed similar to the following, for whom
are you going to vote?
04.3 The leftist list (including PFLP, DFLP, Feda, People's party,
independent leftists)
16.7 Hamas list (including Hamas and supporters)
31.3 Fateh List (including Fateh and supporters)
02.2 Al Mubadara List and supporters
27.9 I will participate but I did not yet decide to whom I am going to vote
17.5 I will participate but I will not vote to any of the following, I am
waiting for other lists

To get out of the current Palestinian crisis, which of the following
propositions do you
1) Forming a unity government of all factions 58.0
2)Forming a government of independent specialists 19.4
3)Forming a mixed government of specialists and factions members. 22.6 9

Will you approve a solution taking in consideration the UN resolutions and
including a
Palestinian independent state in West Bank and Gaza with Jerusalem as its
capital and a just
solution for the refugee problem?
Yes 82.1 No 13.7 I am not sure 4.2

Which of the following practices are more commonly used by Fateh, which by
Hamas and
which of them is practiced by both sides equally?

Oppression of general freedoms
Fateh 19.2 Hamas 28.9 Both 51.9

Fateh 32.6 Hamas 18.5 Both 48.9

Preserving national interests /concerns
Fateh 27.8 Hamas 27.0 Both 45.2

Will for dialogue and unity
Fateh 35.0 Hamas 21.3 Both 43.8

Putting power before public interests/concerns
Fateh 31.7 Hamas 24.0 Both 44.3

Committing and dealing with the regional equation
Fateh 35.2 Hamas 19.9 Both 44.9

Taking care of people's problems and developing the society
Fateh 32.9 Hamas 25.7 Both 41.4

Resisting the occupation in one way or another
Fateh 12.8 Hamas 39.9 Both 47.3

Caring for the party's interests
Fateh 23.9 Hamas 25.4 Both 50.7

Fateh 43.2 Hamas 15.7 Both 41.0

Being attentive to international donors
Fateh 32.7 Hamas 11.9 Both 55.5

What in your opinion is the objective behind the national dialogue between
the Palestinian
Fulfilling national goals/interests 51.5
Fulfilling the personal interests of those in the meetings 41.6
No opinion 6.9

Within the different practiced strategies, which of the following is more
likely to achieve
national liberation and establishment of the independent state?
Armed resistance 18.0
Negotiations 16.6
Using both resistance and negotiations 42.5
Non-violent resistance and negotiations 17.7
I don't know 5.3

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