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Monday, June 23, 2003
"O Lord, the Jews...kill them one by one" -Moderate Saudi GOVERNMENT TVsermon

"O Lord, the Jews...kill them one by one"-Moderate Saudi GOVERNMENT TVsermon

FBIS (US government service) Report - Friday sermons broadcast by the Saudi
Government media on 20 June 2003 (the day before the special meeting of the
World Economic Forum) :
[With thanks to www.mideastweb.org/mewnews1.htm ]


Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TV1 in Arabic, official television station of
the Saudi Government, carries at 0933 GMT a live sermon from the holy mosque
in Mecca.

Shaykh Usamah Khayyat delivers the sermon, which he begins by asking
worshippers to thank God for bestowing His blessings on this land, and
making the state of Islam, an oasis of peace and a home for security and

"But, those with rancor and hostility in their hearts," the imam laments
"were envious of these blessings and this wellbeing and honor. Thus, they
rolled up the sleeves of sin and followed in the steps of the devil. And,
the outcome was this great crime, which their hands had perpetrated in the
plains of Mecca, God's holy place. It was, thus, a new link in the chain of
crimes that had taken place in Riyadh, Medina, and Hayil, forming a sinful
act of terrorism, which is rejected by God, His prophet, and the righteous
faithful in this country and all countries."

"How could this happen in God's holy place," the imam asks. "How could a
misled faction open fire on God's faithful subjects and security men, who
were doing their duty to foil its criminal endeavor," he asks again. "This
faction," he says, "used a building as a den for producing, collecting, and
hiding weapons of murder and means of destruction and ruination. They
included even booby-trapped copies of the Koran so that death would befall
whoever opened its pages to read God's words, the inspiration of the heart
and the soul."

The imam wonders: "Could any faithful, who fears the Day of Judgment and
seeks God's mercy, accept that? Could anyone permit it, instigate it,
acknowledge it, or be pleased with it? Aren't the security men, who were
fired on, Muslims?"

The imam cites a tradition from the Hadith on the sanctity of Mecca saying
the city is inviolable until the Day of Judgement.

He reiterates: "These sorrowful incidents and aggression against this
country and its cities are strongly denounced by all wise men, as it is
taboo under the Koran and the Sunnah, a violation of God's rulings and holy
places, and an aggression against His subjects. It is corruption that God
has banned and threatened with punishment."

The imam continues: "The leadership of this country has done and will do its
duty to put out the fire of sedition, protect the holy places, preserve
unity, and safeguard the nation's entity. It will apply God's shari'a in
order to wipe out corruption and the corrupt and restore justice so that
this country will be, as it has always been and as God has wished it, a
place of guidance and a beacon of light."

The imam continues with the same theme in his second sermon. He says: "The
youth are the ammunition of the nation's future. Steps must be taken by all
faithful to look after their welfare so that they would not be misled. This
must begin from the early years of childhood by instilling pure beliefs in
their hearts, meanings of justice, goodness and moral virtues in their
consciences, and love for their religion and homeland." "The youth," He
adds, "must also be guarded against the temptations of the devilish,
deceptive, and rancorous ones, who instill alien ideas and beliefs."

The imam concludes with a prayer to God to support Islam and Muslims,
destroy the enemies of religion "and all tyrants and the corrupt," and unite
Muslims. He prays: "O Lord, make us safe in our homeland and support our
leader for the wellbeing of the country and the people." He also prays: "O
Lord support the mujhidin for the sake of your religion and elevation of
your word everywhere. O Lord, support the mujahidin in Palestine. O Lord,
deal with the despotic Zionist Jews. O Lord, deal with them for they are
within Your power. O Lord, we turn to you against them, spare us their evil.
O Lord, keep this country safe with the greatness of Islam. O Lord, protect
this country from sedition. O Lord, protect it from the evils of open and
secret sedition. O Lord, protect our country and all Islamic countries."

Riyadh Kingdom of Saudi Arabia TV2 in Arabic, official television station of
the Saudi Government, carries at 0933 GMT a live sermon from the holy mosque
in Medina.

Shaykh Abd-al-Bari al-Thubayti delivers the sermon, which he begins as
follows: "The series of incidents continue in the land of the two holy
mosques. The Muslim is stunned and the words fail to explain the horror of
what he sees and hears. When such incidents reach God's holy places and safe
house, then matters are indeed very serious."

The imam continues: "The sorrowful incidents that took place in Mecca,
Medina, and Riyadh and the massive death and destruction wrought, cannot but
be condemned. This is one of the biggest crimes that cannot be justified by
law or logic." "The mere contemplation of sowing corruption in the holy
mosque is a great sin, so what about the actual sowing of corruption?" he

The imam says: "Islam does not approve of any form of violence and
aggression. Whoever commits such acts in the holy places, violates their
sanctity, kills security men and citizens, and spills innocent blood under
any excuse is corrupt on earth. This tampering with the country's security
is a despicable act and a big sin."

Continuing, the imam says: "The acts by this and other factions stem from a
deviate and misguided concept. It is a strange plant that will not find
fertile soil in this country. It will not grow in the land of purity and
faith. These despicable acts plunge the nation into the caldron of
disasters, including extremist beliefs, which lead to blasphemy. It is the
worst form of extremism that caused big splits in early Islam and led to

The imam says: "These incidents in the land of the revelation of the Book
and the message are painful, disturbing, and portend a serious threat to the
nation, whose consequences are only known to God. They will only benefit the
enemies of religion and the nation."

"Security," the imam says, "is a legitimate demand. Preserving security is
the responsibility of everyone, ruler and ruled, men and women, big and
small. It is through security that mosques are built, prayers are held,
sanctities and property are preserved, wellbeing is spread, the rule of law
prevails, the call is spread, and the shari'a is applied. If security was
violated there would only be chaos. Thieves and highwaymen would rule. So
let us all be soldiers for the preservation of security."

The imam also says: "The horrors that took place in Mecca and other places
were truly painful and not approved by law or logic. Peaceful Muslim lives
were losted, property was destroyed, and innocent people were terrorized.
These acts have nothing to do with Islam." The imam recalls that in his
final sermon the prophet said: "Your blood, property, and sanctity are as
taboo for you as the sanctity of this day, in this country, and in this

The imam strongly condemns such acts in the land of the two holy mosques,
saying: "These acts are an excuse for infidels to encroach on Muslims, their
beliefs, and welfare societies." "We condemn these acts," he says, "and in
fact, they are condemned by all wise Muslims, let alone ulema and scholars,
because the whole of society is in one boat. Sinking the boat would lead to
sinking the whole of society and to a whirlpool of violence."

The imam affirms: "The security of the individual is part of the security of
his society. The establishment of security calls upon every individual to
assume his responsibility in preserving this security." "The security of the
land of the two holy mosques is the security of every Muslim -- citizen,
resident, and pilgrim," he says.

The imam continues with the same theme in the second sermon. He says: "The
Islamic World is targeted and this country in particular is targeted in its
religion, security, unity, and resources. It is our duty to deprive the
lurkers of any opportunity. We must preserve the gains of the call and the
homeland and tackle the incidents with logic and law. It is the duty of the
ulema, preachers, and educators to explain the facts to our youths, guide
them on the right path, and enlighten them about the sedition so that they
would not be tools for enemy plans." The imam calls for "the importance of
intensifying shari'a programs in schools, rather than reducing them, in
order to entrench Islam's centrist course. "It is our lifeline against
sedition, God willing," he says.

The imam says: "There must be unity. We must put our hands in the hands of
our leaders and ulema. We must advise them all to resort to the good word.
This country was established on sound bases and firm principles and the
Islamic course. Whoever contemplates undermining this course through
violence, bombings, fishing in troubled waters, or undermining Koran rings
and preaching schools will not achieve his aims. The land of the two holy
mosques is a firmly established, united, and consolidated entity, on whose
rock all deviate methods and irresponsible acts will be smashed. This
faction and others will not undermine our principles, security, values,
courses, or societies that order people to do good and avoid wrongdoing.
This country has been the center of radiation and wellbeing in the world and
it shall remain so."

The imam concludes with a prayer to God To preserve the land of the two holy
mosques from every evil. He prays: "O Lord, whoever wishes us, Islam, and
Muslims evil, busy him with himself and make his plans destroy him." He also
prays to God to support Islam and Muslims, humble infidelity and infidels,
destroy the enemies of religion, and make this and other Muslims countries
safe and secure. He prays: "O Lord, the Jews have tyrannized and indulged in
their tyranny. O Lord, shake the land under their feet, pour torture on
them, kill them one by one. O Lord support the mujahidin for the elevation
of Your word."

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