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image011.gif (178 bytes)  Tuesday, December 1, 2015
1. Leftist: gas exports bad as removes foreign pressure on Israel
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Monday, November 30, 2015
1. Claims about past Iranian nuclear activities void of credibility: Zarif
2. Araghchi: JCPOA will run upon PMD closure
3. PM Netanyahu Meets with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
4. PM Netanyahu Meets with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
5. Comment by PM Netanyahu at the Climate Conference in Paris [Putin,Abbas,Obama]
6. PM Netanyahu Meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin
7. MEMRI: Article In Kuwaiti Daily: 'Israel Is Not Our Enemy'
8. Excerpts: Israel convicts 2 in murder of Palestinian teen.Israel suspends EU role in peace process.UAE troops to fight Syria jihadists. Syrians arrested re illegal Lebanon entry November 30, 2015
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Sunday, November 29, 2015
1. Israel Says Russian Warplane 'Briefly' Entered Airspace Over Golan
2. [Not to Hezbollah fighters?] Russia Awards Syrian Special Forces for Saving Su-24 Co-Pilot
3. Iran: PMD closure ‘a necessary prologue to JCPOA’
4. Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council: JCPOA Success Hinges on Closure of PMD Case
5. Iranian FM: PMD Case Closure Prerequisite for JCPOA Implementation
6. Ayatollah Khamenei to Western Youth: No violence compares to settlement construction
7. Egyptian church: Pope did not acquire Israeli visa for Jerusalem visit
8. Putin's vision is much more global than the conflict in Syria"
9. Days after Syrian and Hezbollah forces rescues Russia pilot, Russia permits IAF to strike Syrian & Hezbollah targets?
10. Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Economy Signs First Joint R&D Agreement with Commonwealth Bank of Australia
11. Saudi Sanctions Hizbullah Financiers
12. PMW: Palestinian women are unique, make "cries of joy" upon son's death, says PA minister
13. Cabinet Communique
14. Maj. Gen. (res.) Yaakov Amidror to IMRA: Settlement Construction Would Not Deter Terror 
15. Excerpts: Alawite's anti-Assad movement. Russia,Turkey remain unresolved.Saudi editorial re Turkey,Russia. Saudi-Russia business relations. Nearly 1,000 'security risks' denied France entry November 28, 2015
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Saturday, November 28, 2015
1. Visit to Jerusalem 'duty': Coptic Pope Tawadros
2. Misr Al-Qawia Party condemns Coptic pope’s Jerusalem visit
3. Hamas complains: Israel imposes age restrictions on companions of Gaza patients
4.  Iranian ambassador: Closing Iran’s PMD Case Up to IAEA Board of Governors
5. Israeli Army Revamps Training Regimen: - New Underground Training City with red teams
6. Saudi Kingdom tightens noose around top Hezbollah figures
7. MEMRI: Statements By Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi Indicate: IAEA's PMD Report Is Being Written In Negotiation With Iran, Not Independently
8. Israel Air Force completed simulation of missile war
9. Excerpts: Saudi: Military option still viable. Russia vows cooperation against terrorism. Israel's youngest Jordanian prisoner November 27, 2015
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Thursday, November 26, 2015
1. Syrian Opposition Movements to Remove “those misled” from Terrorism
2. Iran: Joint Hezbollah - Syria team rescued the Rusian pilot
3. [Before claimed higher number] IRGC Quds Force Advisor: Iran Has 14 Underground Missile Depots, Automatic Launchers
4. Iran will halt JCPOA implementation if IAEA does not close ‘PMD’ file: Iran official
5. Russia to Exchange Anti-Terrorism Information With Israel – Putin
6. IDF Acquires Modular Protection Kits For Use In Riots
7. Israel Points To Hamas Funding
8. Economy Ministry - Israel and Panama Complete Negotiations on Free Trade Agreement
9. Excerpts: Saudi re sanctions on Hezbollah. US sanctions oil from ISIL for Assad regime. Egypt's Coptic Pope visits Israel. Russia rejects import of Turkish food. Sisi loyalists winning election. Impact of dropping oil prices. Jordan's Aqaba tourism revival November 26, 2015
10. Pollard Parole Restrictions Conflicts With Shemiras Shabbos
11. Follow up: Secretary Kerry accepts Palestinian concern that Israelis shoot at Palestinians trying to murder Israelis
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Wednesday, November 25, 2015
1. PM Netanyahu Meets with Greek PM Tsipras
2. Excerpts: Canada re Syrian refugees. Germany seeks stronger ties with KSA.US provides Lebanon with security aid, intel.Turkey seeks to ease tensions with Russia. King Abdullah,President Putin hold talks. Prince Hassan re: regional networking November 25, 2015
3. Iranian-sponsored Jihad Raises Profile In Gaza
4. Weekly Commentary: Here’s the evidence Mr. Kerry – Pres. Bush Did OK Construction
5. Kremlin: Russian S-400 missile systems will be returned home after Syria operation is over
6. Secretary Kerry accepts Palestinian concern that Israelis shoot at Palestinians trying to murder Israelis
7.  Egypt plans to buy large amount of advanced weapons from Russia: Russian Defence Ministry
8. Iranian Monitoring Committee Holds Sessions on JCPOA Implementation
9. S-400 Will be Deployed at Syrian Airbase Hmeymim - Russian Defense
10. Moscow, Tehran in Talks on Purchases of Wide Range of Russian Arms
11. Egypt, Russia Negotiating sales of moble version of S-300 ideal for invasion
12. PMW: Football tournament named after 15-year-old stabber
13. NGO MONITOR: Funding, NGOs behind Palestinian ICC submission

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