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image011.gif (178 bytes)  Friday, November 21, 2014
1. Egypt closes schools in Sinai towns as area inches towards open war
2. Russia's Putin to visit Egypt early next year
3. Excerpts: Shiite opposition in Bahrain. Jordan arrests deputy head Muslim Brotherhood. U.S. troops to Iraq.UAE targets Islamist accounts. Saudi: 'a life or death journey.Shin Bet foils Hamas threat to FM Lieberman November 21, 2014
4. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ISNA Condemns Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Thursday, November 20, 2014
1. Iran not to allow irregular nuclear inspections: AEOI
2. Iranian Nuclear Chief: Agreement with Russia Gives Iran Upper Hand in Talks with Powers
3. Closing of Egypt's Rafah crossing leaves thousands of Gazans stranded
4. Assad threatened to “destroy” Lebanon: Lebanese MP
5. Times of Israel: Ex-US officials decry Pollard's 'unjust denial of parole' | False claim used to deny US-Israeli spy freedom
6. Reminder: Jordan allowed Palestinians to undermine their influence on Temple Mount when Jordanian appointed mufti usurped
7. Haaretz: Charge used to keep Pollard in prison 'patently false'
8. [This is not a parody of Oslo mentality] INSS Insight: The Egypt-Gaza Buffer Zone: More Harm than Good for Sinai Security
9. Excerpts: Egypt security closes Rafah crossing. French ISIS members seek home terror attacks. Iran fails to provide explanations. Saudi asks Egypt to back Gulf accord. Iran's firm 'no' re key Arak reactor. Jordan re terrorist use of media November 20, 2014
10. Cal Thomas: Murder In Jerusalem - Teaching hate
11. (Including link to copy of signed letter) Senior U.S. Officials Slam "Unjust Denial Of Parole To Pollard"
12. i24news - Panel indicates that Pollard, already in jail 30 years,
13. Obama administration torpedoes bid to free Pollard
14. Dig Quest: Israel for iPhone and iPad is now available to download from the App Store for free Dead Sea Scrolls now available on your iPhone and iPad
15. Statement by the Commissioner for Equal Employment Opportunities at the Ministry of Economy
16. PM Netanyahu: "There can be no discrimination against Israeli Arabs."
17. IDF: Over the past 24 hours, Gaza terrorists have launched 4 rockets
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Wednesday, November 19, 2014
1. Schools in parts of Egypt's North Sinai indefinitely suspended:
2.  PM Netanyahu Speaks with Sheikh Nuhad Seif, the Father of Israel Police Master Sergeant Zidan Seif, who was Murdered in the Massacre in Jerusalem's Har Nof Neighborhood and Sends a Letter of Condolence to his Widow
3. ‘The Jerusalem Post’ reveals the drama behind the failure of Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard’s long-awaited parole hearing, which has been kept secret until now.
4. Israel, India Start To Equip Sea Forces With Barak-8 Defenses
5. Iran rules out extension of deadline for nuclear talks
6. The Islamic State: Another Angle of the Threat
7. PM Netanyahu Visits the New Command Center of the Jerusalem Municipality Observation Unit
8. Excerpts: Jerusalem synagogue attack: assailants and victims. Internal EU document warning Israel. Saudi fears IS intentions November 19, 2014
9. UPDATE: 7 family members killed by mortar attack in Sinai
10. Israeli authorities allow 500 trucks into Gaza via Kerem Shalom today
11. Weekly Commentary: Palestinian Condemnations Meaningless Without Support For Just Punishment
12. Prime Minister's Office Director General Locker Informs Prime Minister Netanyahu of his Desire to Step Down
13. Video of Posters - Apartheid in Israel? NOT
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Tuesday, November 18, 2014
1. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Comment by the Information and Press Department regarding an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue
2. Excerpts: Jordan tops Arab achievers in democracy. Iran-China bank. Jordan's Queen Rania speaks out. Abbas condemns Jerusalem attack. Obama, Russia re Jerusalem synagogue attack. Israel blocks access to Gaza via Israel November 18, 2014
3. PM Netanyahu's Statement to the Media after terrorist murders in Jerusalem Synagogue
4. PMW: Murder of 4 Jews praised by Abbas' advisor and Fatah
5. PMW: Fatah: Insincere condemnation by Abbas of murders of 4 Jews
6. [But any Palestinian who kills civilians should be freed] PA Presidency: We Condemn Killing of Civilians no Matter who is Doing it
7. UAV-Killing Iron Dome Eyed as Cheaper Option to Patriot
8. Protest memorial today, November 18th 12:30 pm, at PLO UN Mission NYC
9. Disney in talks to build theme park in Egypt: Minister
10. Syria: Activists accuse Red Cross of ignoring opposition-controlled areas
11. After Massacre at Synagogue in Jerusalem European Jewish Congress Calls on European Leaders to Condition Aid to the Palestinians on Ending Incitement
12. PM Netanyahu Holds Security Consultation: ordered the demolition of
13. Health Ministry Statement on the Autopsy of Youssef Hassan Al-Ramouni (pathologist chosen by the family agreed no foul play suspected)
14. Statement by Minister of Foreign Affairs Liberman on this morning's terror attacks
15. PMW: Antisemitic "documentary" demonizes Jews on PA TV
16. PM Netanyahu to Hold Security Consultation This Afternoon
17. Statement from Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat after terror attack
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Monday, November 17, 2014
1. Egypt to reveal the identity of foreign parties supporting Sinai
2. [Contrast this to Abbas and PA] Jordanian caught trying to attack
3. Excerpts: ISIS steals Iraq state-stored wheat. Saudi,Qatar UAE, Bahrain friends again.EU re Israeli settlement plans November 17, 2014
4. Egypt to extend security zone on Gaza Strip border to 1 kilometer
5. PA Minister: Israel agreed for Gaza: 100 trucks/day road construction
6. Sweden says no plans to open Ramallah embassy
7. Commander of Iranian Basij (volunteer) force: Millions of Iranians registered to deploy not needed in Gaza
8. Hamas: Natural to murder Israelis
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Sunday, November 16, 2014
1. The Limited View from the Amman Summit
2. PMW: PA and Fatah call for "blood" in Jerusalem and glorify terrorist murderers
3. Excerpts: Saudi re IS organized crime. Netanyahu re US on IS, Iran. U.S. Sec,Defense re Hizbullah weapons,technologies. West-backed Syrian rebels threatened November 16, 2014
4. Commander of IDF electronic warfare center during the Operation Protective Edge: "Operation Protective Edge brought the Future into the Present Reality"
5. Israel Air Force Hones Patriot Batteries to shoot down UAVs
6. Asharq Al-Awsat - possible explanations why Iran’s Revolutionary Guard showcases ballistic capabilities to “attack and destroy” Israel
7. Hamas: Unity government failed and must be dissolved
8. Gaza religious courts to shut down on Thursdays in absence of cops to protect employees from assaults
9. Ma'an: Israeli forces restrict Aqsa entrance for Palestinian women
10. FM Liberman indicates freeze possible outside of Jerusalem?
11.  PM Netanyahu Interviewed on CBS's "Face the Nation": imagine what Iran would do if it had nuclear weapons
12. Cabinet Communique: Abu Mazen must halt the incitement that leads to violence

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