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image011.gif (178 bytes)  Friday, October 24, 2014
1. New Wave Poll: 48%:13% President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran will hurt Israel
2. Excerpts: Gulf states golden age beginning of end? Warsaw returns Jewish tombstones to cemeteries. China wants closer military ties with Iran October 24, 2014
3. Iran cleric: Saudi Arabia to pay heavy price if Nimr executed
4. organized and funded by elements identified with Fatah and Hamas
5. Nadav Shragai: attacks on Jews in Jerusalem's periphery organized and organized and funded by elements identified with Fatah and Hamas
6. Poll of Israeli Jews: 67% say kiddush and 63% light candles on the Sabbath
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Thursday, October 23, 2014
1. Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality - 25,000 runners in Night Run Tuesday, 28/10/14 at 20:00
2. (Slams world for silence towards Abbas) PM Netanyahu Holds Security Consultation at Israel Police Headquarters in Jerusalem
3. Israel condemns musical honoring a Latvian war criminal
4. PMW: Abbas' advisor: Murderer of baby is "heroic Martyr"
5. PLO news agency report that Israeli courts bring justice (Israel Retracts Land Confiscation Order)
6. Official PLO news agency: Jewish baby killed in car accident while settler deliberately ran over girl
7. French Foreign Ministry Statement on criminal act in Jerusalem (prevent any escalation)
8. Excerpts: Dublin government "symbolic move". Jordan,Iran discuss facing extremism. Arab investigative journalists get help October 23, 2014
9. FM Liberman on terror attacks
10. Boeing ends decades-long hiatus in business with Iran
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Wednesday, October 22, 2014
1. Steven Emerson: An Open Letter to Haaretz on America and a Missing Israeli Soldier
2. Weekly Commentary: Don’t Reward Violence – Can We Isolate The Violent?
3. Press statement from Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat
4. President Reuven Rivlin responded to the terrorist attack which took in Jerusalem earlier this evening
5. PM Netanyahu Speaks with Canadian PM Stephen Harper
6.  PM Netanyahu Holds Security Consultation - security forces in Jerusalem be reinforced
7. Excerpts:Saudis jail 13 for plan to attack US forces. Unknown gunmen fire at Israel border patrol.Israel Navy arrests 7 Palestinian fishermen off Gaza. Israel military unit combs Lebanese border area. 2 internal Lebanese groups clash. Increasing IS threats to Iraq October 22, 2014
8. Iranian cleric’s death leaves gap in key power body
9. Man killed, woman and child injured in shooting in Egypt's North Sinai
10. PA Minister: Gaza reconstruction to begin in November - financial support for reconstruction has yet to arrive
11. PM Netanyahu at Start of Today's Cabinet Meeting: last thing we need now is elections
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Tuesday, October 21, 2014
1. Holy Land Clergy and Seminarians Join Forces To Protect the Planet: Faith and Ecology Conference in Jerusalem works to focus religious teaching on environmental stewardship
2. Israel sends aid to combat Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leona
3. Tourism Ministry Invites Applications from Hoteliers to Join Hotel
4. Excerpts: Abbas opts for rhetoric. Palestinians attack new Jewish homes in Silwan neigborhood. Iraq PM in Tehran for 'crisis talks on IS'. Jordan's King speaks firmly October 21, 2014
5. What The "Two State Solution" Has to Do with the Rise of Islamic Extremism: Zero
6. MEMRI: Turkish MPs Criticize Turkish President Erdogan's Pro-ISIS Policy
7. PMW Bulletin: PA TV host: "What Israel? It's our land"
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Monday, October 20, 2014
1. Background: Security gap in Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism?
2. PA President issued a decree: prison with hard labor for life for leasing or selling land to enemy
3. US Airdrops in Syria May Strain US-Turkish Relations
4. Home Front has Become the Front Line
5. Araqchi Terms High-Velocity Centrifuge Machines Iran's Bargaining Chip
6. Asharq Al-Awsat editor-in-chief: Opinion: When the Terrorists Become “Activists”
7. Egypt's army prepares for major Badr 2014 exercise - biggest since 1996
8. Gazans visit relatives jailed in Israel for 1st time since June
9. PM Netanyahu: agreement leaving Iran as nuclear threshold state is
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Sunday, October 19, 2014
1. Iran Remains the Threat in the Middle East, by Prof. Efraim Inbar
2. Russia Making Major Push Into Mideast Arms Market
3. World Bank: Jordan faces daunting short-term challenges due to the Syrian conflict
4.  Iranian Press TV Correspondent Accused of Spying Killed in car accident in Turkey
5. Israel's Tamar group looks to sell gas to Egypt via EMG pipeline
6. Six Egyptian policemen killed in Sinai bomb attack
7. Hamas blasts PA for failing to begin Gaza reconstruction
8. Saudi Arabia backs tough steps against terror
9. PMW: PA revives medieval blood libels - Israel poisoned water wells
10. Excerpts: Lebanon's 'deteriorating situation'.2 top Jordan Salafists join IS October 19, 2014
11. JCPA poll of Israeli Jews: Oppose Palestinian state if: 76.2% divide Jerusalem, 74.9% require IDF withdrawal from Jordan Valley

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