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image011.gif (178 bytes)  Saturday, March 28, 2015
1. Pro-Hassan Rouhani Iranian editor defects while covering nuclear talks
2. Saudi Brig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri detailed briefing: launching pads destroyed, Huthis no longer control any air base
3. Sheikh Abu Asniniya calls for strategy to hold sit-ins at Aqsa
4. Yair Naveh: IDF Must Regain its Maneuvering Capabilities
5. Iranian Commander Rejects Claims about Iranian Warships Leaving Gulf
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Friday, March 27, 2015
1. PM Netanyahu Accepts Recommendation to Transfer Tax Revenues to the Palestinian Authority
2. Sisi tells Saudi king: Gulf's security is a red line for Egypt
3. Senior Iranian MP threatens: Yemeni Missiles Can Hit Targets 500km Inside Saudi Arabia
4. Abbas spokesman declares support for Saudi action in Yemen
5. Hezbollah condemns Saudi-American aggression on Yemen
6. Syria deeply concerned over developments in Yemen, Foreign Ministry says
7. Egypt army says it destroyed militant storehouse near Israel border
8. Clip & Save: State Department confirmation that US not behind decision to stop Iranian takeover of chokepoint to Red Sea via proxies
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Thursday, March 26, 2015
1. Egypt providing military support for Gulf Arab operation in Yemen
2.  Iran news agency praises Houthi movement: Yemen joins The Axis of Resistance (Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hizbullah)
3. Hamas: Fatah allegations of threatening PA PM Hamadallah are false lies
4. Iran warns Saudis of consequences of action in Yemen, Saudi parachutist forces land in Aden
5. Statement by NSC Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan on the Situation in Yemen
6. MEMRI: Immediate Iranian Reaction To Sunni Arab Military Campaign To Push Back Shi'ite Expansion: Calls For Houthis To Attack Saudi Oil Wells And Tankers, Operate In Saudi Territory And Straits Of Bab Al-Mandeb And Hormuz
7. Excerpts:World powers react to Yemen attacks. Saudi-led anti-Houthis airstrikes in Yemen. Jordan joins Saudi-led Yemen airstrikes. Australia active counterterrorism March 26, 2015
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Wednesday, March 25, 2015
1. Excerpts: US airstrikes continue in Tikrit. Obama 'substantive' dispute with Netanyahu 25 March 2015
2. Saudi Arabia launches military operation in Yemen
3. IsraAID brings aid to Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam
4. PCPO Poll of Palestinians: 41%:30% Oppose returning to peace talks
5. MUST READ PM Netanyahu's Remarks upon being Appointed to Form a Government
6. Weekly Commentary: Can Cuba Substitute For Palestine? The Obama Challenge
7. Pentagon Extends F-35 Software Testing to Fix Flaws (creates an inaccurate picture for the pilot)
8. From "Iron Dome" to "Cyber Dome"
9. As Chaos in Yemen Undercuts US War Against AQAP. Washington analyst proposes letting Iran proxy retain control
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Tuesday, March 24, 2015
1. Excerpts: US strategy re Yemen collapse. Turkey to become energy hub. Saudi's intelligence prisons. Israel does not spy on U.S. Military training for Syrian people and tribes. Gulf Arab military intervention in Yemen March 24, 2015
2. MEMRI: Arab Press Harshly Criticizes Obama Administration For Allying Iran, Turning Its Back On Arab Friends, Leading Region To Disaster
3. A New Government in Israel: Circumventing the Expected
4. Israel, Hamas and Hizbollah on a Collision Course: Undesirable yet Inevitable
5. PMW: PA libel: Israel spreads drugs to Palestinian youth
6. After two decades of persistent public battle, Gazelle Valley in Jerusalem opens to the public at an investment of NIS 90 million
7. [Reflects concern for US commitment] Saudi,UAE Influence Grows With Purchases
8. Jordan part of international coalition to train Syrian tribes, people against Daesh: Minister
9. Egyptian lawsuit: label Hamas, Qatar and Turkey as terrorism supporters
10. Two Egyptian soldiers killed in North Sinai bomb attack
11. Dry Bones! Jonathan Pollard: Two Questions
12. Economy Ministry: 20 Israeli Startups to Take Part in “Future Sport 2015” Roadshow in Britain
13. Times of Israel: Why Pollard?
14. PM Netanyahu Sends Condolence Letter to the Sassoon Family
15. PSR post Israel election poll: 71% of Palestinains agree with Netanyahu: chances to establish Palestinain state in next five years slim or non-existent Only 26% see occupation and settlements most serious problem
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Monday, March 23, 2015
1. US ambassador to Israel: we still focused on flying pigs - reality irrelevant
2. Head of Public Diplomacy and Media Liran Dan Informs PM Netanyahu of his Intention to Step Down upon the Formation of the 34th Government
4. Updated Travel Warnings Ahead of the Spring Holidays
5. [Not Palestinian state!!] Arab and Gulf security a 'red line' for Egypt
6. Yemen’s Hadi calls for no-fly zone in area controlled by Iranian backed forces, GCC military intervention
7. Video: PM Netanyahu meets with minorities sorry about remark
8. Excerpts: Egypt,Ethiopia,Sudan Nile agreement.Huthi threat to key
9. Video: PM Netanyahu meets with minorities sorry about remark

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