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image011.gif (178 bytes)  Thursday, November 27, 2014
1. PMW: Ahmadi Muslim leader condemns terror against Israelis
2. Excerpts: Arab face needed for fighting. ISIS methods subduing Sunni Muslim tribes. Erdogan calls U.S. 'impertinent'(only interested in oil),Israel busts Hamas cell planning Jerusalem attacks. U.S. slams Assad for Regime raids. Jordan King,Pres.Obama to meet Dec. 5.IAEA money-short for monitoring nuclear deal extention. Russia medical aid to Gaza via Jordan November 27, 2014
3. The Decision on the Gaza Flotilla by the ICC Prosecutor: A Warning for the Future
4. Let Pollard Go, Demands Commentary Editor
5. [The other Bennett] Economy Minister Naftali Bennett describes his China trip on FaceBook
6. Weekly Commentary: Adalah Removes The Mask: Why Need 'Jewish Nation-State' Law
7. IDF SMS: shots were fired from Gaza at an IDF routine patrol
8. PM Netanyahu Commends ISA Operation
9. MEMRI: Jordanian MP Rudaina Ati: 'The PA Must Not Defend The Interests Of The Filthy Jews'
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Wednesday, November 26, 2014
1. Demilitarization of the Gaza Strip: Realistic Goal or Pipe Dream?
2. PM Netanyahu Meets with Druze Community Leaders
3. Excerpts: ISIS 'prince killed.Israeli Ambassador to Jordan "criticised the House". Saudi and Gates Foundations to partner.Yemen main oil pipeline blown up November 26, 2014
4. Amos Yadlin: Kicking the Can Down the Road: Another Extension of the P5+1 Talks
5. NGO Monitor: Adalah's Misleading Charges of Racism
6. IRGC Commander: Iran's Strategic Borders Stretched to Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa
7. Syria ‘no-fly zone’ not being considered: NATO general
8. PA security forces vow to continue crackdown on outlaws
9. Americans: 28% Favor Expanded U.S. Combat Role in Afghanistan
10. Jonathan Pollard Denied Parole on False Charges; US Officials Slam
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Tuesday, November 25, 2014
1. MEMRI: Preacher At Al-Aqsa Mosque: May Allah Annihilate America And Its Coalition And 'Enable Us To Cut Off Their Heads', We Want A Caliphate That Will 'Liberate Jerusalem From The Jews, The Most Vile Of Creatures'
2. Terrorism in the Jerusalem Synagogue: From National Struggle to Religious War?
3. Excerpts: ISIS celebrates, lampoons Hagel's departure. Impact of nuclear talks extention. S. rabbis,immam, try to bridge divide. Jordan acts against Israeli envoy. Saudi growing concern re IS. Jordan jails IS supporter 3 years November 25, 2014
4. PMW: PA TV misrepresents murderers of rabbis in synagogue as victims
5. Commentary Magazine - Pollard Parole Denial Is Unjust by Jonathan S. Tobin
6. President's Residence Cancels Invitation to Israeli Singer Amir Benayoun
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Monday, November 24, 2014
1. Egyptian Military spokesperson: Eleven alleged extremists killed in Sinai
2. MEMRI: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud 'Abbas At Fatah Conference: We Are All Ready To Sacrifice Ourselves For Al-Aqsa, Jerusalem
3. PMO Authority for the Advancement of the Status of Women Director Vered Swid Briefs the Cabinet on Violence Against Women and on the Inter-Ministerial Treatment of the Phenomenon
4. PM Netanyahu Interviewed on the BBC
5. Foreign Minister Denies Remarks about Delaying Palestinian Bid at UN for End Occupation
6. Iran warns: Any US aggression against Iran will results in destruction of Israel
7. Jaw dropping details of capabilities of Synthetic Aperture Radar on Ofek-10 satellite launched early April 2014
8. PM Netanyahu's Remarks Today in the Knesset on Iran: Israel will always act on this matter and reserves its right to defend itself by itself
9. PMW PA and Fatah continue promoting violence
10. Iran Press TV: Iran nuclear talks end in Vienna, new deadline set for July 1
11. PA FM: UN resolution on Israel occupation postponed
12. (With video) PM Netanyahu Meets with Esther Pollard,
13. PM Netanyahu Meets with Esther Pollard, Wife of Jonathan Pollard
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Sunday, November 23, 2014
1. (With video clip)PM Netanyahu Interviewed on ABC on Iran and nukes
2. Who Attacked the Egyptian Navy Vessel?
3. Former Commander: Israel Made 'Strategic Mistake'
4. Internal Study: Israeli Deterrence Needs Overhaul
5. 10 extremists killed, other 18 arrested in North Sinai
6. President's office clarifies Sisi comment on sending troops to Palestinian state made to encourage Israel
7. Palestinian pathologist who participated in autopsy of bus driver refuses to be questioned by Israeli police
8. Official: Egypt unable to open Rafah crossing
9. PM Netanyahu Interviewed on the i24news Network (against French recognition of Palestinian state)
10. PMW: Fatah MP: For diplomatic reasons Abbas condemned synagogue
11. PM Netanyahu and Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption Minister Landver
12. =?utf-8?Q?Cabinet_Communique_-_including_A?=
13. Al Sisi: "We will help the police of the future State and we want to ensure the security of Israel."
14. Hezbollah: New Iranian-supplied missiles can hit Israel with pinpoint accuracy
15. Cabinet Approves PM Netanyahu's and Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption Landver's Plan to Ease the Integration of New Immigrants into the Labor Market
16. PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Start of the Weekly Cabinet Meeting
17. PM Netanyahu: no agreement at all with Iran would be preferable to a bad agreement that would endanger Israel, the Middle East and all of humanity
18. Beit Orot: Update on Friday Night Attack by Arab Mob on small group of
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Saturday, November 22, 2014
1. Benchmark crude oil prices still at least $7 over break even point for shale
2. Excerpts: No significant progress in Vienna negotiations. German FM:Iran nuclear talks completely open. Yemeni Culture Minister gives award to Yemen's Jews. Shiite boycott of Bahrain election. November 22, 2014
3. Iran: Success of N. Talks Blocked by Republicans' Victory in Elections
4. Egypt's army kills 7, arrests 67 'militants' in North Sinai
5. Hamas says PA responsible for Gaza security services
6. Former US officials blast decision to deny Pollard parole
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Friday, November 21, 2014
1. Egypt closes schools in Sinai towns as area inches towards open war
2. Russia's Putin to visit Egypt early next year
3. Excerpts: Shiite opposition in Bahrain. Jordan arrests deputy head Muslim Brotherhood. U.S. troops to Iraq.UAE targets Islamist accounts. Saudi: 'a life or death journey.Shin Bet foils Hamas threat to FM Lieberman November 21, 2014
4. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: ISNA Condemns Attack on Jerusalem Synagogue

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