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image011.gif (178 bytes)  Thursday, October 30, 2014
1. Statement: John Kerry condemns shooting of U.S. citizen in Jerusalem by Martian - critical Israel open Temple Mount to Muslims
2. Ya'alon Cancels the Procurement of the V-22 Ospreys helicopters
3. Iranian oil revenue down 30% as crude prices fall: Rouhani
4.  65% of Egyptian families removed from sterile border area want just money - only 29% want money & land
5. Poll: Bayit Yehudi 2nd largest party
6. Excerpts: Egypt to target Sinai extremists.Again, Abbas ignites, ignores facts.Sweden recognizes Palestinian state. October 30, 2014
7. PMW Bulletin: Fatah calls for "day of rage" tomorrow
8. USA Poll: 65%:20% there is a global conflict between the Muslim world and Western civilization
9. PMW Bulletin : Fatah celebrates attempted assassination of American born Jerusalem rabbi
10. Back to the Idea of Administered Territories
11. Official PLO news agency: shooter of American born Rabbi is a martyr
12. Hamas official: : buffer zone supports the Gaza blockade imposed on
13. PM Netanyahu slams world for hypocrisy - Holds Discussion in Wake of Terrorist Attack in which Yehuda Glick was Shot
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Wednesday, October 29, 2014
1. Weekly Commentary: How Gen. Allen's security plan project failed to undermine Israel's position
2. Palestinians celebrate with fireworks the shooting of US-born Rabbi
3. How long will State Department take to condemn shooting of American born Yehuda Glick?
4. Islamist fighters hiding in Lebanese port city of Tripoli: sources
5. Egyptian nationality stripped from 800, including Hamas senior leader Mahmoud al-Zahar
6. PA security to launch crackdown on Hebron outlaws - including selling
7. Minister Naftali Bennett: If reports true it seems that the current US administration is throwing Israel under the bus
8. Excerpts: Radical Islam security threat in Germany.Jordan's exhausting refugee burden. Bahrain bans opposition party for 3 months October 29, 2014
9. PM Netanyahu: Israel's security, etc. not the top concern of those attacking me - I am being attacked for defending Israel
10. The United States and the Coalition versus the Islamic State: Too Limited an Approach
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Tuesday, October 28, 2014
1. Text: As Obama prepares to cave in to Iran, mouthpiece Jeffrey Goldberg attacks Netanyahu
2. PM Netanyahu's remarks at the opening of the Knesset winter session
3. World powers failed in making new Middle East: Egypt's El-Sisi
4. NOT A WORD ABOUT ISRAEL Interview with an Islamic State Recruiter: 'Democracy Is For Infidels'
5. Lebanese military foil ISIS attempt to establish emirate in Tripoli
6. Egypt to create 500 meters deep buffer zone along Gaza border
7. Gaza ministry distributes cement to rebuild homes - description of procedure
8. Excerpts: Iran nuclear deal deadline.U.S. calls for online battle against ISIS. Turkey O.K.'s Iraqi Kurds crossing into Syria October 28, 2014
9. PM Netanyahu charges world with double standard for silence on Abbas
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Monday, October 27, 2014
1. Mayor Barkat: Cancelling visits to Jerusalem plays into the hands of those causing the disturbances
2. The Ties Between Israel and Azerbaijan
3. MEMRI: Editorial In PA Daily: The Jerusalem Run-Over Incident Was A Traffic Accident, Not A Terror Attack; Israel Used It To Escalate The Violence In Jerusalem
4. Excerpts: Jordan-Israel vital ties October 27, 2014
5. US Poll: 86%:12% radical Islamic terrorism threat to US
6. With video IsraAID assisting displaced Christians and Yazidis in Iraq
7. Rafael has developed an Naval "Iron Dome" for protecting vessels on the high seas
8. 65 Palestinians in Gaza visit relatives jailed in Israel
9. Egypt military conducts air strikes in Sinai
10. PM Netanyahu Holds Additional Discussion on the Security Situation in Jerusalem (no intention to change status quo Temple Mount)
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Sunday, October 26, 2014
1. Jewish Agency Presents NIS 50 Million Aid Package to Residents of Southern Israel
2. Cabinet Communique
3. Gulf states risk deficit as oil price falls: IMF head
4. Washington Post: An interview with Israeli DM Yaalon: demilitarize Gaza, otherwise not going to talk about any final settlement
5. Photo: American firebomb thrower buried with terrorist headband
6. The Role of Hamas and Fatah in the Jerusalem Disturbances
7. German Spies Warn Islamic State Has Anti-Aircraft Rockets, Report Says
8. India Chooses Israel Over US for $525M Missile Deal, Sources Say
9. Syria decries terrorist attacks in Egypt’s Sinai as horrific massacre - serves only Israel
10. Syria: Israeli occupation authorities provide terrorist groups in Syria unlimited support
11. Syrian Media source: Denial of government’s support to Syrian Kurds does not change the fact nor the government’s attitude
12. Saudi Arabia Expresses Strong Condemnation against Terrorist
13. Jordanian King expresses grief over killings in Sinai
14. Sinai Attack Delays Resumption of Ceasefire Talks Until Mid-November, says PA Official
15. Former Jamaa al-Islamiya figure says Sinai attack response to recent sentences against terrorists
16. Palestinian militants involved in Sinai attacks: Egyptian official
17. (8km deep sterile zone possible) Egypt mulls fresh strategies in Sinai
18. Egypt postpones indirect Palestinian-Israeli talks: Hamas
19. Yoram Schweitzer: Israel not currently top priority for radical Islam
20. Excerpt from PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Start of Today's Cabinet
21. President Rivlin Addresses Kafr Qasim Memorial Ceremony
image011.gif (178 bytes)  Saturday, October 25, 2014
1. Excerpts:White House cold shoulders Israel Defense Minister. China,plus 20 countries sign up to regional bank.Museum celebrates Jewish history in Poland.30 dead,29 injured in suspected jihadist Sinai bombing October 25, 2014
2. Not a parody: Shlomo Brom asserts Israeli recognition of unilaterally declared sovereign Palestinian state would have no security ramification
3. Report: U.S. on path to energy independence
4. President: We support all measures to be taken by the Egyptian leadership to protect the Egyptian state
5. PRESSTV: Iran not to shut down or even suspend the activities of any nuclear facilities: Top negotiator
6. Envoy: Iran Ready to Supply Nigeria with Nuclear Power
7. Iran, Russia Plan to Use National Currencies instead of US Dollars in Bilateral Trade
8. Egypt closes Rafah border crossing indefinitely
9. Egypt's El-Sisi says foreign hands behind Friday Sinai attack; vows action Egyptian president says that deadly attacks in Sinai are the result of a 'broad conspiracy' aimed at driving a wedge between the people and the army
10. US declines to indicate if opposes murdering drivers with Molotov cocktails in State department statement

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