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Monday, March 10, 2008
Yuli Tamir threatens to ultimately cut funding of Mercaz Harav

Yuli Tamir continues media circus on Monday against Mercaz Harav
Dr. Aaron Lerner - March 10, 2008

Israel Radio launched a savage attack against Mercaz Harav this morning both
for the incident yesterday involving Tamir as well as the request by Mercaz
Harav that PM Olmert not visit in light of his activities in the last years.

Speaking in a live interview on Israel Radio's morning news magazine, Tamir
threatened to ultimately cut off funding for Mercaz Harav because it did not
have "democratic values".

"I left the place with great pain but not with a decision to do anything at
this painful moment. It is enough for us this pain that has to be dealt with
and it is not necessary to add to it. But behind it is something that
should concern us greatly. Again, we are talking about a state school,
funded by the State, part of the body of the State. It cannot be that the
messages that it passes on to its students - also in an hour of dispute -
and this wasn't the only dispute that there was nor the only dispute that
there will be in the public life of the State of Israel. And we ask and
require that our schools will know to bridge disputes and not deepen them.
We are tested during times of crises and the questions is if the education
that is given at the yeshiva and places similar to it is truly an education
that accepts the State and it democratic institutions with honor. I cannot
say to you that as the minister of education I am confident there is true
democratic activity there," Tamir warned.
[Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA:

Let's put the card on the table.

Yuli Tami is a radical leftist who has exploited her position at the
Ministry of Education to do everything in her power to destroy the
educational institutions of what she sees as her political/ideological
rivals: religious zionists.

This is nothing new for her.

When she was headed the Rabin Center she took the position that the goal of
the activities of the Center memorializing the murdered prime minister
should be to exploit the murder to defame and attack her
political/ideological rivals.

So here we are, immediately after the murderous attack on Mercaz Harav.

As Israel Radio reported, Tamir was asked not to impose herself on Mercaz

But she insisted.

After all. She has an agenda.

And the ends justify the means.

"This reminded me of the days before (former Prime Minister Yitzhak) Rabin's
murder. It's unfortunate that that there is a public which cannot put limits
form itself. I only came to pay my respect to the murdered, not to engage in
politics," Tamir told Ynet.

"not to engage in politics"

Ha. Ha. Ha. ]

Education minister verbally attacked at Mercaz Harav yeshiva
Tamir pays condolence visit to yeshiva that lost eight students in terror
attack, greeted with hostile chants, including 'murderer.' This reminded me
of the period before Rabin's murder, she says
Vered Luvitch YNET Published: 03.09.08, 15:37 / Israel News

Education Minister Yuli Tamir was forced to leave the Mercaz Harav yeshiva
in Jerusalem Sunday afternoon after being verbally attacked by dozens of
youths who were waiting for her outside the seminary.

The minister was on a condolence visit to the yeshiva following Thursday's
terror attack, which left eight students killed.

"The atmosphere at the seminary was restrained, but the mob that gathered
outside greeted me with harsh chants, including 'murderer.'

"This reminded me of the days before (former Prime Minister Yitzhak) Rabin's
murder. It's unfortunate that that there is a public which cannot put limits
form itself. I only came to pay my respect to the murdered, not to engage in
politics," Tamir told Ynet.

During her visit to the yeshiva, Tamir met with the students and teachers
and spoke to them about what happened Thursday evening.

The minister asked the students why they attended the studies Sunday
morning, and they replied, "We are connected to the nation as a whole and
receive the Torah from it. Here in the yeshiva there is a force of love of
the land, and even if we are hit, we love the people and are ready to suffer
for it."

Some of the students told Tamir that they felt the government was not doing
enough to fight terror.

The yeshiva's education director, Rabbi David Simhon, told Ynet that the
conversation was held in a pleasant atmosphere and in a dignified manner.
Rabbi Yerachmiel Weiss, head of the yeshiva high school, met with the
students Sunday morning to boost their morale.

Earlier Sunday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert spoke of Thursday's murderous
attack and eulogized its victims.

Mercaz Harav yeshiva, stated Olmert, has produced "the finest soldiers for
many generations; people who have realized the Zionist faith. This yeshiva -
which was founded by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook - has educated and nurtured
tradition and legacy, as part of Israel's resilience."

Roni Sofer and Neta Sela contributed to the report

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