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Wednesday, January 19, 2011
Fayyad calls for economic summit to launch Arab initiative to invest in Jerusalem

Fayyad calls for 'economic summit' to launch an Arab initiative to invest in
Jerusalem - and demands that Arab financial institutions and direct support
to the Islamic treasury
Authority Date: 01/19/2011 Time: 16:53
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Sharm el-Sheikh WAFA 19/01/2011 - stressed by Prime Minister Dr. Salam
Fayyad, the need for continued support Arab economic development by funding
projects to support the steadfastness of our people at home, especially in
the city of Jerusalem and the areas behind the wall and all the designated
areas (c), to help us to stand and face the Israeli policies and actions.

The Prime Minister called in a speech before the Arab summit of economic and
development second meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh, Arab investment in the
construction of infrastructure for the coming state of Palestine in the near
future, and implementation of major projects in Palestine.

He demanded to implement the resolutions of Arab summits of the
relationship, and open the way for private sector investments Arab in
Palestine, and to encourage and support partnerships with the Arab
Palestinian - in the implementation of the project profitability, and
contribute to strengthening the depth of the Arab State of Palestine through
the expansion of open Arab markets to Palestinian products.

He urged Dr. Fayyad, 'Economic Summit on demand from financial institutions,
Arab and Islamic countries consider the possibility of developing a
mechanism or framework for rapid intervention, and beyond what could be
provided the financial resources available to these institutions or
mechanisms work list in the event that an Arab country or more of the
financial crisis or an economic emergency, including requires rapid
assistance in cooperation with relevant international institutions, like
what was in the euro area in the European Union in recent times.

He commended the initiative of Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the
establishment of fund private sector initiatives in the field of small and
medium enterprises, stressing the commitment of Palestine to participate and
work to stimulate the Palestinian private sector to take advantage of them,
called to launch a similar initiative to invest in Jerusalem, recalling the
need to implement the decisions of the Sirte summit of support .

He stressed the need to confront Israeli policy designed to circumvent the
rights of our people and authority of national, emphasizing the need to
support the Palestinian National Authority and its reference to our people
in the occupied territories, including, but in particular, for reasons of
national obvious one, in Jerusalem, and in the context of stress the
singularity of the representation of the Palestine Liberation Organization
to our people in all places of his presence.

He expressed the aspiration of our people to the role of Arab leaders and
their guidance to the institutions of the Financial Action Arab and Muslim
world for the development of cooperation with us to serve those goals and
protecting the supreme interests of our people and the peoples of the Arab
nation in the holy city, and required that the importance of following the
same mechanisms adopted by the international financial institutions and
donor countries, including Arab countries sister, which turned its
assistance to the Palestinian National Authority's treasury directly, as
well as the adoption of what has been approved by the authority of national
priorities and projects according to its plan of action, including in the
city of Jerusalem.

And the price of Fayyad high what has been achieved from the work in order
to upgrade the standard of living of Arab citizens in all our countries, and
give priority to Arab investments shared, and create more opportunities for
the private sector and civil society to take into their place and their
important role in the process of construction and economic and social
development, in terms of infrastructure projects basic infrastructure,
education, education, and push the efforts of the development of production
sectors, trade, services, and social projects, environmental protection, as
well as projects to link electricity, and land connection, and programs for
water and food security, on the road to Arab economic integration.

He stressed that social development, especially in education and human
development is the most prominent and most important element in achieving
the goals of comprehensive and sustainable development in the Arab nation
great, to the decisive impact in the fight against poverty and unemployment.

He reviewed the prime minister told the summit that experienced by Palestine
from the conditions extremely delicate and dangerous, due to the Israeli
occupation and its practices aimed at undermining our national aspirations
and efforts in building the institutions of an independent Palestine, and
Jerusalem as its capital, and prevent the possibility of its establishment,
through the continuing activity and settlement expansion, building the
separation wall , and military incursions and closures, in addition to the
detention of thousands of our citizens, prisoners of freedom, in its prisons
and detention camps, not to mention the continuation of the siege imposed on
our people in the Gaza Strip, and deprived of basic necessities of life, and
prevent enabling us to implement the national authority approved by the
Sharm el-Sheikh for the re- reconstruction of the sector.
He said: 'The time has come for this unjust siege and end the unjust',
solemn Arab leaders to support the steadfastness of our people in the Gaza
Strip, and pressure internationally to compel Israel to lift and remove the
obstacles to enable us to rebuild what was destroyed by the aggression.

He added that the settlement surge experienced by the city of Jerusalem,
which seeks Israel is the occupying power, to transform Jerusalem and its
surroundings to an environment expelling the Palestinian presence, the
Christian and Muslim, and isolate it completely from its Palestinian

And Fayyad stressed that our people have looked forward to stand by
Jerusalem, which is most in need are, and our families are in today, to
support and political support, moral and physical, through the
implementation of many projects in which the Arab, and provide all forms of
support to enhance resilience.

The Prime Minister said despite the impact of Israeli actions and impede
economic development in Palestine, but we insist on the consecration of
national identity to the economy of the Palestinian Arab, no matter what
Israel's attempts to suffocate him and minimized through the control system
and control arbitrary, imposed by Israel on the economic activity in

He added: 'We firmly believe that the Arab dimension is a dimension most
important to our national cause, and the inevitable achievement of our
legitimate rights, and your continued support of our people has had the
greatest impact in promoting their steadfastness on their land and his
commitment to his or her rights, this support, which is turned daily to the
facts of a positive on the ground that gives hope to our people the ability
construction and delivery, and enable more factors of steadfastness and
stability '.

The prime minister pointed out that took place during the past three years
establishing and equipping more than 180 schools, three hospitals and fifty
health centers, and the paving of about 2000 kilometers of roads and 500
kilometers of farm roads, and extend the networks and water pipelines for
about 1700 km, and drilling, rehabilitation and electrification of 60 wells
for water , as well as the 1000 well, agricultural, as well as sewage
systems, and power lines, which now covers 99% of the population, and
hundreds of enterprises and institutions, youth and sports, cultural and
community-based, feminist, and including also the Gaza Strip, especially in
the field of sanitation and health services and educational look forward to
carry out more in our beloved country, and pointed out that despite the
blockade and isolation procedures for the city of Jerusalem, but we were
able to implement many of the projects.

He said. Fayyad said that these projects continue to implement a day with
your support, shorten the way for the salvation of our people toward the
occupation and bring us closer to the moment of emission of freedom and the
independent State of Palestine with its capital in East Jerusalem.

He stressed the discretion of our deep gratitude to our brothers on the
support they provide to us, and their willingness to provide more of it,
pointing out that the National Authority is serious to continue its policy
aimed at reducing dependence on foreign aid, and the policy resulted from a
reduction in the degree of dependence on aid for budget support from $ 1.8
billion in 2008 to $ 1.1 billion in the year 2010, which we consider a key
indicator in the context of our quest for statehood and the achievement of
national independence, which requires to achieve as well as end the
division, because the state of Palestine will not only be on the entire land
occupied since 1967. As there will be no Palestinian state without
Jerusalem, there will be no state without the Gaza Strip.

He said. Fayyad said the Palestinian National Authority and despite the
Israeli occupation practices repugnant, is going ahead with plan to build
the institutions of the State of Palestine, and will continue to work and
build our utmost to establish the infrastructure for the prospective state,
which will see the light soon, with God's help and guidance, and with vigor
and determination of our people and the will and the support of all brothers
and friends and lovers of justice and freedom and peace and democracy in the

He said: 'support leaders moral and political, material and important
watershed in enabling us to win the battle for the establishment of the
State of Palestine on our national soil, and devoted a reality on the
ground, where our people in peace and security, stability and good
neighborly with all peoples and countries of the region and the world'.

He added: 'It is time for our people to live in freedom and dignity,
sovereignty and independence of the independent state and Jerusalem as its

The new d. Fayyad, our adherence to the option of just and comprehensive
peace, which restores the rights and all occupied Arab territories, to their
rightful owners, and ensure that the State of Palestine, in the heart of its
capital, timeless and eternal Jerusalem, and provides a fair solution for
Palestinian refugees, in accordance with UNGA Resolution 194 and the Arab
initiative for peace, and all decisions international legitimacy, and
international conventions.

He wished the summit of economic success, and achieve what we aspire to
better and more prosperity and progress for our countries and peoples, and
to build on what has been accomplished since the summit in Kuwait, valuing
high, and grateful as well, the name of Palestine, all this effort and
dedicated work values done by the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the League
Arabic, and its sister members at all levels, for convening this Summit, and
move it to the desired ends.

And the transfer of the Prime Minister for the Economic Summit and
participants the greetings of President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian
people, thanking President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, host the Arab Economic
Summit II throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, the land of Egypt dear
proud, and the price of the initiative, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber
Al-Sabah, the host country of Kuwait to the Arab summit, the first economic,
appraisers high efforts and his government on all the work and giving the
best they have done for the development of resolutions and recommendations
into effect, and for the benefit and the benefit to the sons of our glorious
nation, and serves as the supreme Arab interests in common.

The prime minister held a series of bilateral meetings with a number of
leaders and leaders and officials, and their latest developments in the
political situation in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the impasse
facing the peace process.

He said. Fayyad, the need to strengthen the Arab move to the international
community has responsibilities of the political and legal to stop the
Israeli practices arbitrary against our people, and continuing violations of
international law, in particular settlement activities, especially in the
city of Jerusalem, the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip, and stressed that it
is time for the international community has responsibilities direct to end
the occupation.

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