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Sunday, November 11, 2012
Mattot Arim report on performance of MKs and Ministers - June to December, 2010

18th Knesset:
Achievements Of Knesset Members And Ministers In The National Camp

Comparative Report No. 3

June to December, 2010

Editing and Distribution: Mattot Arim
[Translation by IMRA]


the following is Comparative Report No. 3 of the ministers and Knesset
members of the national camp. The report relates to the period from June
2010 to this point (December 2010).

The Mattot Arim movement issues periodic reports summarizing the important
work of national camp elected officials on issues that distinguish the
national camp such as the issue of a Palestinian state, settlement activity
in Judea and Samaria, outposts, war on terror, a balanced Supreme Court and
much more. The report refers to all types of activity: legislation, motions
in the Knesset and government initiatives, governmental activity within the
authority of the minister or MK, committee hearings which they initiated or
participated in, queries submitted by MKs, help to national camp bodies and
top regional councils in Judea and Samaria and the Golan Heights,
conferences, media statements in the general media, foreign, Russian etc.
media - against a Palestinian state and in favor of Israel, tours, projects,
and much more.

The right wing voter is very interested in these reports that help him
decide who and what to vote for when the time comes. Voters want elected
officials from the right who work diligently and intelligently, throughout
the term.

"What is not measurable - not managed"

The Mattot Arim movement noticed, a few years ago that, some members of the
national camp in the Knesset did not provide good service to the voter. Some
ministers and Knesset members would "rest" for most of their tenure in the
Knesset, and wake up and act - at best - only close to elections, after
wasting at least 75% of their tenures.

Since then the Mattot Arim movement makes sure to produce occasional reports
on the work of the national camp Knesset members - to allow the public to
reward elected officials who represent him well.

The report is for the national camp constituency, and distributed to the
public via the internet and the media. We hope this report as its
predecessors, will help you, millions of voters in the national camp on two
A. Choose the right new representatives to the Knesset and the government,
when the day comes.
B. To update your representatives now, you've read good things about them
and that you continue to monitor the work and hope that they will continue
to get better and better. For contact information of elected officials
please contact us: mattot.arim@gmail.com

A. Bottom line: score of achievements obtained be each elected official

Table 1:
Zeev Elkin 22 Danny Danon 16 Yariv Levin 12 Moshe Ya'alon 9 Dr. Yuval
Steinitz 7 Tzipi Hotovely 6 Zion Pinyan 6 Dr. Benny Begin 5 Limor Livnat 5
Miri Regev 5 Yuli Edelstein 4 Gila Gamliel 4 Moshe Kahlon 4 Israel Katz 4
Dr. Lea Nass 4 Gideon Sa'ar 4 Ofir Akunis 3 Gilad Erden 3 Haim Katz 3 Silvan
Shalom 3 Yossi Peled 2 Ayoub Kara 2 Reuven Rivlin 2 Michael Eitan 1 Carmel
Shama 1 Dan Meridor 0

Israel Beiteinu
Yitzhak Aharonovich 5 Dr. Uzi Landau 4 David Rotem 4 Stas Misezhnikov 3
Faina Kirschenbaum 2 Danny Ayalon 1 Robert Ilatov 1 Sofa Landver 1 Lia
Shemtov 1 Orly Levy - Abecassis 0 Moshe Mutz Matalon 0 Anastasia Michaeli 0
Alex Miller 0 Hamad Amar 0

Eli Yishai 5 Ariel Atias 3 Nissim Zeev 2 Yaakov Margi 2 David Azoulay 1
Avraham Michaeli 1 Meshulam Nahari 1 Yitzhak Vaknin 0 Amnon Cohen 0 Isaac
Cohen 0 Rabbi Haim Amsalem 0

United Torah Judaism
Moshe Gafni 2 Menachem Eliezer Moses 1 Uri Maklev 1 Meir Porush 0 Jacob
Litzman 0

National Union
Uri Ariel 17 Dr. Michael Ben Ari 14 Prof. Aryeh Eldad 12 Yaacov Katz 9

Bayit Yehudi
Professor Daniel Hershkowitz 9 Zevulun Orlev 6, Uri Orbach 2

B. Details of achievements - by sector

1..Promoting in the political arena:

Non-extension of the freeze order on 18 Tishrei
Yuli Edelstein. Isaac Aharonovitch. Michael Eitan. Gilad Arden. Ariel Atias.
Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Benny Begin. Gila Gamliel. Zeev Elkin. Ofir Akunis.
Danny Danon. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Tzipi Hotovely. Moshe Ya'alon.
Eli Yishai. Yaakov Margi. Moshe Kahlon. Haim Katz. Israel Katz. Limor
Livnat. Yariv Levin. Dr. Uzi Landau. Meshulam Nahari. Dr. Lea Nass. Landver.
Stas Misezhnikov. Gideon Sa'ar. Yossi Peled. Ayoub Kara. Miri Regev. Reuven
Rivlin. Dr. Yuval Steinitz. Carmel Shama. Silvan Shalom. Yaacov Katze,. Uri
Ariel. David Rotem.

Rejecting heavy American pressure to renew the freeze
Silvan Shalom. Moshe Ya'alon. Benny Begin. Dr. Uzi Landau. Yuli Edelstein.
Professor Aryeh Eldad. Ayoub Kara. Gila Gamliel. Dr. Lea Nass. Zeev Elkin.
Yariv Levin. Danny Danon. Tzipi Hotovely. Haim Katz. Zion Pinyan. Miri
Regev. Ruby Rivlin. Uri Ariel. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Isaac
Aharonovitch. Rescue. Uri Orbach. Zevulun Orlev. David Rotem. Dr. Michael
Ben - Ari.

Fending off pressure from the media to release terrorists
Dr. Yuval Steinitz. Stas Misezhnikov. Nissim Zeev. Dr. Benny Begin. Moshe
Ya'alon. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Yaacov Katz.

Erection of political “iron wall”
(Joining together during hearings on the state budget and threatening to
leave the coalition)
Zeev Elkin. Danny Danon. Tzipi Hotovely. Yariv Levin. Uri Orbach. Zevulun

National advocacy site in Russian and English
Yuli Edelstein

Israel refuses to apologize to Turkey for killing flotilla rioters
Avigdor Lieberman. Danny Danon.

2. National legislation:

Law requiring mandatory reporting of organizations that receive funding from
the European Union passed its first reading
Zeev Elkin

Law for national referendum to preserve the Golan Heights Jerusalem + the
Halutza Dunes passed
Yariv Levin (initiator). Zeev Elkin. Othniel Schneller

Student Benefits Law for the periphery, including Judea and Samaria, passed
Gila Gamliel (Initiative). Professor Daniel Hershkowitz

Law prohibiting boycott against Israel passed a preliminary reading
Zeev Elkin. Dalia Itzik.

"Azmi Bishara"Law passed first reading
Israel Hasson. Yariv Levin. Zeev Elkin.

Blocked a law prohibiting picketing the homes of senior officials
Yariv Levin.

3 Struggle against the PA
Withdrawal from Judea and Samaria to allow new Palestinian city - dangerous
initiative was rejected
Yuli Edelstein. Moshe Kahlon. Moshe Ya'alon. Limor Livnat. Israel Katz.
Gilad Arden. Knesset Proceedings Michael Ben - Ari. Rescue. Prof. Aryeh
Eldad. Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Danny Danon. Yariv Levin. Miri Regev. Yaacov

An order prohibiting the PA from holding ceremonies in the State of Israel
Isaac Aharonovitch.

Prevent takeover attempts of the PA in Jerusalem
Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel. Danny Danon.

PA budget cuts as a sanction for not treating sewage
Dr. Uzi Landau.

Israeli Knesset's decision against the unilateral creation of a Palestinian
Zeev Elkin. Zevulun Orlev. Menachem Eliezer Moses. Avraham Michaeli. Robert

Presentation of Israel's position against the unilateral creation of a
Palestinian state to the USA
Avigdor Lieberman. Danny Ayalon.

4 Struggle against pro-Arab lione of the Supreme Court:
Reducing the influence of the pro-Palestinian Supreme Court on the selection
of district judges
Gilad Arden. David Rotem. Uri Ariel.

Defeat of the Supreme Court petition of Peace Now against construction in
Gush Etzion
Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Zeev Elkin. Hanegbi. Yaacov Katz. Professor
Daniel Hershkowitz.

Saving the "Od Yosef Chai" Yeshiva from a demolition order in Yitzhar from
Ehud Barak
Zeev Elkin. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Professor Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel. Moshe
Ya'alon. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.

Preventing the destruction of the Al Matan synagogue:
Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Michael Ben-Ari -. Danny Danon. Professor Daniel
Hershkowitz. Nissim Zeev. Eli Yishai. Moshe Ya'alon.

5 Assistance for settlement in Judea and Samaria:

Jordan Valley settlement assistance
Dr. Yuval Steinitz. Moshe Ya'alon. Limor Livnat. Israel Katz. Moshe Kahlon.
Yossi Peled. Gila Gamliel. Dr. Lea Nass. Yariv Levin. Ofir Akunis.

Settlement assistance and security in Gush Etzion
Moshe Gafni. Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Zion Pinyan. Dr. Yuval Steinitz.

Assistance to settlement in Kedumim
Uri Ariel. Zion Pinyan. Zeev Elkin. Zevulun Orlev. Tzipi Hotovely. Miri
Regev. Haim Katz. Danny Danon.

Assistance to settlement in the Hebron area
Silvan Shalom. Limor Livnat. Israel Katz. Yaakov Margi. Eli Yishai. Ariel
Atias. Yuval Steinitz. Gideon Sa'ar. Zeev Elkin. Uri Ariel.

Assistance to settlement in Samaria + Binyamin
Moshe Kahlon. Ofir Akunis. Uri Ariel. Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Zeev
Elkin. Zion Pinyan. David Rotem. Danny Danon.

Construction of educational institutions in Gush Etzion in Judea and Samaria
Zevulun Orlev. Gideon Sa'ar. Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Danny Danon.

Maintenance of armored buses in Judea and Samaria
Moshe Gafni (led). Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Yariv Levin. Dr. Michael Ben -

Compensation for Victims of the freeze (breach of contract, rent, etc.)
Danny Danon. Uri Ariel. Eli Yishai. Zeev Elkin. Zion Pinyan. Dr. Yuval

Halt to evacuations at the Chomesh settlement on Shabbat
Zeev Elkin. Uri Ariel. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Tzipi
Hotovely. Othniel Schneller.
Eli Yishai. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.

Increasing the police handling of accident prone roads in Judea and Samaria
Uri Maklev. David Azoulay. Rescue. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Professor Aryeh

Promotion of settlement in Judea and Samaria in general
Faina Kirschenbaum. Zion Pinyan. Zeev Elkin. Yaacov Katz.

Human rights of the settlers (individual level)
Dr. Michael Ben - Ari.

6 Struggle against the radical and the Israeli Arab nationalist faction
Blocking the attempt to boycott the Ariel Cultural Center
Zevulun Orlev. Danny Danon. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Rescue. Limor
Livnat. Dr. Lea Nass. Yariv Levin. Miri Regev. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari.
Avigdor Lieberman. Stas Misezhnikov. Dr. Uzi Landau. Yitzhak Aharonovitch.
Zeev Elkin. Professor Aryeh Eldad.

Removal of textbooks with hostile Palestinian narrative from schools
Gideon Sa'ar.

Denial of privileges of MK Hanin Zoabi who was in the Gaza flotilla
Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Yariv Levin.

Ahmed Tibi reprimanded by the Ethics Committee of the Knesset. Following his
visit to Libya
Danny Danon. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Professor Aryeh Eldad.

7 Preservation of rights in Jerusalem, the Galilee and the Negev:

Jewish presence on the Temple Mount and its surroundings -
institutionalizing and improving conditions
Danny Danon. Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Tzipi Hotovely. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.

Security reinforcement in Silwan in response to the wave of Palestinian
Isaac Aharonovitch. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Danny Danon. Dr. Michael
Ben - Ari.

Prevention of reduction in supervisors of illegal Bedouin construction
Yariv Levin.

Maintaining the eroding Jewish majority in Upper Nazareth – A: establishing
community schools
Uri Ariel. Faina Kirschenbaum. Lia there - good. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari.

Maintaining the eroding Jewish majority in Upper Nazareth – B: approval of
3000 new housing units
Uri Ariel. Ariel Atias. Dr. Yuval Steinitz.

C. Additional summary tables

Table 2:

Achievements - average by a faction
Faction achievements for MK (average)
National Union 13.2
Jewish Home 5.7
Likud 5.3
Israel Beiteinu 1.7
Shas 1.4
United Torah Judaism 0.8

Table 3:

Achievements - by category
Achievements domain
Judea and Samaria 12
Political 6
National legislation 6
Palestinian Authority 6
Jerusalem, Galilee and the Negev 5
Court 4
Extreme leftist + Israeli Arabs 4

D. Summary and Conclusions

There is much room for optimism. The long list of achievements proves that
the national camp has great political power. It could also have even more
power: if all national camp Knesset members had the activity level of MK
Zeev Elkin or MK Uri Ariel, for example, then the total number of
achievements in the national camp would increase about 6 times!

The greatest achievement reached during the current report is the issue of
compliance with U.S. pressure on the freeze. We are talking about great
pressure exerted by a particularly hostile president. The struggle of the
national camp against Obama and the world, also took place under
particularly difficult conditions - the previous submission to President
Obama’s first dictat. Despite the many difficulties elected officials
achieved a great achievement: uniting and telling President Obama and the
extreme left - we want to continue to build in Judea and Samaria. Regarding
this particular matter one should take note of the activities of the Land of
Israel Lobby in the Knesset and the organizing efforts of the 14 MKs in the
Likud, at the initiative of Yuli Edelstein.

Another great achievement, from a practical standpoint, is the new law that
requires a majority of the Government, the Knesset and in a national
referendum, before giving up parts of the homeland under Israeli
sovereignty. The current Knesset legislative process was skillfully led by
Yariv Levin. Political commentator Shalom Yerushalmi explained the practical
significance "maybe we did not notice, but the Referendum Law completely
complicates the idea of a land swap - another reason for the right to
celebrate. To date we were talking about the annexation of settlement blocs
in exchange for land from the Negev... Today all this territorial swapping
must first face a referendum. " The international Time magazine mourned:"
the law ... creates difficulties ... for efforts to reach an agreement ...
by relinquishing territory .... it is hard to imagine the Israeli
electorate, that has been moving consistently towards the right over the
past two decades, voting for a withdrawal from the Golan Heights for peace
with Syria, or from East Jerusalem to complete a two-state solution. "

The most significant political accomplishment was achieved in the political
area. Remember Kissinger's famous statement, according to which Israel has
no foreign policy - only domestic policy. Therefore, a forward-looking
barrier to political concessions was achieved due to the political wall
built by NRP / Jewish Home on the one hand and the Likud hawks on the
other. The NRP under the leadership of faction chairman Uri Orbach, signaled
the Prime Minister that the era of "being glued to one’s chair" is history
and such political flip-flops as continuation of the freeze will cause the
departure of the NRP from the government and the coalition. Unlike the past,
things were not hinted or said only behind closed doors but were broadcast
in every direction, including a high-profile official signed letter to the
Prime Minister himself. Even the energetic hawkish Likud MKs did not hold
back and made it clear they would fight on the matters of the Land of Israel
exploiting all the power they possess, such as their ability to hold up
approval of the budget.

Many initiatives that have not yet matured into an accomplishment are not
mentioned here. For example, if a bill was filed, but not yet voted on it
and the bill has not yet passed – or even if it passed first reading – it is
not considered an achievement. We hope that all members of the Knesset will
advance their bills and multiply achievements. In addition, we hope that the
Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Knesset Constitution, Law and
Justice will promote the national legislation quickly, and leaders of
coalition factions pressure to promote national legislation. An additional
example: Minister Yaakov Margi’s initiative for compensation for the
cessation of construction of synagogues and ritual baths, But the move has
not yet been completed.

The many achievements reported (40 achievements in six months - compared
with 11 achievements in nine months during the previous report) is certainly
welcome - although there remains room for improvement.


1.. Internal Security Minister Aharonovitch issued an order forbidding the
PA from holding ceremonies in the State of Israel, why wasn’t the order
imposed on Area C that is under full Israeli control in Judea and Samaria?.

2. In the demolished community in northern Samaria, Chomesh, Shabbat
evacuations were finally halted of members of the Chomesh garin. But the
garin has not yet received approval to build their homes again. After the
failure of the northern Judea and Samaria disengagement it is still under
the control of the army.

3. While the demolition of the Od Yosef Hai Yeshiva in Yitzhar was
prevented, the political demolition order has yet to be canceled.

Many inquiries in the past by the public related to the failures, sometimes
serious and harmful, of a number of ministers and Knesset members, such as
those who “forgot” to come to vote and caused a loss, who froze national
camp legislation, and of course a small number of MKs who were confused and
erroneously declared that they favor a Palestinian state. All of these
failures will be covered separately at the end of the term. This is not the
purpose of this periodic report. The purpose of this report is increasing
the positive and wise work of the representatives of the national camp in
the Knesset and the government. By publicizing their positive action, we
hope to attain a public achievement for activists – increasing the turnout
among voters of the national camp who justifiably looked at the low level of
activity of public officials and simply decided not to vote. It is with
these voters in mind that it was decided to conduct the periodic report you
are reading now.

Looking ahead: First and foremost two achievements not yet achieved by
ministers and Knesset members should be noted that hopefully will be
reported in the next report: The first - real activity to prevent the
establishment of a Palestinian state in the heart of the Land of Israel.
Opposition to a Palestinian state is the central ideological and security
flag of the national camp. MK Ofir Akunis presents an excellent example for
his fellow elected officials, that it is indeed possible to proclaim to the
country's largest newspaper, that "I oppose a Palestinian state" - and the
sky did not fall - the opposite.

The second overall achievement not yet achieved by the ministers and members
of Knesset is thawing actual construction in Judea and Samaria. What has
been attained is only cancellation of the order, but building tenders have
yet to be issued and construction permits are yet to be approved and the
outposts are yet to be authorized.

To achieve these two achievements requires the joining together of the
national camp. Thus they can they work together to maximize their powers,
for example, for the passage of government decisions to overcome the decrees
by Defense Minister Barak, and national legislation in the government route.

We want to thank all the non-Parliamentary elements who helped us collect
reliable information. For example, it was reported that 17 thousand students
visited the Temple Mount in light of the current policy of the Ministry of
Education. However, after inspection, it turned out that the 17 thousand
students were Arabs who visited the Temple Mount - not Jews!

Finally, we wish to thank, on behalf of the public, ministers and Knesset
members who excelled in this report for their essential Zionist activity,
and we express the hope and promise, every one of us, to feel a personal
duty as a loyal citizen to his country, to act within their spheres of
influence to ensure that ministers and Knesset members who invested and knew
how to get achievements, will continue to serve the public in the next
Knesset and in the next government.

Mattot Arim
January 2011

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