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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Mattot Arim Diligence Index for MKs and Ministers January - June, 2011

[Dr. Aaron Lerner - IMRA: The Mattot Arim reports scoring the performance
of MKs from the national camp gets considerable attention from MKs.
Especially MKs in the Likud running in Likud primaries. The following is
IMRA's translation of the report just released]

Comparative report
Of ministers and Knesset members
National camp
18th Knesset: January - June, 2011
Prepared and distributed: Mattot Arim

[IMRA translation]

Full and final version for distribution among the Mattot Arim activists via


The following is Comparative Report No. 4 of ministers and Knesset members
of the right wing. The report documents achievements during the Period from
January 2011 to June 2011

The Mattot Arim movement noticed, a few years ago, some members of the
national camp in the Knesset did not provide good service to the electorate.
Some ministers and Knesset members would "rest" for most of their tenure in
the Knesset, and wake up and act - at best -
only at election time, after wasting at least 75% of their/our tenures.

Since then, Mattot Arim makes sure to make reports every six months or so on
the performance of the MK's in the national camp - to allow the public to
reward the those who it elected who represented them well.

When is a particular achievement attributed to a specific minister or MK? 3

* A MK or minister who leads a national bill - not "just voting" for the
law, but pushing the proposed law through the Knesset, the committees, the
Ministry of Justice, Prime Minister's Office, etc..

* Ministers and MKs who join forces and pushed together until they got a
results – for example that the government will not sign a contract with a
company that boycotts Judea and Samaria.

* Minister using the powers of their office to better achieve national
achievements (such as when the communications minister improves aspects of
the communication systems in Judea and Samaria neglected by his

All members of the Knesset and ministers received an early draft of the
report. They were given a fair opportunity to submit corrections and
additions, These were incorporated in the final report which you see now.

Initiatives, though important, that have not yet matured into an
accomplishment - will not be found here. For example, if the a bill has been
filed - but not yet voted on, or the bill has not yet passed, it does not
appear in the report at all. The same is the case regarding other political
or government moves that have yet to succeed.
The report is intended for the electorate that is loyal to the Land of
Israel and distributed to it by
Internet and the media. We hope this report, as its predecessors, will help
you, the millions of voters in the national camp, on two levels:

A. Make informed choices of loyal representatives in the Knesset and the
government when the day comes.

B. To update your representatives now, you've read good things about them
and you will continue to keep track of their work and hope they will
continue to get better and better. For contact information of elected
officials please contact us: mattot.arim@gmail.com .

A. Accomplishments achieved all elected officials

Table 1
Likud: Yuli Edelstein 6 Michael Eitan 0 Zeev Elkin 34 Ofir Akunis 4 Gilad
Erdan 8 Dr. Benny Begin 13 Gila Gamliel 4 Danny Danon 15 Tzipi Hotovely 13
Moshe Ya'alon 18 Moshe Kahlon 14 Haim Katz 1 Israel Katz 9 Limor Livnat 13
Yariv Levin 27 Dan Meridor 0 Dr. Lea Nass 2 Gideon Saar 9 Zion Pinyan 4
Yossi Peled 2 Ayoub Kara 2 Miri Regev 9 Ruby Rivlin 9 Carmel Shama 3 Dr.
Yuval Steinitz 3 Silvan Shalom 12

Israel Beiteinu: Yitzhak Aharonovich 1 Danny Ayalon 3 Robert Ilatov 2 Orly
Levy-Abecassis 1 Avigdor Lieberman 5 Dr. Uzi Landau 1 Sofa Landver 0 Moshe
Matalon 1 Anastasia Michaeli 3 Alex Miller 3 Stas Misezhnikov 4 Hamad Amar 1
Faina Kirshenbaum 1 David Rotem 10 Lia Shemtov 1

Shas: David Azoulay 3 Haim Amsalem 1 Ariel Atias 0 Yitzhak Vaknin 2 Nissim
Zeev 1 Eli Yishai 2 Amnon Cohen 1 Yitzhak Cohen 0 Avraham Michaeli 3 Yaakov
Margi 5 Meshulam Nahari 0

Yahadut Hatorah: Moshe Gafni 0 Yaacov Litzman 0 Menachem Eliezer Moses 2
Eichler/Porush 1

National Union: Professor Arieh Eldad 24 Uri Ariel 46 Dr. Michael Ben-Ari 13
Yaakov Katz 11

Bayit Yehudi: Uri Orbach 7 Zevulun Orlev 6 Prof. D. Hershkowitz 10

B.. Details of achievements - by sector


1 Netanyahu's message to Congress: We're not occupiers (this has many legal
Danny Danon. Yuli Edelstein. Moshe Ya'alon. Ofir Akunis. Tzipi Hotovely.

2 The introduction of improvements and damage control in the Netanyahu
address: detailing Israel’s security dangers details, details of security
arrangements, detailing the many shortcomings of the Arab bloc versus
advantages of Israel, strengthening threshold terms for negotiations, the
land of our forefathers, the image of David and Goliath, some serious damage
Netanyahu planned – minimized gestures, the bloc plan of the left
Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Uri Ariel. Yaakov Katz Tzipi Hotovely. Danny
Danon. Zeev Elkin. Miri Regev. Zion Pinyan. Carmel Shama. Yuli Edelstein.
Zevulun Orlev. Uri Orbach. Gilad Arden.Moshe Kahlon. Ofir Akunis. Prof.
Aryeh Eldad. Yariv Levin. Silvan Shalom. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Dr.
Michael Ben - Ari.

3 Cooling down the position of key countries towards Palestinian initiatives
to establish a Palestinian state minimizing support for the intiatives.
Avigdor Lieberman. Danny Ayalon. Danny Danon. Zeev Elkin. Miri Regev. Zion
Pinyan. Tzipi Hotovely. Carmel Shama. Uri Ariel. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari.

4 Prime Minister came out with the first official call for the U.S.
President to reduce Pollard's sentence to time served.
Uri Ariel. Ronit Tirosh.

Sovereignty and construction

5. Electric company, Mekorot, the Ministry of Science and others were
instructed not to work with companies that surrendered to the Palestinian
boycott of the products of Judea and Samaria

Dr. Uzi Landau. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Gila Gamliel. Dr. Lea Nass.
Meir Porush.Ayoub Kara. Yaakov Edri. Uri Orbach. Zevulun Orlev. David
Azoulay Robert Ilatov.Dalia Itzik. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Zeev Elkin. Haim
Amsalem. Ofir Akunis. Uri Ariel. Ze'ev Boim. Zeev Bielski. Dr. Michael Ben -
Ari. Ronnie Brown. Danny Danon. Isaac Vaknin. Nissim Zeev. Tzipi Hotovely.
Yoel Hasson. Robert Tibiib. Amnon Cohen. Orly Levy-Abecassis. Haim Katz.
Yaakov Katz Yariv Levin. Menachem Eliezer Moses. Shlomo Molla. Moshe Mutz
Matalon. Avraham Michaeli. Anastasia Michaeli. Alex Miller. Marina Solodkin.
Gideon Ezra. Hamad Amar. Rating Finan. Faina Kirschenbaum. Miri Regev.
Carmel Shama. Nachman Shay. Julia Shamalov Berkowitz. Lia Shemtov. Othniel
Schneller. Ronit Tirosh.

6 Transfer of the Settlement Division from a government ministry controlled
by Ehud Barak to a different ministry under the control of the national camp
Avigdor Lieberman. Uri Ariel.

7 Permit a small number of housing units in several locations in Judea and
Moshe Ya'alon. Zeev Elkin. Miri Regev. Yariv Levin. Dr. Benny Begin. Uri
Ariel. Professor Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari.

8 Advancement of plans to approve existing construction in Rotem, Chemda,
Nofim and Sansana.
Dr. Benny Begin. Moshe Ya'alon. Zeev Elkin. Professor Aryeh Eldad. Uri
Ariel. Yariv Levin.

9 Increase in the areas for agricultural activity in the Jordan Valley
Avigdor Lieberman.

10 The first official visits to Joseph's Tomb
Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Moshe Kahlon. Yuli Edelstein. Gilad Arden.
Yossi Peled. Ayoub Kara.

11 Foiling the plan to build a road to expedite the construction of a new
hostile Palestinian city
Gilad Arden. Moshe Ya'alon. Zeev Elkin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel. Moshe

National legislation

Received final approval and entered the law books:

12 Requirement to report funding donated by foreign countries such as
European countries.
Zeev Elkin.

13 Land Law Amendment – (restriction on the transfer of land rights to
foreigners) the transfer of rights to foreigners require special permission
Uri Orbach. Yariv Levin. Nachman Shai. Shelley Yichimovitz..

14 Cancellation of citizenship of spies and terrorists
David Rotem. Robert Ilatov.

15 The Acceptance Committees Law
Response to the Katzir Supreme Court case where the court set that not
accepting Arabs to a Jewish community is discrimination is prohibited
David Rotem. Israel Hasson. Shay Chermesh

16 Criminal record law for soldiers
Prevents recording of criminal record for soldiers so as not to harm them in
the future in the civilian lives.
Uri Ariel. Miri Regev. Dov Hanin.

17 The Law of Entry into IsraelAmendment (No. 21) limiting work permits
given to foreigners
Eli Yishai.

18 The state budget will not support bodies that organizer Nakba events
Alex Miller.

Passed first reading

19 Boycott bill: prohibits boycott of Israel and Judea and Samaria. Monetary
sanctions, etc. against those who boycott
Zeev Elkin. Yariv Levin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.

20 A quick judgment to prevent infiltration from Africa
Yariv Levin. Yaakov Katz
21 Police badges Bill
Law requires that the police wear badges because a cop without a badge is a
violent cop
Uri Ariel.

22 National Service girls vote for the Knesset with double envelopes just
like soldiers in order to prevent electoral damage to the national camp
Zevulun Orlev.

Passed a preliminary reading

23 Bill to prevent discrimination based on place of residence
Service providers cannot refuse to serve settlements
Uri Orbach.

24 "Jerusalem Law" - Jerusalem as a priority area “A”. Includes special
grant for young couples to buy apartments and/or start a business
Uri Ariel.

25 Law applying to unauthorized mining operations to curb the phenomenon of
huge quarries mining (mainly by Arabs) destroying agricultural land and
causing air pollution
Uri Ariel.Yaakov Katz. Yariv Levin. Gilad Arden.

26 Security prisoners bill even if a security prisoner is pardoned by the
President, the prisoner will be released only on conditions (if returns to
terrorism - returns to prison)
Danny Danon.

Approved by the Ministerial Committee for Legislation:

27 "Grunis Law": the opening of the office of President of the Supreme Court
to a relatively conservative judge who does not completely support the
previous presidents Aharon Barak and Dorit Beinisch
Yaakov Katz
28 Bill that would prevent national service programs inside bodies that
support terror
Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.


29 Finding a solution to the laws that imposes a financial burde for
demolitions for political reasons on the settlers damaged
Zeev Elkin. Yariv Levin.

30 Order approved adding the "trading with the enemy" offense to the
Anti-Money Laundering Law that provides for economic sanctions against
Individuals who derived profits from trade with Iran
David Rotem.

National outlook security + handling terrorism

31 Improving defense preparations for mass disturbances in Judea and Samaria
Zeev Elkin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel.

32 Transfer of 10 million NIS for emergency centers in Judea and Samaria -
approved by the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee
Silvan Shalom. Danny Danon. Miri Regev. Zeev Elkin. Uri Ariel.

33 First daylight visit to Joseph's Tomb (requires better security control
in Nablus – the terror capital)
Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Uri Ariel. Yaakov Katz. Dr. Lea Nass. Danny Danon.
Tzipi Hotovely. Ruby Rivlin. Zeev Elkin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.

34 The Knesset Finance Committee approved approximately NIS 2 million to
improve poor cell coverage in Judea and Samaria
Moshe Kahlon. Uri Ariel.

35 Easing licensing of weapons for self defense + return of self defense
weapons confiscated illegally in Judea and Samaria
David Azoulay. Ruby Rivlin. Isaac Aharonovitch. Tzipi Hotovely. Zeev Elkin.
Professor Arie Eldad. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Yaakov Katz Anastassia
Michaeli. Uri Maklev. Haim Amsalem. Uri Ariel. Avraham Michaeli. David
Rotem. Yariv Levin.

36 Settlers are not the enemy: the phenomenon of police shooting at
settlers(!) has been stopped for the time being
Rescue. David Azoulay. Zeev Elkin. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Uri Ariel.
Professor Aryeh Eldad.
Tzipi Hotovely. Danny Danon. Uri Orbach. Yariv Levin. Zevulun Orlev.

37 Special budget for religious councils in Judea and Samaria to overcome
security problems.
Yaakov Margi. Uri Ariel.

38 Provision of legitimacy when dealing with the defense system for the
preparation of hikes in Judea and Samaria by the handling of the incident of
the hike guards who were detained
Yariv Levin. Avraham Michaeli. Menachem Eliezer Moses. Yaakov Katz. Uri
Orbach. David Rotem. Zeev Elkin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Uri Ariel.

39 Approved special regulations for orphaned children from 2 - parents as a
result of terrorist attacks
Moshe Kahlon.

Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem: Troubleshooting + Promotion

40 Promotion and solving local problems - Gush Etzion
Moshe Ya'alon. Zeev Elkin. Uri Ariel. Yariv Levin.

41 Promotion and solving local problems - Samaria Regional Council
Israel Katz. Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Gideon Sa'ar. Silvan Shalom.
Zeev Elkin. Zion Fanian. Ruby Rivlin. Danny Danon. Tzipi Hotovely. Uri
Ariel. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari.

42 Promotion and solving local problems - Karnei Shomron
Zevulun Orlev. Uri Ariel. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Limor Livnat. David Rotem.

43 Promotion and solving local problems - Benjamin
Tzipi Hotovely. Uri Ariel.

44 Promotion and solving local problems - Hebron
Eli Yishai. Uri Ariel. Dr. Yuval Steinitz. Reuven Rivlin. Gideon Sa'ar.

45 Promotion and solving local problems - Kiryat Arba
Zeev Elkin. Gilad Arden. Uri Ariel. Danny Danon. Israel Katz. Limor Livnat.
Gideon Sa'ar. Zion Pinyan. Miri Regev. Ruby Rivlin. Silvan Shalom.

46 Promotion and solving local problems - Regional Council of South Mount
Israel Katz. Zeev Elkin. Dr. Benny Begin. Moshe Ya'alon. Uri Ariel. Silvan

47 Promotion and solving local problems - Kedumim
Uri Ariel.

48 Promotion and solving local problems - Jordan Valley
Moshe Ya'alon. Israel Katz. Limor Livnat. Dr. Yuval Steinitz. Gideon Sa'ar.
Silvan Shalom. Danny Danon. Ofir Akunis. Zeev Elkin. Uri Ariel.

49 Promotion and solving local problems - Efrat
David Rotem. Israel Katz. Uri Ariel. Zeev Elkin. Yariv Levin.

50 Promotion and solving local problems - Ariel:
Limor Livnat. Gila Gamliel. Zeev Elkin. Zion Pinyan. Gideon Sa'ar. Israel
Katz. Ruby Rivlin. Dr. Yuval Steinitz. Silvan Shalom. Moshe Kahlon. Yariv

51 Promotion and solving local problems - Bethel
Israel Katz. Gilad Arden. Gideon Sa'ar. Moshe Ya'alon. Limor Livnat. Yossi
Peled. Silvan Shalom. Ruby Rivlin. Moshe Kahlon. Zeev Elkin. Yariv Levin.
Danny Danon.

52 Promotion and solving local problems in Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond
the lines 67
Uri Ariel. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari.

53 Prevented the evacuation of Beit Yehonatan - Jerusalem, east of the 67
Uri Ariel. Yariv Levin. Miri Regev.

54 Those completing military service/national service get free year of
education if studying in Jerusalem
Gila Gamliel.

55 Radio Broadcasting - Improved coverage
Transmitters operating to coverage Reshet Bet, Gimmel and Moreshet in north
and central Judea and Samaria and Greater Jerusalem
Moshe Kahlon. Uri Ariel.

56 Cancellation of PA radio interference and aid in establishing permanent
broadcasting sites for Israeli regional radio
Moshe Kahlon. Uri Ariel.

57 Providing full coverage in the West Bank to receive DTT TV – 5 channels
Moshe Kahlon. Uri Ariel.

58 Over half of the communities I Judea and Samaria connected to Bezeq's NGN
infrastructure to increase service availability and treatment of breakdowns
and speed of communication, throughout Judea and Samaria, including
enhancement of the security system
Moshe Kahlon. Uri Ariel.

59 Israel Postal Service launched a new bulletproof post office providing
broad services in threatened areas
Moshe Kahlon.

60 New armored cars for the Israel Postal Service to allow for regular
distribution in threatened areas
Moshe Kahlon.

61 Arrangement of budget to compensate for the freeze to all the authorities
Uri Ariel.

62 NIS 5 million invested to purchase firefighting equipment in Judea and
Silvan Shalom.

63 "Science and Community" Program: science for youth in the periphery and
Judea and Samaria (a million NIS)
Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.

64 Allocation of NIS 3 million to build synagogues in Judea and Samaria.
Yaakov Margi.

65 Allocation of approximately 3 - million shekels to build ritual baths in
Judea and Samaria + renovation of electricity and 'water in ritual baths
Yaakov Margi. Uri Ariel.

66 Renovation of buildings for religious services in Judea and Samaria – NIS
3 million.
Yaakov Margi.

67 Authorization of a number sports facilities for local authorities in
Judea and Samaria
Limor Livnat.

68 Investment in recovery programs for religious councils in the West Bank
facing budgetary difficulties
Yaakov Margi
69 NIS million scientific studies conducted over the Green Line
Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.

70 Improving road infrastructure in Judea and Samaria
Israel Katz. Uri Ariel.

71 Participation of the Ministry of Culture and Cultural in a series of
performances in Judea and Samaria
Limor Livnat.

72 Procedure in the Knesset: every supplier to the Knesset must provide
service in Judea and Samaria
Ruby Rivlin. Yaakov Katz

73 Some improvements in human rights during the carrying out evacuations
Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Yariv Levin.

Israeli Arabs

74 For the first time: the destruction of illegal polluting factories in the
Arab sector in Wadi Ara
Gilad Arden (personally came at 6 in the morning to supervise the
demolition). Uri Ariel.

75 Establishment of Torah garinim in the Ajami neighborhood in Jaffa instead
of Tel Aviv as the municipality wanted
Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.

76 Significant financial reinforcement of religious garinim (nuclei) in the
Negev and Galilee.
Silvan Shalom. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz. Uri Ariel.

77 Approved plan to bring 300 thousand new residents to the Galilee and the
Silvan Shalom.

78 Launched new campus for hesder yeshiva in Acre at the cost of NIS 20
Silvan Shalom. Uri Ariel. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.

79 NIS 10 million special budget for the construction of sports facilities
in Lod
Limor Livnat.

80 Special support for cultural activities in Lod
Limor Livnat.

81 Knesset approved the denial of pension payments to Azmi Bishara.
He fled the country after being accused of treason.
Yariv Levin. Zeev Elkin.

82 Ethics Committee of the Knesset rebuked Ahmed Tibi for going to the
reconciliation ceremony of the terrorists
Yitzhak Vaknin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Tzipi Hotovely.

83 Rebuke of the Ethics Committee against Talab El-Sana for broadcasting the
remarks of the head of Hamas in Gaza to the protestors
Danny Danon. Zevulun Orlev. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Tzipi Hotovely.

Supreme Court + justice system

84 Basic decision of the Prime Minister not to demolish buildings on land
that is not private, but instead to act for their authorization
Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Gideon Sa'ar. Limor Livnat. Professor Aryeh
Eldad. Zeev Elkin.Yariv Levin.

85 Zionist treament of the court petition against the synagogue in El Matan:
The State's response to the High Court on the local authorization procedures
instead of demolishing them
Moshe Ya'alon. Zeev Elkin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Dr. Benny Begin. Yariv Levin.

86 Prime Minister's decision to authorize the Yovel and Charsha communities
instead of destroying them
Moshe Ya'alon. Limor Livnat. Ruby Rivlin. Zeev Elkin. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.
Carmel Shama.
Danny Danon. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari. Dr. Benny Begin. Yariv Levin. Moshe

87 Supreme Court case on working and possession - withdrawing the petition
Moshe Ya'alon. David Rotem. Uri Ariel. Yariv Levin. Dr. Benny Begin. Gideon
Sa'ar. Tzipi Hotovely. Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Zeev Elkin

88 Kiryat Netafim, authorizing a small number of houses against which Peace
Now petitioned, thus preventing their demolition
Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Zeev Elkin. Professor Aryeh Eldad. Uri

89 Neve Tzuf, authorizing a small number of houses against which Peace Now
petitioned, thus preventing their demolition
Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Zeev Elkin. Professor Aryeh Eldad.

90 State of Israel sought to delete a petition to the High Court by the
extreme left against Rechalim, preventing demolition
Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Zeev Elkin. Professor Aryeh Eldad. Yariv

National consciousness: media, culture, education and information

91 Support in obtaining funding for the development of historical heritage
sites of Herodium and Shilo
Zeev Elkin.

92 Deleting content supporting terror ("Intifada 3") from Facebook by an
official government application to the Facebook company
Yuli Edelstein.

93 Curbing public panic over the political “tsunami":
Moshe Ya'alon. Dr. Benny Begin. Uri Ariel. Avigdor Lieberman., Danny Ayalon.
Zeev Elkin Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Danny Danon. Professor Daniel Hershkowitz.
Yariv Levin.

94 Ambassadors and consuls visit Hebron
Avigdor Lieberman. Danny Ayalon. Anastasia Michaeli. Yariv Levin.

95 Visits of foreign journalists to Hebron, personally accompanied by the
Minister responsible for foreign press
Yuli Edelstein.

96 CNN responded to the demand to remove the quotes from the word "attack"
to describe the murder of a baby in Itamar
Yuli Edelstein.

97 Decision and start of implementation: Students visits to Hebron and Gush
Etzion from the Ministry of Education
Gideon Sa'ar. Yariv Levin. Alex Miller. Uri Orbach.

98 Establishing a culture prize in Zionism led by Chaim Topol
Limor Livnat.

99 Beginning of advocacy against a Palestinian state
Prof. Aryeh Eldad. Zeev Elkin. Gila Gamliel. Stas Misezhnikov. Tzipi
Hotovely.Miri Regev. Uri Ariel. Yaakov Katz. Dr. Michael Ben - Ari.

100 Reinforcement and subsidization of public transportation to the Maarat
Hamachpela during the holidays
Israel Katz. Uri Maklev. Prof. Aryeh Eldad.
C. Summary Tables

Table 2: Outstanding MKs (a participant in 10 or more achievements over the
past six months)

Minister / MK
No. Achievements
Uri Ariel National Union MK 46
Zeev Elkin Likud MK 34
Yariv Levin Likud MK 27
Professor Arieh Eldad National Union MK 24
Moshe Ya'alon Likud Minister 18
Danny Danon Likud MK 15
Moshe Kahlon Likud Minister 14
Dr. Benny Begin Likud Minister 13
Dr. Michael Ben-Ari -National Union MK 13
Tzipi Hotovely Likud MK 13
Limor Livnat Likud Minister 13
Silvan Shalom Likud Minister 13
Yaakov Katz National Union MK 11
Prof. D. Hershkowitz NRP/Bayit Yehudi Minister 10
David Rotem Israel Beiteinu MK 10

Table 3: Factions: Achievements – adjusted according to the number of MKs in
the faction (
+ Who is the best MK in each faction

National Union – average: 23, best MK Uri Ariel
Likud – average: 9, best MK Zeev Elkin
Jewish Home – average 8, best MK Professor Daniel Hershkowitz
Israel Beiteinu – average 2.5, best MK Dudu Rotem
Shas – average 1.5, best MK: Yaakov Margi
United Torah Judaism (Yahadut Hatorah) – average 1, best MK: Menachem
Eliezer Moses

Table 4: Number of MKs with the Zero or Only One Achievement Over 6 Months -
by faction
National Union 0
Jewish Home / NRP 0
Likud 3 (11% of MKs in faction)
Israel Beiteinu 8 (53% of MKs in faction)
Shas 6 (55% of MKs in faction)
United Torah Judaism 3 (60% of MKs in faction)

D. Conclusions

The number of achievements comes down - quite by accident - to 100
achievements just six months. This is many achievements as compared to
relatively fewer achievements covered by previous reports, This is certainly
welcome. However, if the number of active MKs grow, so too will the number
of achievements.

There is still much room for improvement:

A.First and foremost, there is no settlement drive. This should be the
flagship of a national government. This would lower housing prices and
solve the problem of homeless people, all just a short distance from Tel
Aviv and Jerusalem!

B. . Despite the proven damage caused by policy speech at Bar - Ilan
University (“for a Palestinian state") the coalition has yet to abandon this
policy. A Government decision against a Palestinian state has not been made,
nor conditioned and the law of Israel has not yet been applied to Judea and
Samaria. (a conditional decision - against a unilateral Palestinian state
received a majority of votes in the Knesset).

C. While the Prime Minister rejected the policy of his predecessors, Olmert
and Sharon, in practice scores of Supreme Court cases of the left, based on
the working assumption of the "occupation" are still pending and the
Government of Israel does not demand their rejection.

The purpose of this report is increasing the positive action of the
representatives of the national camp in the Knesset and the government. By
publication of positive action, we hope to increase voter turnout in the
national camp and the registration in parties in the national camp. Those
who in the past saw the lack of achievements by elected officials and
decided not to vote and not to join any party are the reason for this

We wish to thank all those extra - parliamentary groups and activists who
helped us collect reliable information for “viewing” the parliamentary and
governmental activity.

Finally, we wish to thank, on behalf of the public, ministers and Knesset
members who excelled in this report, for their essential Zionist work, and
to express the hope and promise: that every one of us feels a personal
obligation as a citizen loyal to his country, to work in their sphere of
influence, to ensure that ministers and Knesset members who invested and
made achievements will continue to serve the public in the next Knesset and
in the next government.

Mattot Arim

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