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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
Security Cabinet Communique - Operation Pillar of Defense

Security Cabinet Communique
(Communicated by the Prime Minister's Media Adviser)

It was unanimously decided, this evening (Wednesday, 14 November 2012):

1. To direct the IDF and the ISA to continue vigorous action against the
terrorist infrastructures operating from the Gaza Strip against the civilian
population in Israel in order to bring about an improvement in the security
reality and allow a normal life for the residents of the State of Israel.

Alongside the military effort, Israel will, to the best of its ability, work
to avoid harming civilians while honoring the humanitarian needs of the
population, in keeping with the rules of international law.

2. To direct the IDF, the Home Front Defense Ministry, the Israel Police and
all relevant agencies to take all necessary measures in keeping with Defense
Minister Ehud Barak's statement regarding the declaration of a special home
front situation.

3. To allow the IDF, as per need and with the approval of Defense Minister
Barak, to mobilize reserve units.

4. To direct the National Information Directorate and the Foreign Ministry,
in conjunction with all relevant agencies, to explain Israel's actions, in
Israel and in the international arena.

5. To authorize Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Defense
Minister Barak and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, and in consultation
with other ministers as per need, to decide, on behalf of the Security
Cabinet, regarding the actions necessary to continue with Operation Pillar
of Defense and to submit other decisions for Government
approval, as may prove necessary.

IDF begins Operation Pillar of Defense

IDF begins extensive operation against terror organizations in the Gaza
Strip, IAF has struck senior officials, long-range launchers, and weapons
warehouses, updates to follow
Date: 14/11/2012, 4:30 PM Author: IDF Website Editor

10:48 p.m.: Over the past few hours, the IDF has targeted dozens of Hamas's
medium range (up to 40km) under-ground rocket launch and infrastructure
sites. This has significantly damaged the rocket launch capabilities as
munitions ware houses owned by Hamas and other terror organizations were
targeted. In addition, Israeli Navy soldiers targeted several Hamas terror
sites stationed along the shoreline of the Gaza Strip.

The aim of targeting these sites is to impair the rocket launching and
weapons build up capabilities.

Hamas – that rules over the Gaza strip, has turned it into a forward base
for Iran - an area scattered with weapon storage facilities and rocket
launching sites that put the residents of the Gaza Strip in harm's way.

The IDF will continue to target sites that are used to carry out terror
attacks against Israeli citizens.

10:05 p.m.: As of now, the Iron Dome has intercepted 17 rockets over the
course of the day.

10:00 p.m.: Below is a photo of the Fajr-5 launch site that was struck a
short while ago by IAF aircraft, note the proximity to a mosque and other
civilian structures.

9:45 p.m.: A short while ago, a rocket struck a shopping center in a major
city in southern Israel.

8:30 p.m.: The Israeli Navy has stuck terror sites in the Gaza Strip.

In addition, the Iron Dome intercepted 13 rockets over the past few hours.

7:15 p.m.: The IDF has published a video of its pinpoint strike on Ahmed
Jabri, the head of Hamas’ military wing in Gaza.

5:35pm: The IDF has targeted a significant number of long range rockets
sites (over 40km) owned by Hamas. This deals a significant blow to the
terror organizations' underground rocket launching capabilities and
munitions ware houses that are owned by Hamas and other terror

The aim of targeting these sites is to cripple the terrorist organizations'
rocket launching and weapons build up capabilities.

The Gaza strip, has turned it into a forward base for Iran, firing rockets
and carrying out terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.

The IDF will continue to target terrorist sites that are used to carry out
terror attacks against Israeli citizens.

4:30 pm: In the past hour, the IDF targeted Ahmed Jabri, the head of Hamas'
military wing, in the Gaza Strip. Jabri was a senior Hamas operative who
served in the upper echelon of the Hamas' command and was directly
responsible for executing terror attacks against the State of Israel in the
past number of years.

The purpose of this operation was to cripple the command and control chain
of the Hamas leadership, as well as its terrorist infrastructure. This was a
surgical operation in cooperation with the Israeli Security Agency, that was
implemented on the basis of concrete intelligence and using advanced

The IDF will continue to target sites that are used for carrying out terror
attacks against the citizens of Israel while improving their daily security.

IDF Spokesman, Brig. Gen. Yoav (Poly) Mordechai, said that IDF operations
began following the "intolerable situation in the south of the country, and
seeks to harm terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip." During
the night, IDF Chief of Staff Gantz approved the detailed plan. All options
are open in order to seriously damage Hamas and other terrorist

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