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Monday, May 6, 2013
China President presents 4 point plan to Mahmoud Abbas

Xi Jinping held talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stressed that
China firmly supports the just cause of the Palestinian people
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May 6, 2013, the President Xi Jinping at the Great Hall of the People held
talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Xi Jinping put forward
four-point proposal to promote the settlement of the question of Palestine,
stressed that China firmly supports the just cause of the Palestinian
people, willing to work with Pakistan to the inheritance and development of
Sino-Pakistani friendship and cooperation.

Xi Jinping said that more than half a century, the Chinese people and the
Palestinian people is always mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual
support, good friends, good partners and good brothers, Sino-Pakistani
relations continue to achieve new development. China will continue to
provide help to the Palestinian development and construction, strengthen
exchanges and cooperation in the field of agriculture, investment,
infrastructure construction, culture, education and political parties, and
to compose the Sino-Pakistani friendship a new chapter.

Xi pointed out that the Palestinian issue is the core of the problem in the
Middle East. This problem persists more than half a century has not been
resolved, brought much suffering to the Palestinian people, has also become
a major source of long-term Middle East unrest. Legitimate national rights
of the Palestinian people is not restored, the Palestinian and Israeli peace
is impossible to achieve peace and stability in the Middle East is also out
of the question. At no time can ignore the Palestinian issue, the
settlement of the question of Palestine must be placed in a prominent

Xi put forward a four-point proposal:

First, it should adhere to the independent Palestinian state, the
Palestinian-Israeli peaceful coexistence in the right direction. The
establishment of independent state based on the 1967 borders, with East
Jerusalem as its capital, with full sovereignty is inalienable rights of the
Palestinian people, is also a key solution to the Palestinian issue. At the
same time, the existence of Israel and the legitimate security concerns
should be fully respected.

Second, should the negotiations as the only way to achieve
Israeli-Palestinian peace. Palestine and Israel should follow the trend of
the times, adhere to the road of peace talks, mutual understanding and
mutual accommodation, meet each other halfway. The immediate priority is to
stop building settlements, stop the violence against innocent civilians, the
lifting of the blockade on the Gaza Strip, to properly resolve the issue of
Palestinian prisoners take effective measures to create the necessary
conditions for the resumption of peace talks. From within the Palestinian
community to achieve a comprehensive settlement to help restart and promote
Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

Thirdly, we should adhere to the "land for peace" principle without
wavering. The parties concerned should be on both the basis of the results
of the "land for peace" principle, the relevant United Nations resolutions,
the Arab Peace Initiative, and comprehensively promote the Middle East peace
process forward.

Fourth, the international community should provide an important guarantee
for the advancement of the peace process. The relevant parties of the
international community should strengthen their sense of responsibility and
urgency, to uphold the objective and fair stance, positive peace and
facilitating talks, and to increase assistance to the Palestinian human
resources training, economic construction.

Xi Jinping said that the support of the Chinese people for the Palestinian
people is sincere and from the heart. China will continue to support the
just cause of the Palestinian people. Palestinian-Israeli peace talks while
the road is difficult and tortuous, but we believe, firmly grasp the general
direction of the peace effort and perseverance, the Palestinian people will
be able to achieve the dream of the founding of.

Abbas said that Palestine-China friendship is deep, constantly consolidate
and develop the friendly relations between the two countries. Palestine
thanks China's long-term support and help, and hope that with the Chinese
political deepen mutual understanding and support, strengthen economic and
trade cooperation, Palestine welcomes Chinese enterprises to invest in

Abbas discussed the Palestinian-Israeli relations and the situation of the
Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. He stressed that a political solution is
the best and the only way out. Palestinian to adhere peace choice, to seek
in the "two-state solution on the basis of peaceful coexistence between
Palestine and Israel, and ultimately, through peace talks. Most urgent
tasks is party to comply with international agreements, to stop building
settlements, to create conditions for the resumption of peace talks as soon
as possible. Palestine is committed to achieve internal reconciliation and
unity. Palestinian side highly appreciates China's justice stance on the
Palestinian issue, and hope that the Chinese side will continue to play an
important role.

After the talks, the two heads of state jointly attended the economic and
technological cooperation agreement between the two governments and culture,
education cooperation documents signing ceremony.

Before the talks, Xi Jinping Abbas held a welcoming ceremony in the square
outside the East Gate of the Great Hall of the People. Qiangba, vice
chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, State
Councilor Yang Jiechi, Lin Wenyi, vice chairman of the National Committee of
the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, China Democratic
National Construction Association Central Committee Vice Chairman Wu
Xiaoqing attended.

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