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Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Text: Days before bomb attack on Americans, PA sermon: "take vengeance on the Jews and their allies"

Text: Days before bomb attack on Americans, PA sermon: "take vengeance on
the Jews and their allies"

FBIS Report - Friday sermons broadcast from the West Bank and Gaza Strip on
10 October September 2003:
[With thanks to www.mideastweb.org/mewnews1.htm ]


Gaza Palestine Satellite TV Channel in Arabic, official television station
of the Palestinian Authority, carries at 0937 GMT a live sermon from Shaykh
Zayid Bin-Sultan Al Nuhayyan mosque in Gaza.

Shaykh Ibrahim Mudayris delivers the sermon, which he devotes to
underscoring the strong link between the holy mosque in Mecca and Al-Aqsa
Mosque in Jerusalem. This link, he says, is signified by two major events in
Islam: The prophet's night journey to Al-Aqsa, and the change of prayer
direction from Al-Aqsa to the holy mosque in Mecca. The imam argues that the
change of prayer direction does not detract from the importance of Al-Aqsa,
as it came to please the prophet who yearned for his homeland, Mecca.

The imam urges Palestinians everywhere to follow the example of the prophet
on the love of homeland and vows: "We promise that we will not forget you, O
land of Palestine. We promise that we will not forget you, O Al-Aqsa. We
promise that we will not forget you, O Jerusalem, Haifa, Yafo, Lod, and

The imam continues with the same theme in the second sermon. He says:
"Al-Aqsa Mosque, O Muslims, is not just a Palestinian, Arab, or Islamic
cause, but also a world cause. There will be no security or peace on earth
unless the Palestine question is settled justly by returning Al-Aqsa Mosque
to its rightful owners." "The world," he adds, "will never enjoy security
unless our children enjoy it here in Palestine. We hear statements by the
little US President. We hear unfair and tyrannical statements in which he
says Israel has the right to defend itself. These statements carry
destruction for the United States itself." "From this place," the imam says,
"we warn the American people that this President is dragging them to the

The imam says: "If Israel has the right to defend itself, then the
Palestinians also have the right to defend their blood and children. We have
the right to defend our houses, which are being demolished right now in
Rafah. We have the right to defend our children's blood, which is being
spilled right now in Rafah."

The imam defends the girl who carried out the Haifa operation, saying: "We
have to defend our rights, land, and sanctities by all legitimate means. The
terrorist is the one butchering innocent people there in Iraq and
Afghanistan. The terrorist is the one butchering our brothers and children
now in besieged Janin, Tulkarm, Ramallah, and all the villages of Palestine.
They are the real terrorists."

The imam concludes with this prayer: "O Lord, protect our people in Rafah,
Janin, and the whole of Palestine. O Lord, protect our sons and youths and
spare their blood. O Lord, O Avenger, take vengeance on Your enemies, our
enemies, and enemies of religion. O Lord, take vengeance on the Jews and
their supporters. O Lord, take vengeance on the Jews and their allies. O
Lord, take vengeance for the blood of our martyrs. O Lord, take vengeance
for our deported people."

Gaza Palestine Satellite TV Channel in Arabic also carries the following
report at 1300 GMT on 10 October: "President Yasir Arafat performed Friday
prayers at the Protocol Mosque [Masjid al-tashrifat] in the presidential
compound in Ramallah. The Friday imam, Shaykh Khamis Abda, denounced the
Israeli aggression against our people and holy places. He affirmed that our
people will remain solidly steadfast in the land of steadfastness and the
night journey and the ascension to heaven in face of this escalation. The
imam said that the Israeli machine of tyranny and death and destruction will
not weaken our will. The imam called on our people to entrench national
unity in face of the serious challenges and to rally around the wise
leadership of the president until the establishment of the independent
Palestinian state with Holy Jerusalem as its capital."

The report includes a recording of a small part of the sermon in which the
imam says: "It is important today to be one stand and one heart behind our
leader. This example, O God's subjects, exists in many of the traditions and
sayings by the prophet, peace be upon him." The imam then cites a tradition
from the Hadith that says: "The true Muslim is the one who spares fellow
Muslims his tongue and hand." The imam concludes with this prayer: "O Lord,
preserve for us Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque. O Lord, protect our people and
leader from every evil."

Ramallah Voice of Palestine, official radio station of the Palestinian
Authority, carries at 0937 GMT a live sermon from Al-Aqsa Mosque in

Shaykh Yusuf Abu-Sunaynah delivers the sermon, in which he calls on
worshippers to observe their religious duties, avoid sins, and turn to God
for pardon and mercy.

In the second sermon, the imam alludes to the raid carried out by Israeli
warplanes on Syrian territory, saying: "It is a blatant violation of the
sovereignty of a member state of the United Nations, the Arab League, and
the Organization of Islamic Conference. What has the world done in face of
this aggression? The United States, in a statement by its President, openly
supported the aggression, considering it self-defense. It also called on
Syria to stop harboring what it terms armed groups."

In an apparent criticism of Syria, the imam says: "Corrupt leaders are worse
to their people than the imperialist states themselves. He who has the right
cannot beg it. What did Syria do when the US President justified the Israeli
aggression? It said it hoped that the United States would not use the veto
right. What utter humility! What weakness! Syria had the right and it was
the aggrieved party. Yet, it placed itself in a position of soliciting
sympathy, while Israel brags and continues to make threats against Syria and
Lebanon. How can there be victory? How can it be possible to stop the

The imam also directs his criticism at the Arab states for not condemning
the aggression and says: "Our Islamic religion has indicated the bases of
free, respectable life and explained that the State of Islam is the real
strategy, the real power, future way, sound view, and most ideal solution to
all our crucial issues. There is no honor for us without Islam and no
dignity without the State of Islam. History will not have mercy on the
defeatists. Is it not time our nation in the east and the west returned to
its senses, awakened from its slumber, adhered to its religion, and worked
for the establishment of its state, the State of the Caliphate, the state of
right, justice, and victory?"

The imam concludes with a prayer to God to support Islam and Muslims and
improve Muslim conditions. He prays: "O Lord, deal with the enemies of Islam
for they are within Your power."

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