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Sunday, December 14, 2003
"Pacifist" Naor's Endorsement of Petition Supporting Suicide Bombers - Exchange with Ami Isseroff

"Pacifist" Naor's Endorsement of Petition Supporting Suicide Bombers -
Exchange with Ami Isseroff
[With thanks to www.mideastweb.org/mewnews1.htm ]

#1 From: Ami Isseroff
Cc: Tamar Yaron ; Dorothy Naor
Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2003 11:00 AM
Subject: Nonviolence and Refuseniks

Dear friends,

Most of us are acquainted with the movement that calls upon Israelis to
resist military service - not to refuse specific acts - but simply to refuse
service, run by New Profile, ostensibly because they are against violence.
The person most associated with that group is Dorothy Naor.

Being against violence is a very laudable stance.

You will be interested to know that Ms. Naor is not really against all
violence, it seems. There is a bizarre petition to allow suicide bombings by
Palestinians as "legitimate resistance."

You would not believe that someone would get up a petition in favor of
suicide bombings, but it is a fact!

The petition has also redefined antisemitism in the way that is customary
among certain antisemites.

If you don't believe me, you can go to
www.petitiononline.com/resist/petition.html and read it.

The petition begins:
"Relating to Simon Wiesenthal Center's latest campaign 'urging to take the
lead in making every suicide bombing - whoever the perpetrator and wherever
the victim - a crime against humanity.'; we ask for stating difference
between those attacks done with Goal of killing, and those done under
occupation asking for its end.

It is very sad to see such 'Anti-Semite' standing from Simon Wiesenthal
Center towards Palestinian nation; their acceptance of Semite nation living
under Zionist occupation for decades; their acceptance of Mr. Ariel Sharon's
policies. "

At www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?resist&1 you can read the
list of signatories.
Among them is the same Dorothy Naor! So much for non-violence and concience.
Here we have a pacifist who supports suicide bombings!

Never be surprised at the moral depravity of fanatics, and always be on
guard against their ideas.

Ami Isseroff

#2 From: Dorothy Naor
To: Ami Isseroff ; MEWDIALOG
Cc: Tamar Yaron
Sent: Sunday, December 14, 2003 8:16 PM
Subject: Re: Nonviolence and Refuseniks

Dear Ami Isseroff,

If you are going to cite me, you should do it accurately. My comment states
in unequivacal terms that I do not support violence of any kind. My exact
words in the comment are: "I do not believe in violence of any sort, and
believe that Palestinian suicide bombers are mostly the unfortunate tool of
extremists. But I do agree that there is a considerable difference between
youngsters who hae no future and no present and only a miserable past who
allow themselves to be used and other sorts of terrorism."

The petition is not my favorite, but you missed the point of it. Moreover,
in effect, my position regarding youngsters being used by terrorists is not
different from that of the Bereved Parents Forum [see attached 2 of Nurit
Peled-Elhanan's speeches]. I decidedly oppose all forms of terrorism and
violence, including Israeli state terrorism and violence.

Furthermore, I expressed my views as a private person, not as a member of
any organization. New Profile is decidedly anti-militaristic and
anti-violence. In fact most Israeli activist organizations today are anti

You have a right to speak your mind. But when you take out at someone,
quote correctly and do not drag others unconnected with it through the mud.
Shame on you.


#3 From: Ami Isseroff
To: Dorothy Naor; MEWDIALOG
Cc: Tamar Yaron
Sent: Sunday, 14 December, 2003 21:44
Subject: Re: Nonviolence and Refuseniks

Dear Dorothy Naor,

You signed a petition that supports suicide bombings and claims it is
resistance. That is all that I stated, and that is correct,
and you do not deny it below.

I didn't cite you at all, because your comment is not relevant.

A petition is not a place to leave comments. You signed the petition, for
whatever reasons, and that is all that is of interest.

Suicide bombers do not require special treatment by courts as you ask below,
because they are all dead after the act. If you think the bombings are
wrong, it is beyond me why signed the petition.

If the signature is mistaken and you do not support the petition, then I
advise you to find some way to withdraw your signature.

Otherwise, your signature means that you support the petition and favor
allowing suicide bombings as a means of "resistance."

I have written nothing that is not correct, and did not misquote you in any
way. As your current letter affirms, you did indeed sign the petition, and
you do support it.

You have the right to be in favor of suicide bombings and to sign the
petition, but people should know that that is your position.

The position of the Family Circle or its members is not relevant, as they
didn't sign the petition.

It is your problem to square your support for Palestinian suicide bombings
with your encouragement of Israelis to avoid army service.

Ami Isseroff

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