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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Amazing Prayer Rally for Pollard at Ma'araht HaMachpela

Amazing Prayer Rally for Pollard at Ma'araht HaMachpela

Justice4JP Release - Tuesday, October 11, 2005

"This was it! This was THE EVENT that we will all point to in years to come
and say 'I was there!' If you missed it, you missed history in the making!"

Ma'araht HaMachpela in Hebron, where the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob, and their wives, Sarah, Rifkah and Leah are buried, was thronged last
night by worshippers, who came from all over the country, for a massive
prayer rally for Jonathan Pollard and selichot prayers.

The Ma'arah as well as the outside plaza was equipped with huge video
screens to enable the thousands upon thousands of worshippers to see, hear
and participate in prayer with illustrious rabbis and chazanim.

There was standing room only inside the Ma'arah. Participants overflowed all
of the prayer halls, including the huge Yitzhak Hall (which is normally
closed to Jewish worshippers.) Despite the crush of bodies, the close
quarters and the relentless heat (no air conditioning or fans), the prayers
were so intense that the entire atmosphere seemed to be electrically

The prayer rally began at 11 PM with an opening presentation by HaRav
Mordecai Eliyahu, the Rishon LeTzion and former Chief Rabbi of Israel. HaRav
Eliyahu spoke of the historic significance of Ma'araht HaMachpela -the
burial place of the forefathers and mothers of Judaism - and he detailed how
every aspect of Jewish tradition is linked in a specific way to each of the
Patriarchs and Matriarchs. He explained that we come to the Ma'arah in order
to enlist the merit and intervention of the holy souls of our Patriarchs and
Matriarchs as we make our appeals to the True Judge Above.

HaRav Eliyahu went on to speak about a dear Jew, Jonathan Pollard, who has
done so much for Am Yisrael, and who is imprisoned in the United States for
safeguarding the security of Israel. He spoke of the significance of
praying for the release of Jonathan Pollard at the Ma'arah and of enlisting
'zechut avot' (the merit of our ancestors) on Pollard's behalf.

The Rav also spoke with warmth and affection of his many trips to the US to
visit with Jonathan Pollard, and he blessed Pollard for a speedy release,
and all good things, to which the enormous crowd responded by thundering,

The Rav then pointed out the special prayer sheets for Pollard that were
being distributed and called upon everyone to pray for Jonathan Pollard's
swift release and redemption. He also pointed out that Esther Pollard,
Jonathan's wife, is currently in Israel (and in attendance at the prayer
rally). He praised Esther's devotion to her husband and her efforts on his
behalf, and he blessed her to receive her husband, swiftly, here in Eretz
Yisrael. Again, a booming "Amain!" echoed throughout the halls of the Ma'arah!

As HaRav Eliyahu was concluding his remarks, he paused to acknowledge the
arrival of HaRav Yona Metzger. Metzger is the current Chief Rabbi of Israel
and the crowds in every hall of the Maarah rose respectfully to greet him.
HaRav Eliyahu concluded with his blessings for Jonathan and for Am Yisrael,
and invited everyone to prayer. He then handed the microphone over to Rabbi
Hillel Horowitz, the Rav of Hebron.

Rav Horowitz spoke with warmth and praise for Jonathan Pollard and then he
led the mighty throng in saying some of the special prayers that had been
prepared for the occasion. The intensity of the prayers and the devotion of
the worshippers was so overwhelming, it was almost palpable.

At various points, others were given the honor of saying or leading the
prayers for Pollard. HaRav Yona Metzger was called upon to conclude the
prayers by reading the special prayer for Pollard composed by HaRav Mordecai
Eliyahu (http://www.jonathanpollard.org/pics/prayer_ext.pdf). Rav Metzger
delivered the prayer with such warmth and compassion that it was impossible
not to be moved by his words. Again, the crowd's thunderous final "Amain!"
bounced off the walls of the Ma'arah and echoed throughout the halls.

The Pollard prayer rally set the tone for the selichot prayers which
followed afterwards. The atmosphere remained electric and the enormous crowd
retained its cohesiveness inspite of its massive size and diversity. Shofars
sounded and trumpets blared throughout the prayers - music and prayers
mingling in a cosmic mix which opened the heart and touched the soul of all
who were fortunate enough to be in attendance.

A prominent participant told Justice4JP: "This was it! This was THE EVENT
that we will all point to in years to come and say 'I was there!' If you
missed it, you missed history in the making!"

To which, Justice4JP simply responds: "Amain!"

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