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Sunday, December 25, 2005
Palestinian Poll: attacks on Israel legitimate, support attacks in USA and Europe

Increased feeling of security in Gaza but actions against Israel still seen
as legitimate as long as occupation prevails
[IMRA: Selected results follow the Fafo press release]

An in-depth survey conducted by Fafo shows that there is wide legitimacy for
violent actions against Israel. Nevertheless, at present people support the
cease fire and do not agree to attacks from the Gaza Strip against Israel. A
majority wants the Intifada to stop. People consider that the Israeli
pullout of Gaza has improved the living conditions there, but people in the
West Bank have not had the same experience. Palestinians do to a large
extent support Al Qaeda actions in USA and Europe. An overwhelming majority
think elections should go ahead as planned in January 2006.

Fafo conducted a face-to face survey with 1849 respondents aged 18 years and
above in the West bank and Gaza Strip in the period of 21 November to 10
December to monitor Palestinian views on the situation after the Israeli
pullout of Gaza, the internal political situation, the coming parliament
elections and municipal service delivery.

Among the results are:

Peace and Conflict

. 83 percent think it is in the Palestinian people's interest to keep the
cease fire (Thadiaa) with Israel, but only 26 percent support the use of
force by Palestinian security services against those who break the calm.

. Release of prisoners and further withdrawal of Israeli forces from the
West Bank are seen as the two most important issues to address to get the
peace process back on track.

. Gaza'a population continues to be optimistic regarding their future after
the Israeli withdrawal. 86 percent feel more secure and 74 percent feel
their personal economic situation has improved. The West Bankers see it
differently as only 35 percent feel more secure and 42 percent consider that
their economic situation has improved.

. 69 percent of Palestinians see violent action as a legitimate means in the
current political situation (occupation), and half of them believe that
suicide attacks are necessary to force Israel to make political concessions.

. However, 57 percent believe that the Intifada should stop and as many as
74 percent think that attacks from Gaza should cease.

. Support for Al Qaeda actions in the world includes 65 percent support to
Al Qaeda actions in the USA and Europe, 32 percent support for Al Qaeda
actions in Iraq and 13 percent support for Al Qaeda actions in Jordan.

Politics and Governance

. The satisfaction with the PA is higher in the West Bank than in Gaza. 70
percent believe President Abbas is doing a good job and 58 percent are
satisfied with the PA's performance, but 34 percent in Gaza are very

. 64 percent think the authorities are unsuccessful in fighting corruption
and only 21 percent believe that anyone will be prosecuted on corruption

. Only 4 and 6 percent respectively have a great deal of confidence in the
government and the parliament, while an additional 23 and 24 percent have
quite a lot of confidence in these institutions. This is just about 10
percent more than people's trust in Western media (CNN and BCC), which is at
the bottom of the list. UNRWA has highest support in the population and as
many as 67 percent trust this organization. Also the Palestinian press
enjoys people's trust as 50 percent say they have a great deal or quite a
lot of confidence in this group.

. People considered the release of prisoners as the most important political
issue to address. While 40 percent of the population thought this was the
most important issue, a further 21 percent say it is the second most
important issue. Job creation opportunities and the economic situation are
other issues that people put high on the agenda and put as the most
important issue for 19 and 16 percent respectively and as a second most
important issue for 22 and 17 percent.

Service delivery

. The majority of the people are in general satisfied with municipal
services like electricity and water supply (76 and 67 %), but with regard to
sewage and sanitation, only 44 percent are satisfied and 28 percent
unsatisfied while 28 percent do not have such service. The situation is
worse in the West Bank than in Gaza. Hospital services also enjoy low
satisfaction, only 47 percent are satisfied and 43 percent are not, while 11
percent lack hospital care.


. 93 percent believe elections should be held as planned in January.

. 81 percent intend to vote.

. 38 percent will vote for Fatah, 17 percent for Hamas and 17 percent have
not decided yet.

. Most important factor for deciding whom to vote for is good moral and
reputation of candidate and his/her absence of corruption (71%). *

. Second most important factor is religion (31%).*

. Factors like political affiliation and personal relations much less
important (19 and 3%).*

. 94 percent support the creation of a National coalition government.

. 74 percent think election outcomes will improve living conditions (83 % in
Gaza and 69 % in WB).

Respondents were allowed to give two answers.

IMRA: Selected results:

Table 2.5 Do you support the use of force by Palestinian security services
those factions that break the agreed period of calm(Tahdiaa)?
Total Strongly Agree 6 Agree 20 Disagree 46 Strongly disagree 28
West Bank Strongly Agree 6 Agree 19 Disagree 51 Strongly disagree 24
Gaza Strip Strongly Agree 7 Agree 22 Disagree 36 Strongly disagree 35

Table 2.14(1) Most important issue to address in order to get the peace
process back on track
Most important issue to address in order to get the peace process back

Evacuation of settlements 16 Release of prisoners 33
Removal of checkpoints 12 Easy border crossing 4
Withdrawal WB 34
West Bank
Evacuation of settlements 21 Release of prisoners 29
Removal of checkpoints 16 Easy border crossing 4
Withdrawal WB 30
Gaza Strip
Evacuation of settlements 8 Release of prisoners 42
Removal of checkpoints 4 Easy border crossing 5
Withdrawal WB 40 Other 1

Table 2.15 Do you think that the new party being established by Ariel Sharon
will lead to progress in the peace process, or that there will be little
change, or that the peace process will be hampered?
Total Progress 7 Little change 22 Hampered 72
West Bank Progress 7 Little change 20 Hampered 73
Gaza Strip Progress 6 Little change 25 Hampered 69

Table 2.16 To what extent do you agree to the following statement: The
Intifada must continue
Total Strongly agree 10 Agree 33 Disagree 37 Strongly disagree 20
West Bank Strongly agree 11 Agree 36 Disagree 36 Strongly disagree 17
Gaza Strip Strongly agree 10 Agree 27 Disagree 38 Strongly disagree 25

Table 2.17 All Palestinian factions must stop military operations from Gaza
Total Strongly agree 22 Agree 52 Disagree 20 Strongly disagree 5
West Bank Strongly agree 15 Agree 57 Disagree 22 Strongly disagree 5
Gaza Strip Strongly agree 33 Agree 43 Disagree 17 Strongly disagree 6

Table 2.18 The resumption of military operations against Israeli targets is
a legitimate response to the current political situation
Total Strongly agree 20 Agree 49 Disagree 27 Strongly disagree 4
West Bank Strongly agree 16 Agree 54 Disagree 26 Strongly disagree 4
Gaza Strip Strongly agree 26 Agree 41 Disagree 29 Strongly disagree 4

Table 2.19 Suicide bombings against Israeli civilians are necessary to force
Israel to make political concessions
Total Strongly agree 16 Agree 34 Disagree 37 Strongly disagree 13
West Bank Strongly agree 14 Agree 33 Disagree 41 Strongly disagree 12
Gaza Strip Strongly agree 20 Agree 36 Disagree 29 Strongly disagree 14

Table 2.22(1) Support to al Qaeda's bombings in Iraq
Total Strongly support 14 Support 19 Oppose 34 Strongly oppose 33
West Bank Strongly support 12 Support 17 Oppose 35 Strongly oppose 36
Gaza Strip Strongly support 16 Support 23 Oppose 31 Strongly oppose 29

Table 2.22(2) Support to al Qaeda's bombings in the USA and Europe
Total Strongly support 38 Support 27 Oppose 19 Strongly oppose 16
West Bank Strongly support 28 Support 29 Oppose 22 Strongly oppose 21
Gaza Strip Strongly support 56 Support 23 Oppose 13 Strongly oppose 7

Table 2.22(3) Support to al Qaeda's bombings in Jordan
Total Strongly support 4 Support 8 Oppose 32 Strongly oppose 55
West Bank Strongly support 4 Support 9 Oppose 32 Strongly oppose 55
Gaza Strip Strongly support 5 Support 6 Oppose 33 Strongly oppose 56

Table 3.3(3) Household members receiving support from Islamic charity
Total Got support 20 No support 80
West Bank Got support 13 No support 87
Gaza Strip Got support 34 No support 66

Table 3.3(5) Household members receiving support from any organization
Total Got support 43 No support 57
West Bank Got support 30 No support 70
Gaza Strip Got support 69 No support 31

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