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Friday, October 16, 2009
Iran demands Turkey return 18.5 billion dollars it seized a year ago from smuggler moving it to Lebanon

Turkey pick up 18.5 billion dollars on its way from Iran to Lebanon
Al Arabiya Wednesday, 25 October 1430 - October 14, 2009
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Iranian Website: unexplained wealth in favor of Hezbollah
Turkey pick up 18.5 billion dollars on its way from Iran to Lebanon
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Turkish television broadcast picture identification card for an Iranian

Dubai - Saud Al-Zahid

Is still a mystery, a wealth of foreign currency and gold is estimated at
18.5 billion dollars taken by Turkish customs on its way from Iran to
Lebanon and confiscated for the benefit of the Central Bank. While media
sources close to the Tehran regime that this wealth belongs to the Iranian
trader to invest in Turkey, other sources said the opposition were on their
way to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Turkey had announced the end of July (July)
last detection of a truck carrying gold and hard Ulama $ 5. 18 billion
dollars on its way from Iran to Lebanon. In later quoted by media statements
to Turkey Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the praise of God for Turkey
on this amount at the peak of the economic crisis afflicting the world.
According to Iranian sites on the Inter Net, including the location, "Beck
Net" website that Turkey has turned gold and the funds in question to the
Iranian Central Bank of Turkey. According to a report in this regard that
the truck was carrying cargo transit from Iran through Turkish territory to
Syria, and Lebanon, but before it gets out of Turkish territory was able to
detect and Customs arrested the driver of the truck and called "Ismail
Saffaryan" carrying an Iranian passport, as broadcast on Turkish television
photocopy of your passport as stated in the report. The Iranian media quoted
the remarks of Hossein Shariatmadari, who refuted the report, and finds the
site "Beck Net" that the denial by Shariatmadari, "to prevent detection of
the Iranian Revolutionary Guard plan to transfer these funds to Lebanese

Bank-Iranian Lebanese

It was reported at this level that the money in question had been used to
establish a joint bank, "an Iranian - Lebanese", under the supervision of a
joint by the Revolutionary Guard, in cooperation with Hezbollah to use in
breaking the economic embargo on Iran.

The site notes that the father of truck driver, identified as Abbas is
likely to be Revolutionary Guards commanders, only a passport driver Ismail
Saffaryan he was born in 1958.

Turkey reports confirm that he was carrying with him 7.5 billion dollars and
20 tons of gold bullion which in total is estimated at $ 18.5 billion U.S.
dollars, and that the cargo has been exposed in the seventh of October 2008
under the news stayed secret.

In early August deployment site "Tabnak" of the conservative candidate,
Mohsen Rezai, the recent presidential elections and one of the most
important leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards in the previous report
under the heading "What's the story behind the capital to stop the Iranian
merchant $ 18.5 billion dollars in Turkey?".

The report pointed out that the Prime Minister of Turkey, "Recep Tayyip
Erdogan," he said after the confiscation of the money in a speech to party
conference: "Although the economic crisis in the world, Turkey could attract
up to $ 18.5 billion dollars."

The report added that the site "Tabnak" which reflects the view that Iran
Iranian merchants "Ismail Saffaryan rates," he carried on the truck $ 7.5
billion, and 20 tons of gold to invest in Turkey.

He was surprised at the report the reasons that prompted Turkish authorities
to confiscate the money from "the Iranian merchant."

$ 18.5 billion in a truck

The "Henwl Aozl" Saffaryan lawyer Ismail said in a television interview with
"D" Turki said his client had in October 2008 to send capital of $ 18.5
billion U.S. dollars by truck to Turkey, accompanied by two people, but fled
to the accompanying money they were stopped by the Turkish authorities and
the money was transported to the Treasury Turkish.

The Delegation noted that when Erdogan to attract capital of 18.5 billion
dollars, "was referring to my client money Ismail Saffaryan rates," adding
that in the case will return the money his client had invested in Turkey.

In a program dedicated to this purpose broadcasting "D" programs and reports
in this regard to explain the details of the entry load by truck to Turkey,
stopped by customs, also addressed the news papers such as Turkey,
"Hurriyet" and "Milliyet" and state television channel "T.. R. T." .

Ismail Saffaryan ratios?

The effects of site "Tabnak" conservative and a close associate of former
chief of the Revolutionary Guards Mohsen Rezai, questions about what the
person who stopped the funds in his possession.

He wondered whether the site was the source of this wealth is for the State
not Iran, and Iranian territory, only used as a conduit for access to
Turkey, or that this wealth is Iranian have been taken out of the country,
which did not provide any of the parties, any explanation about it.

Natural to bring this amount of gold bullion and dollars by an Iranian
citizen, even if in the form of Trazet requires further investigation and
scrutiny by the relevant departments, especially the Ministries of Foreign
Affairs and Economy and intelligence, especially the smuggling of this
amount of money and wealth in the economic cycle Iran - if this money out of
Iran - is of the utmost importance and calls stopped, and reflect on the

To that, the three members of the interim government at the beginning of the
revolution and headed by Engineer Mehdi Bazargan, who as state minister and
former president of the Organization of Planning and Budget Ezzatollah
Sahabi, former Justice Minister Ahmad Sadr Haj Seyed Javadi, and the first
foreign minister to Iran after the revolution and the general secretary of
the Liberation Movement of Iran Dr. Ibrahim Yazdi, a joint letter to Turkish
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on him to decide the fate of this
rapid money taken out of Iran.

They said the politicians in their letter that such an amount can not be due
to one person, specific and demanding the return of these funds to the
Iranian treasury.

In Turkey, followed by the media and opposition parties, the story of this
wealth, full of mysteries, it has the face of all of the Republican People's
Party and the Democratic Party left in the Turkish parliament to question
the President of the Turkish Ministers called on him to present details
about the source of these funds as soon as possible, the money, which he
described a year ago, and Erdogan a period of growing financial crisis as
one of the achievements of his government, insisting the media and
opposition parties to know the source of these funds which had served as the
economic life of water sent by God to the government.

As for the Iranian opposition and the media associated insists confirm that
this Iranian money and to have been smuggled through Turkey to reach the
hands of Hezbollah in Lebanon, and there are parties within the system to
compete with the wing behind the get the money that provided the Turkish
side with information about the convoy gold.

She asked the Iranian opposition forces on the nature of the person who has
such a wealth in Iran, which has placed among the top owners of wealth in
the world and no one knows inside Iran?

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