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Thursday, January 11, 2001
Official Fatah editorial calls for "return to homeland" and praises spreading of intafada throughout Palestine... the Nagab (Negev), and the Galilee"

Official Fatah editorial calls for "return to homeland" and praises
spreading of intafada throughout Palestine... the Nagab (Negev), and the


The Eyes of the World Turn Towards Jerusalem

The Intifada has had its impact on Israeli politics, leading to the collapse
of Barak’s political and military expressions of arrogance, as well as of
his government. Zionists in Israel and in the White House have been shaken
by the prospect of endless streams of Palestinians confronting Israeli tanks
and US-made Apaches with their stones.

The Intifada has affected the international community, as well, loosening
the tight ring of control the US has imposed on the “peace process” for so
long. Neither Russia, nor Europe, Japan nor China were shy to voice their
support for Palestinians; nations once silent are no longer restrained by
fears of US pressure.

Christian and Muslim hearts alike are united as they pledge their love to
Jerusalem and declare their intention to free the city from Israeli

The world’s observance of International Solidarity Day with us this year was
distinguished in both its tone and in the numbers of people who
participated. On the occasion, the Central Council of the Fateh movement
issued a statement outlining guidelines and goals for the continuing
Intifada. The statement read as follows:

“To the members of our great movement,

To our Palestinian people here and in the Diaspora,

To Arab and Islamic nations

To all freedom-loving peoples:

As we commemorate our martyrs who fell in the Intifada for al Aqsa, for
Jerusalem, for Palestinian independence, and the right of return, we
emphasize our determination to continue our Intifada until all of our
objectives have been achieved.

The Intifada is now entering its third month, after beginning in Jerusalem
at blessed Al-Aqsa, and then spreading throughout Palestine – into the West
Bank, Gaza, the Nagab (Negev), and the Galilee. It reached further still, to
unite the Arab peoples living in Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq with
their brethren in Palestine’s Jerusalem, the heart of the Arab world.
Finally, our Intifada crossed Arab borders, moving into the hearts of
Muslims and of Christians across the earth, because of the special place
Holy Jerusalem holds. This year’s International Day of Solidarity with
Palestine, then, was distinguished, even more than ever, in its
ever-broadening Christian and international dimensions. We are supported as
we struggle for our rights – to return to our homeland, to determine our own
future, to establish a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

This, our Intifada of freedom and independence, based on our belief in the
inevitability of victory and on our knowledge of our readiness to sacrifice,
has succeeded in establishing the following facts:

Fact 1: The direct cause of the Intifada was the crisis in the peace
process, a crisis brought about by the intransigence of Barak and his
government, who were hoping to gain legitimacy from the PLO and impose
Israeli sovereignty on al-Aqsa Mosque.

Fact 2: Sharon’s aggressive behavior at al-Aqsa was the last straw for the
Palestinian people. His action ignited the rage of Palestinians in Gaza, the
West Bank, East Jerusalem, and inside the territories occupied in 1948. It
also enraged Arabs, as well as Christians and Muslims of all ethnicities,
throughout the world. Unfortunately for Sharon and those who think as he
does, his gesture simply served to underline our determination to liberate
al Quds and a- Aqsa, as both the Arab and Islamic summit conferences made

Fact 3: National unity has increased among national and Islamic forces
throughout Palestine. Our unity remains the most effective weapon we have,
as we continue our Intifada until we achieve independence.

Fact 4: The brutal reaction of the Israeli army and settlers against
Palestinian civilians is unacceptable by any standard. Deliberate murder,
along with the use of tanks, helicopters, and missiles, has made more room
for hatred in the hearts of Palestinians, who themselves responded with
violence, in an effort to gain their freedom.

Fact 5: The present Intifada began in the era of the Palestinian National
Authority, which did manage to achieve some successes in the area of our
national development. The PNA was targeted, however, by the Israelis, in a
war unilaterally declared by Israel. Today, the PNA stands with the
Palestinian people against this Israeli war. Neither the PNA nor the
Palestinian people will accept Israeli orders to halt the Intifada and
return to the negotiating table, as if nothing had occurred.

Fact 6: The US has clearly shown its pro-Israeli bias. Therefore, it has
lost its role as a sponsor of the Palestinian/Israeli peace process, on
which the Intifada has imposed new terms. These terms were articulated when
President Arafat insisted at Sharm al-Sheikh on the participation of the
European Union, Egypt, and Jordan, in order to break the US monopoly on
decisions made. Russia, too, is a possible co-sponsor, as evidenced from
President Arafat’s recent visit there.

Fact 7: It is vital that any future negotiations be held not on whether, but
on how, to implement the measures called for under international law. The
international investigation committee should be activated, and calls for
temporary international protection be reiterated until our people are safe
from Israeli settlers and military alike. Such developments will ensure the
unified continuation of the Intifada, as well as counteract Israeli efforts
to isolate the PNA from the Palestinian people.

Our movement, Fateh, shoulders much responsibility in the PNA leadership,
and is concerned to preserve the accomplishments of the PNA. While we
continue to play an effective role in spearheading the activities of the
Intifada, with the participation of other national and Islamic forces, we
attach special importance to the coordination that must prevail between the
institutions of the PNA, on the one hand, and of civil society, on the
other. Only by means of this coordination will the Intifada be able to
achieve its goals.

On the occasion of Ramadan, we extend our congratulations to the Palestinian
people. We extend congratulations to our Arab and Muslim nations. May
Ramadan always be the month of victory.”

Long live the Intifada!

Long live our movement, Fateh!

Eternity for our martyrs!

Recovery for our wounded!

Freedom for our prisoners!

Revolution until Victory!

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