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Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Translation: Remarks of President Peres at dedication of memorial with President Putin in Netanyahu

Remarks of Israel President Shimon Peres at Inauguration of World War II
Memorial with the Attendance of Russian President Vladimir Putin
June 25, 2012
[Hebrew provided by the President’s Office to IMRA Translation by IMRA]

Mr. President,
Welcome to Israel.

Mayor of Netanya,
Miriam Feirberg,

This is an opportunity for the State of Israel to salute the Russian People.
Salute the heroism of the Red Army who defeated the Nazi beast. Without this
victory it is doubtful whether we would meet here as free men.

[Russian – ends with Thanks You!]

As the President of Russia you carry on your shoulder the burden of Russian
history. Not only the current policy. When you were elected president, you
declared that Russia will not kneel down. In the Second World War, Russia
prevented the world from kneeling down.

The song "Wake up a huge country," states:

"Black wings dare not fly over the homeland.
The enemy dare not trample on the broad fields"

Two white wings rise from the memorial before us. They are the wings that
beat the two black wings. It is the Red Army that turned the black to white.
I shudder when I ask myself, what would have happen to us? What would have
happened to all of us? If the Nazi army had conquered Moscow, instead of the
Red Army conquering Berlin. Fortunately for mankind, Soviet heroism defeated
the Nazi madness.

The Second World War was the most terrible war in history. The Allies bore
the price. But it was the Russian people who bore the bulk.

Our nation lost a third of his sons. Both of our nations are long-suffering.

Both of our nations refuse to surrender, even to the most terrible

The monument describes on one wall the suffering of the Russian People and
the other wall - the suffering of the Jewish People.

The Soviet Union drafted 34 million to serve in the war. This recruitment
has no precedent in history. Losses were also unprecedented.

About 30 million Soviet citizens perished. Half of them soldiers who fell in
battle. Half of them civilians who bore the terror of war.

80% of the fallen, fell within the Soviet Union. They also brought the
decisive victory.

The Jewish People bears an historic thanks to the Russian People.

The Nazis murdered 6 million Jews, half of them lived in the Soviet Union.

The Red Army was the first to liberate the concentration and extermination

Half a million Jews fought in the Red Army. Two hundred thousand of them
fell on the battlefields.

Jewish soldiers served in the Red Army. In the forces on the land, sea, air
and the partisan forests. They fought bravely. The Red Army acknowledged
their bravery, and many of them were appointed to key positions:

Of 110 army commanders - 10 were Jews.

Of 200 admirals - 17 were Jews.

Of 700 corps commanders 24 were Jews.

More than 150 Jewish fighters were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union

As Tolstoy wrote: "relations with the Jews cannot be other than the
relations of brothers that I love. Not because they are Jews, but because we
and they, as men, are the sons of one father and one God.”

Mr. President,

A large part of the Jewish people lived in Great Russia. We knew ups and
downs. But we were able to remain Jews. We could pray in Hebrew. We could
dream of a Jewish State in our ancient homeland. The realization of this
dream, Mr. President, you can see here for yourself. A million and a half
Russian speakers now live in our country. They are Israelis who have not
forgotten the Russian culture, and feel friendship toward Russia. When I see
the memorial, I recall the words of the poet Rachel "your blood flows in my

Your coming today to Netanya is a rare historic meeting. Full of pain. Full
of pride. Bearing hope. It is also a warning for those who want to trample
over human dignity.

We will not allow that to happen again.

Our suffering was not in vain.

I am sure that Russia that suffered from the blow of fascism, will not allow
similar threats. Not the Iranian threat. Not the Syrian bloodshed.

Last night the election results were published in Egypt. I send greeting to
the President-elect. We will honor the peace between us. Because that peace
is the real victory for both of us. Peace is in fact the triumph of all the
children in the world.

Mr. President,

This monument is not only praise for grand heroism, but also a beacon of

Russia, which contributed so decisively to the victory in the war, is also
the Russia that could make a decisive contribution to peace in the Middle

You came at the right time.

Thank you kindly.

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