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Thursday, May 29, 2014
(Hamas funding Temple Mount disturbances) Main information from Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Tuama's interrogation

Hamas is using the Islamic Movement in Israel as a front organization to
promote its goals and activity in Jerusalem

Main information from Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Tuama's interrogation
ISA 29 May 2014

1. A gag order was lifted on ISA's arrest in April 2014 of a senior Hamas
activist abroad.

2. Mahmoud Mohammad Issa Tuama was born in 1951; he is married and has 8
children, originally from Kafin, Tul Karem; has been residing in Saudi
Arabia since the 1970s. He joined
the Muslim Brotherhood in 1983 and joined Hamas as soon as 1987 upon the
foundation of the organization.

3. In his interrogation Tuama said that as of 2008 he had been a member
of Hamas General Shura Council headed by Khaled Meshal; the General Shura
Council is Hamas' supreme leadership entity that shapes the movement's
overall policy – as well as the military aspects of the movement's policy.

4. Hamas is using the Islamic Movement in Israel as a front organization
to promote its goals and activity in Jerusalem:
a. Tuama stated in his interrogation that Hamas is using the Islamic
Movement in Israel for transfer of funds to many projects in Jerusalem.
b. For example: Hamas transfers funding to the Islamic Movement's
learning initiative at the Temple Mount; under the cover of religious
studies, youths stay day and night on the mount only to be constantly
present on the mount and prevent the arrival of Jews to the holy site.
c. Hamas pays these youths a salary of 4000-5000 NIS per month.
d. Tuama said that Hamas does not expose its links with the Islamic
Movement and its members to avoid complications with the Israeli
e. Tuama told his interrogators that to his assessment there are
clandestine links between Raed Salah and Hamas leadership.

5. Hamas' involvement in the escalation regarding Temple Mount
a. Tuama delivered that Hamas is behind the projects of the Islamic
Movement Institution, Omara al Aqsa that acted to prevent visits of Jews in
the Temple Mount using an array of hundreds of activists who stayed at the
Temple Mount compound day and night.
b. Please note that in recent months there was an increase in violent
activity carried out by its activists in Temple Mount so that in some of the
cases Israeli police had to close the Mount for visits of Jewish people.
c. This institution was administratively closed in late 2013 by ISA and
Israeli police due to the joint use – sometimes violent use – Hamas and the
Islamic Movement had made of this institution.

6. Hamas' relations with world Muslim Brotherhood
a. Tuama joined MB in 1983 and like many other activists, in 1987, upon
the foundation of Hamas, joined this movement that defines itself as the
Palestinian arm of Muslim Brotherhood.
b. According to Tuama, eight representatives of world Muslim Brotherhood
participate in Hamas Shura Council that determines Hamas' policy and
conducts its activity.

7. Activity of Hamas HQ on Turkish and Qatari soil
a. Tuama delivered in his interrogation that Turkey and Qatar host Hamas
HQs and its senior members; these countries have also received most of the
prisoners relocated as part of the Shalt Swap Deal.
b. These two countries provide Hamas with political, public and financial

8. Hamas' sources of funds and transfer of funds to Israel and the
a. Tuama was in charge of the audit committee in Hamas' central
leadership and thus delivered in his interrogation that until recently
Hamas' main source of funding was Iran. In the past year Iran stopped the
funding and created an economic distress.
b. At the same time, Hamas operates a series of civilian companies in
charge of creating equity for the movement; most of these companies are
located in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, and deal especially with real
c. Tuama delivered information on the Palestinian Business Forum (PBF),
another dominant entity that Hamas is using to promote its economic
interests. The Forum was founded by Hamas members and many of the Forum's
members are Hamas activists or identified with Hamas. PBF serves Hamas in
public and information-related aspects as well.
d. Tuama delivered information on a series of international entities
which are part of Hamas global funding array, such as entities in Saudi
Arabia that receive donations from all over the world: Al Quds International
Institution and Union of Good headed by Yousef al Qardawi.
e. Tuama admitted that he suggested to Hamas central leadership leaders
to transfer funds for Hamas activity in the field without being noticed. He
suggested, inter alia, buying and selling real estate. In relation to this
issue, he admitted that a few years ago he had transferred about 750,000
Rial under the guise of constructing a mosque in Tul Karem.

9. The reasons for the reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah
a. Tuama said that Hamas signed the reconciliation agreement due to
various constraints and the signing does not reflect an ideological change.
b. In this context, Tuama said that Hamas understands that in order to
influence the PA policy, it has to be a PLO member since this is the body
that determines the policy.

10. Tuama's file was transferred to the Military Prosecution Service and
today (29/5) his indictment was submitted to the Military Court.

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